Dinah Steff

(14 October 1795 - before 8 July 1855)
     Dinah Steff was also known as Stoff in records. She was born on 14 October 1795 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
     Dinah Steff married Jonathan Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 8 November 1813 in Ringshall, Suffolk.
     Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood appeared on the 1841 census in Combs. Jona'n Grimwood, 50, ag. lab, Dina 45, John 25, Hannah 20, William 15, Robert 10, Mary 9, Sarah 6, Susan 3, Walter, 4 months, all born in the county.
     Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Battisford. Jonathan Grimwood, 65, ag. lab, pauper born Ringshall; his wife Dianah, 55, born Hitcham; unmarried daughter Hannah 30, pauper, born Combs, dumb; Robert unmarried son 20 born Creeting; grand daughter Susan 13, born Combs, Walter, son, 10, born Combs.
     Dinah died before 8 July 1855 in Battisford, Suffolk. She was buried on 8 July 1855 in Ringshall. Her age was given as 63.

Children of Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood

John Peverel

(before May 1330 - 15 November 1349)
     John Peverel was born before May 1330. He was the son of Edmund Peverel and Elizabeth de Lisle. John Peverel was the heir of John Peverel at the Inquisition Post Mortem held in Northampton, Northamptonshire, on 5 May 1349. This is unlikely to be the same person as Alice, late the wife of Robert Peverel. Writ 5 May 23 Edward III.
Northampton. Inq. taken at Northampton, 26 June, 23 Edw III.
Assheby David. The manor (extent given) including 120 acres arable worth 40 sh and no more for want of servants because of the common pestilence and whereas there used to be 24 bondsmen now only 6 survive, held for her life of the heir of Larence de Hastyngges, late earl of Pembroke, a minor in the king's wardship, by knight's service.
All the lands ec. in Chaddiston by Assheby were pertaining to the said manor on the day the said Alice died, and came into the hands of John del Isle immediately after her death, by what right the jurors know not.
She died on Wednesday after the Close of Easter last. John Peverel, aged 19 years at Whitsuntide last, is her heir
     John died on 15 November 1349. He married Isabel but had no issue. She married secondly Robert de Bradeston and thirdly Robert de Rige. She was living in 1376.
     John Peverel was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held in Northampton, on 24 November 1349 . John, son of Edmund Peverel. Writ 24 November 23 Edw III.
Northampton. Inq. taken at Assheby Davyd, 20 November. Assheby David. He held no lands etc in the county on the day he died because, long before his death, he demised to Sir John de Insula of Rougemont (de Rubeo Monte) knight, Hugh de Bray and others unknown, the manor of Assheby Davyd and all other his lands etc. in the county, without any reserve.
He died on 16 November last. Heir not known, because no one of the said John's blood was born in the county, so far as the jurors can enquire.
Writ touching the lands etc of the said John, who died a minor in the king's wardship, 24 Nov 23 Edw III.
Northampton. Inq. taken at Assheby, 17 April 24 Edw III.
Assheby Davy. Thomas de Verdoun and Alice his wife held the manor of Assheby Davy (extent given) for the life of the said Alice, of the inheritance of the said John, son of Edmund; Alice died, and after her death the manor was seized into the king's hand by reason of the minority of the said John, because it was held of the heir of Lawrence de Hastings, a minor in the king's wardship, as of the manor of Jerdele, by knight's service. For this cause the manor of Assheby Davy remained in the king's hand until the said John made a fine with the king's treasurer for his lands, to hold until lawful age. The said John when of full age, viz. 21 years, demised (dimisit se de) the said manor and all his other lands etc. in the county to John de Insula of Rougemont, Hugh de Bray and William de la Dale.
Chadeston. 10l land and rent pertaining to the manor of Assheby were held by the said Alice for lie of the said John's inheritance, of Sir John de Insula, as of the earldom of Aumale, by knight's service.
Asshele. A little manor (manerettum) was held by the said John of Ralph Bassett of Weldon by knight's service on the day he demised to the said John de Insula etc.
Cotes by Rokyngham. 40 acres land and 4 acres meadow were held by Thomas de Verdoun and Alice his wife for the life of the said Alice, of the inheritance of the said John Peverel, of the said manor of Rokyngham in free socage. He held no other lands etc. of the king.
He died on 15 November last. Margaret his sister, the wife of William de la Pole, knight, is his heir.
And the said William released to the said John de Insula all his right in the manor of Assheby and all his other lands etc in the county.
Lincoln. Inq. taken at Scalby. Sunday after St Hilary, 23 Edw III.
Southall. A messuage and three carucates of land containing 200 acres and free tenants rendering 6/8 yearly, came to the king's hands by reason of the minority of John son & heir of Edmund Peverell, a minor in the king's wardship; which messuage is called the manor of 'el (del) Southall' and is held of the heirs of John Paynell of Rasen as a parcel of his barony, and they hold of the king in chief by service of half a knight's fee. And because at the time of the death of the said Edmund the said heirs were in the king's wardship the said messuage and land came into the king's hand.
Scalby. A messuage and 60 acres land held of the lord of Moubray by knight's service and the said lord holds them of the king in chief.
He died on Monday before St Martin in the Winter last. Margaret his sister, aged 18 years is his heir, and was married in his lifetime to William de la Pole the younger

John Grimwood

(before June 1748 - before 22 June 1816)
     John Grimwood was born before June 1748. He was the son of Thomas Grimwood and Sarah Cuthbert.
     John Grimwood lived at Bildeston.
     John Grimwood married Mary Adams? on 11 October 1771 in Combs, Suffolk. This wife is dubious according to Maggie Driver's detailed research - based on: Death of John gives him born c1747, an d there was a John bp1747, son of Thomas & Sarah in Ringshall.(The marriage of John Grimwood and Mary Adams in Combs reads as follows: John Grimwood of Bildeston, single man and Mary Adams of Combs, single woman married 11 Oct 1771. Witnesses Elizabeth Laflin and ? Adams
Both "X" Banns read at Bildeston using surname Grimwade were read 15, 22 and 29 September 1771)
There was a John Grimwade, son of John Grimwade and Alice bp Bildeston 25 May 1740 (Grimwade was the usual spelling in Bildeston), who I think is the one who married Mary Adams but his age does not agree with the one who died in Ringshall, so I think they are two different Johns.
John snr of Bildeston remarried (Grimwood, wdr) in 1765
A John died 1788 (pauper) in Bildeston
A John died 1809 widower in Bildeston
No sign of death of Ann or Mary in Bildeston, but I am guessing that 1788 is John snr and 1809 John jnr.
     John died before 22 June 1816 in Ringshall, Suffolk. He was buried on 22 June 1816 in St Catherine, Ringshall. John Grimwood/Grimward, of Ringshall, June 22 1816, bill delivered June 1816, aged 68.

Children of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?