Robert Hough

     Sarah Stancer married secondly Robert Hough on 17 May 1857 in Bassingham, Lincolnshire. She was a widow, both fathers were deceased.

Eleanor Kennedy Houghton

(1906 - 1997)
     Eleanor Kennedy Houghton married James B Paterson. Eleanor Kennedy Houghton was born in 1906. She was the daughter of Joseph Stephen Houghton and Eleanor Eliza Kennedy.
     Eleanor died in 1997.

Joseph Stephen Houghton

(1871 - 1950)
     Joseph Stephen Houghton was born in 1871.
Joseph Stephen Houghton married Eleanor Eliza Kennedy, daughter of William Henry Kennedy and Sophia Emily Martin, before 1 July 1901 in Lewisham RD, Kent.
     Joseph died in 1950.

Child of Joseph Stephen Houghton and Eleanor Eliza Kennedy

Patricia Houghton

(1922? - 2002?)
     Patricia Houghton was born in 1922?.
Patricia Houghton married Charles Howard Black, son of Richard Black and Robina Marian Lynch, on 12 April 1941 in New Zealand.
     Patricia died in 2002? In New Zealand.

Margaret Houiston or Hallast

     Margaret Houiston or Hallast married Alexander Hooper on 10 June 1679 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Margaret Houiston or Hallast and Alexander Hooper

Eileen Hourigan?

     Eileen Hourigan? married Frederick Denis Coghlan, son of Michael Coghlan and Emma Booker.

Abraham Housley

(circa 1780? - )
     Abraham Housley was born circa 1780?.
Abraham Housley married Emma Rich, daughter of John Rich and Mary Stephenson, on 14 December 1802 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

Helen Housley

(circa 1590 - before 29 December 1638)
     Helen Housley was born circa 1590.
Helen Housley married William Rich, son of Richard Rich (of Sheffield) and Cicilia Hall, in 1611 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     Helen died before 29 December 1638 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. She was buried on 29 December 1638 in St Peter, Sheffield.

Children of Helen Housley and William Rich

Lavinia Housley

(circa 1852 - 31 December 1938)
     Lavinia Housley was born circa 1852.
The marriage of Lavinia Housley and William Bingham Stanser, son of William Stanser and Mary Cobb, was registered in Horncastle RD, Lincolnshire, in the June 1912 quarter.
     Lavinia died on 31 December 1938 in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.
     Her will was proved on 6 April 1939 at Lincoln. Lavinia Stanser of Edgecumbe, Stanhope-Avenue, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. widow, died 31 Dec 1938. Probate Lincoln 6 April to George William Auckland Housley, retired grocer, and Harold Bradley, cashier. Effects £3283/1/3.

Mary Housley

(1 May 1639 - before 13 March 1684/85)
     Mary Housley was christened on 1 May 1639 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Mary Housley married Zachariah Wilson, son of Christopher Wilson and Mary Ibbotson, on 28 April 1662 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Zacrie, 1Xpo. married Mary Houseley 28 Apr 1662 at Sheffield.
     Mary died before 13 March 1684/85. She was buried on 13 March 1684/85.

Alice May Hovard

(14 November 1892 - 20 December 1977)
      She was born in a sod house on the prairie which her father had homesteaded
after his arrival from England. They moved to California when she was young
because of her mother's poor health. They bought a vineyard near Lodi, where
she grew up. Her two brothers served in the Army In WWI, the elder being
killed. She also had a sister. Alice attended business school and worked in the
office of a hospital in Stockton where she met her husband when visiting a
friend. She was very active in the Parent & Teachers Association and the
church. She had dark hair & hazel eyes and was not a very large person, but
very kind and a real crusader. [Olive Gorham, her daughter, Feb 1992]

. Alice May Hovard was born on 14 November 1892 in McCook, Nebraska, USA.
Alice May Hovard married John Raymond Ross, son of Gilbert MacMillan Ross and Ellen L Ward, on 29 September 1917 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA.
     Alice died on 20 December 1977 in Stockton, San Joaquin County California, aged 85.

Children of Alice May Hovard and John Raymond Ross

Ann How

(before 1585 - )
     Ann How was born before 1585 in Suffolk, England.
Ann How married John Cocksedge of Norwich on 21 October 1602 in St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, Norfolk.

Children of Ann How and John Cocksedge of Norwich

Edmund How

     Edmund How married Margery Bland, daughter of Thomas Bland and Rose Unknown, on 5 November 1596 in Ampton, Suffolk.

Hannah How

(before 1705 - )
     Hannah How was born before 1705 in Suffolk.
Hannah How married Thomas Cocksedge in 1721 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Children of Hannah How and Thomas Cocksedge

Caroline Georgiana Howard

     Caroline Georgiana Howard married Rt Hon William Sebright Lascelles, son of Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl of Harewood and Henrietta Saunders Sebright, on 9 August 1823 in Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire, England. Caroline was present at Georgiana Caroline Lascelles's christening on 14 March 1826 in Harewood, Yorkshire. Caroline was present at Henrietta Frances Lascelles's christening on 21 March 1830 in Harewood, YKS. Caroline was present at Mary Louisa Lascelles's christening on 6 December 1835 in Harewood, YKS. Caroline was present at Emma Elizabeth Lascelles's christening on 20 December 1838 in Harewood, YKS.

Children of Caroline Georgiana Howard and Rt Hon William Sebright Lascelles

Edith Howard

     Edith Howard married John Albert Sheridan, son of William Henry Sheridan and Elizabeth Davey Carroll.

Elizabeth Howard Duchess of Gordon

     Elizabeth Howard Duchess of Gordon was born. She was the second daughter of Henry, Duke of Norfolk and Earl of Norwich.
Elizabeth Howard Duchess of Gordon married George Gordon 4th Marquess Huntly & 1st Duke, son of Lewis Gordon 3rd Marquis Huntly, in October 1676.

Children of Elizabeth Howard Duchess of Gordon and George Gordon 4th Marquess Huntly & 1st Duke

Fay Howard

(14 October 1926 - November 1995)
     Fay Howard was born on 14 October 1926 in Melbourne, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Howard and Margaret Colbert.
Fay Howard married Bernard Roy O'Meara on 10 April 1954 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Coburg, Victoria.
     Fay resided at Salamon St, Koo-Wee-Rup, Victoria, 1995.
     Fay died in November 1995 aged 69.

Henrietta Thomas Howard

(24 May 1856 - )
     Henrietta Thomas Howard was born on 24 May 1856. She was the daughter of James Thomas Howard and Rebecca Frances Pile.
Henrietta Thomas Howard married Henry Alleyne Lewis, son of Chrysostom Lewis and Elizabeth Augusta Ashby, on 28 January 1880 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Children of Henrietta Thomas Howard and Henry Alleyne Lewis

James Howard

(25 August 1899 - 7 March 1975)
     James Howard was born on 25 August 1899 in Norfolk, England.
James Howard married Margaret Colbert, daughter of Edward Michael Colbert and Margaret Robertson, on 18 April 1930 in St Paul's Roman Catholic church, Coburg, Victoria.
     James died on 7 March 1975 in the hospital, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, aged 75. He was cremated on 12 March 1975 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Children of James Howard and Margaret Colbert

James Howard

(circa 1649 - before 6 July 1669)
     James Howard was born circa 1649. He was the second son of Theophilus, second Earl of Suffolk..
James Howard married Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Boyle Countess of Yarmouth, daughter of Elizabeth Killigrew, on 9 March 1662/63 in Hounslow, Middlesex.
     James died before 6 July 1669. He was buried on 6 July 1669 in Chiswick, London, England.

Child of James Howard and Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Boyle Countess of Yarmouth

James Edward Colbert Howard

(10 October 1933 - )
     James Edward Colbert Howard was commonly known as Col. He was born on 10 October 1933 in Geelong, Victoria. He was the son of James Howard and Margaret Colbert. James was a plumber.
     James Edward Colbert Howard was mentioned in a civil court action in 1962 in Victoria. Civil Case Files. 1963/992; Arthur Brooks Bassett v James Edward Colbert Howard. Series number:VPRS 267/ P0005/ 324.
     James resided at Seaford, Victoria.
     James resided at 28 Bouvardia Crescent, Frankston, Victoria.

Jocelyn Edith Howard

(3 April 1931 - 23 September 1994)
     Jocelyn Edith Howard was commonly known as Joy. She was born on 3 April 1931 in Victoria. She was the daughter of James Howard and Margaret Colbert.
Jocelyn Edith Howard married George Herbert Hosking on 3 April 1952 in Church of Christ, Moreland, Victoria. Jocelyn Edith Howard was widowed on 6 April 1994 on the death of her husband George Herbert Hosking.
     Jocelyn resided at 143 Mountain View Rd, Macleod, Victoria, until 1994.
     Jocelyn died on 23 September 1994 in St Kilda, Victoria, aged 63.

Child of Jocelyn Edith Howard and George Herbert Hosking

Katherine Howard

( - 1650)
     Katherine Howard was born. She was the daughter of Theophilus (Howard), 2nd Earl of Suffolk by Elizabeth, and daugther and coheir of George (Home), Earl of Dunbar.
Katherine Howard married George Stuart Lord Aubigny, son of Esme Stuart 3rd Duke of Lennox and Catherine Clifton Dowager Duchess of Lennox, in 1638. They married secretly.
     Katherine died in 1650 in The Hague, the Netherlands. She was living in exile.

Lydia Howard

(1650 - 25 December 1715)
     Lydia Howard was born in 1650.
Lydia Howard married Robert Armstrong, son of Andrew Armstrong and Elizabeth Johnston, in 1673.
     Lydia died on 25 December 1715.

Children of Lydia Howard and Robert Armstrong

Robert Reginald Phillip Howard

(4 July 1936 - 11 May 1997)
     Robert Reginald Phillip Howard was commonly known as Bob. He was born on 4 July 1936 in Geelong, Victoria. He was the son of James Howard and Margaret Colbert.
     Robert Reginald Phillip Howard was employed as a surveyor & town planner.
     Robert died of stomach cancer on 11 May 1997 in home, 5 Lawrence Street, Heidelberg, Victoria, aged 60. He was buried on 15 May 1997 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner, Victoria.

Stuart Walbrough Howard

(before 1670 - 28 May 1706)
     Stuart Walbrough Howard was born before 1670. She was the daughter of James Howard and Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Boyle Countess of Yarmouth. Stuart was Maid of Honour to Queen Anne.
     Stuart died on 28 May 1706. She was buried on 31 May 1706 in St James Piccadilly, Westminster.

Avery Howe

(8 September 1897 - )
     Avery Howe was born on 8 September 1897 in London, England. He was the son of Harry Howe and Ann Benchley.
Avery Howe married Elizabeth Fullbrook on 9 June 1924 in Croydon, Surrey.

Clarence Frank Howe

     Clarence Frank Howe married Alice May Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1936 in Victoria.

Eliza Howe

(circa 1836 - )
     Eliza Howe was born circa 1836 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of William Howe and Harriet Bullett. William, John, Eliza and Harriet were listed as the children of William Howe in the 1851 census in Tye Farm House, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk.