Maria Clarke

     Maria Clarke was born in Suffolk.
     Maria Clarke married Thomas Hunt on 1 April 1706 in Occold, Suffolk.

Children of Maria Clarke and Thomas Hunt

Harry Granville Gordon Gray

(28 January 1878 - circa 1942)
     Harry Granville Gordon Gray was commonly known as Gordon. He was born on 28 January 1878 in Canton, China. He was the son of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox.
     As the story goes, Harry didn't do well. His name was never mentioned by REGG at home. Harry's mother, Julia Cox, tried to set him up in several careers and even tried obtaining him a commission in a guards regiment, conceivably by purchase as was sometimes done then by educated families, but that for some reason didn't work out. He eventually moved to Germany where he then married a local girl, Maria. Along came WW I from 1914-18. Along with his nefarious past, this marriage inflamed the sensitivities of his mother, Julia, and she all but cut him out of her Will. He was to receive only the interest on 5,000 pounds until his death and at that time the principle would revert back to Ronald and Audrey, his siblings. The reason given for not equally treating Harry, was stated in Julia's Will as '...he has not shown that consideration to England which I consider due from him.' The date of this Will of Julia Cox is 6 Oct 1914, just at the outbreak of the war. Harry and Maria later moved to Switzerland.
In a codicil dated 9 Feb. 1917, Julia reconsidered and upped the amount to that interest earned on 7,000 pounds and made provision for Maria, on Harry's death, to receive an annuity of 100 pounds until her death. Maria, a German national, wrote REGG out of the blue pleading poverty. Actually, payments were required by Julia's Will, but the war caused a problem. Audrey and her brother REGG, both applied separately to the British Treasury for permission to send money abroad in wartime on compassionate grounds. The bureaucracy excelled itself in granting REGG's request, but turning down Audrey's. The stipends to Maria commenced, but she evidently never acknowledged them.
     Harry Granville Gordon Gray married Maria Selma Kaempf on 29 May 1910 in Switzerland. They had no issue..
     Harry died circa 1942 in Switzerland.

twin Gray

(1878 - 1878)
     Twin Gray was widowed in 1878 on the death of her husband twin Gray. She was born in 1878. She was the twin of Harry and died in infancy.. She was the daughter of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox.