Ann Unknown

(before April 1768 - before 1800)
     Ann Unknown was also known as Smith? in records. She was born before April 1768 in Middlesex.
     Ann Unknown married John Bunduck before 1781? In England. A John Bunduck and Anne Smith married by licence 27 Jan 1765, at Christ Church, Spitalfields; he was of Sandwich, Kent and she was of the parish. They are probably the parents of William baptised 28 Feb 1766 & Ann 27 Jan 1768 at St Mary, Sandwich, Kent (IGI patron submissions), and possibly Maria baptised 20 May 1781 at Ash near Sandwich, Kent & Henry was baptised at Strood, Kent 2 Nov 1783.
There is also a daughter died 16 Feb 1840 at Chatham, born c. 1778 daughter of John Bunduck and Anne Smith. However the large gap in the children's baptisms suggests a missing generation. His will only mentions his daughter Augusta Frances.
     Ann died before 1800.

Child of Ann Unknown and John Bunduck

James Dempster

(17 November 1788 - 13 July 1857)
     James Dempster was born on 17 November 1788 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn. James Dempster was christened on 26 November 1788 in Mitcham.
     James was educated from between 1801 and 1805 at Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex. James Dempster of Mitcham, Surrey left Harrow 1805-7.
     James Dempster married Augusta Frances Bunduck, daughter of John Bunduck and Ann Unknown, on 29 December 1807 in Willmington, Kent. James Dempster witnessed the second marriage of John Sinclair Dempster and Mary Frost (Davies/Davis) on 6 July 1812 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. James Dempster was widowed on 19 March 1813 on the death of his wife Augusta Frances Bunduck.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson obtained a marriage licence on 21 June 1815 in London.
     James Dempster married secondly Sarah Johnson on 28 June 1815 in Ifield, Surrey. He was described as a widower of Mitcham.
     In James Dempster's will dated 6 May 1819 in Mitcham, James Dempster was named as heir; James' will mentions his wife Ann, his eldest son James, his mother Elizabeth, his four sons James, Richard, John & Robert, daughters Sarah Norris & Mary Ann Dempster, his grand-daughter Frances (daughter of his son James by Augusta Frances his first wife) and his grandson George, son of James; his brother John & his sister Elizabeth Smith. James Dempster the elder of Mitcham in the county of Surrey schoolmaster I give all the manors messuages lands and hereditaments which are now vested in me as a Trustee or Mortgagee only unto Jackson Walton of Warnford Court in the City of London, Gentleman, John Parrott the elder of Mitcham Surgeon and Richard Barnett of Clarence Row Pentonville in the county of Middlesex Gentleman upon such Trusts and subject to such equity of redemption... and I give my copyhold messuage at Carlton Place Brighthelmstone in the County of Sussex now in the occupation of Mr Knowles ... upon trust that they permit my wife Ann Dempster to receive the rents for her life or permit my wife to reside therein during her life without paying rent and do after the decease of my wife assure the said messuage to such one or more of my children as my wife shall by her will appoint And I give my messuage called Baron House situate at Mitcham with the Gardens and all the lands adjoining held by me as tenant from year to year together with all my furniture, fixtures, plate, linen, china and books in and about the same (except such parts hereinafter given to my wife and grandson) and the goodwill of the business or concern now carried on at Baron House unto my eldest son James Dempster subject to the payment of an annuity of £40 to my mother during her life ... to each of my four sons James Dempster, Richard Dempster, John Dempster & Robert Dempster successively in the order in which they are here named or or such of them if any as shall have obtained the age of 25 years at the time of my decease ... six equal shares ... sons James, Richard, John at 25, Robert at 25, daughter Sarah Norris the wife of Thomas Norris, late of Holborn, Mdx, upholsterer, daughter Mary Ann Dempster ... and whereas by indenture of settlement dated 12 July 1811 made between me and my wife Ann ... after her decease to my eldest son James and his wife and children ... for my granddaughter Frances Dempster, the daughter of my son James Dempster and of his first wife Augusta Frances ... the large silver cup to my grandson George Dempster, son of my son James Dempster, and I give unto my mother Elizabeth Dempster, to my brother John Dempster, and to my sister Elizabeth Smith £20 a piece for mourning ... to my friend John Peter Cook of Brighthelmstone, schoolmaster £20... Signed and witnessed at Brighton by Charlotte Annan, Marlbro' Place; Robert Rogers, North St, Brighton, draper, William Scott, New Street, Brighton, artist... James was a teacher, Mitcham, Surrey. There is a sketch of the school in Turners of Augusta by Tom Turner, who attended the school from Jan 1826 to June 1827. He also taught at Eagle House Academy according to E Dempster. In 1839 the school was not listed in the directories, other families are listed after 1845.
     He inherited Baron House Academy from his father in 1821 and was described as a gentleman from 1825
. He and Ann Milham witnessed Jackson Walton and Mary Ann Dempster's wedding on 19 August 1823 in St John, Hackney.
     James Dempster and John Smith Dempster lived at Mitcham, Surrey, between 24 March 1823 and 1824. 1823: #98 James Dempster. House & garden £12/5/0. Ditto for cottage Mrs Smith £1/7/6. His mother and was also listed. #20 John Dempster, house, £2/10/0.
     1824: #98 James Dempster, house and land, #11 afsd?, house [bracketed] £4/1/9. His brother John was also listed for a house valued at 15/-.
     James Dempster signed the collections for 1823 & 24 March 1824.
     James Dempster was mentioned in a deed dated 17 October 1828 in Mitcham, Surrey. The deed between Mr James Dempster of Mitcham, schoolmaster and Richard Barnett Esquire, recorded the assignment of a policy of Assurance for £500 and a Life Interest in Remainder in £4200. It mentions the indenture dated c.12 July 1811 between James Dempster his father and Ann his father's wife and James jr's wife Augusta Frances and their son George.
     An original document at the Society of Genealogists for assignment of a policy of assurance for £500 and a life interest in the remainder .. £4200. New ..; In trust for securing the repayment of £500 and interest at ? 5 %. This indenture made 17 October 1828 between James Dempster of Mitcham, Surrey, schoolmaster of the one part and Richard Barnett of Kentish Town Hill, Middlesex on the other part Whereas by indenture dated on or about the 12 day of July 1811 made between James Dempster the elder (since deceased) father of the said James Dempster and Ann his wife of the one part and other ... whereas Augusta Frances died leaving only one child by the said James Dempster party hereto her surviving... viz George Dempster..
     A View of Old Baron House on London Road in Mitcham, Surrey; Mitcham is now in the London borough of Merton, is available at Collage, in Guildhall Library Print Room, part of the Wakefield Collection. It may have been drawn at the time of the sale/re-lease of the school.
James Dempster was declared bankrupt on 30 April 1830 in Mitcham, Surrey. On 1 May 1830 Palmer's Index to The Times, reported the bankruptcy of James Dempster but it was annulled on 18 June 1830. James was a witness for the prosecution on 9 October 1830 in Mitcham, Surrey. James Dempster stated in the case against Ralph Cousens for stealing . I am a schoolmaster , and live at Mitcham. On the 9th of October I was in a pheaton, and stopped in Euston-place , between two and three o'clock -I went into a house and left a great coat in my pheaton; the prisoner asked if he should hold my horse; I said I should stop but a few minutes, and there was no necessity for it - I was in the house about five minutes when I heard the servant call out, "The man at the head of the horse has stolen the coat;" I went out and saw the prisoner in custody of a Police-officer - this is my coat.
     An advertisement under Education in the Times on 10 Jan 1831, stated: Mr Dempster, of Baron-house, Mitcham, respectfully announces, that his school will re-open on the 24th of this month. Terms, with numerous references, may be had at Mr Sams's [sic] library at 1, St James's-street, Messrs Howdery and Kirby's, 190 Oxford Street, and Mr Leech's, London coffee house, Ludgate-hill.
     18 Jan 1832: Insured: James Moore, Mitcham Surrey esq Other property or occupiers: Baron House Mitcham (James Dempster schoolmaster); James Hillier. [Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire...].
     James was registered as the householder & occupant at the Dorset Hotel, East Grinstead, Sussex, on the 1837 electoral roll.
     In Ann Milham's will dated 30 December 1837 in Brighton, Sussex, James Dempster was named as heir; Ann Dempster of Brighthelmstone Ssx, widow, whereas my late husband James Dempster by his last will & testament dated 6 May 1819 did devise his copyhold messuage at Grand Parade formerly called Carlton Brighton Ssx then in the occupation of Mr Knowles unto Jackson Walton John Parrott and Richard Barnett upon trust for me during my life and then to assure the messuage unto such of the children of my husband as I should appoint and whereas my late husband James Demster by a codicil to his will dated 5 March 1820 did give that piece of land behind Carlton Place in Hilly Lane Brighton then purchased by him from the Assignees of Benjamin Hutt together with the coach-house stable and buildings thereon erected by him and then in the possession of Mrs Doyley to Jackson Walton John Parrott and Richard Barnett upon trust for me during life and then to assure the premises to such children of my husband as I should appoint and whereas John Parrott is since deceased Now I by this will appoint Jackson Walton and Richard Barnett after my decease shall convey the said copyhold messuage and freehold ground with stablings unto James Dempster of East Grinstead Ssx (the eldest son of my late husband) And whereas by indenture of settlement dated 12 July 1811 made between my late husband James D and myself on the one part and Jackson Walton Richard Barnett and Nathaniel Thompson upon trusts unto such person as I should think fit and whereas the said stock now consists of £4200 three pounds ten shillings per cent bank annuities I appoint Jackson Walton and Richard Barnett stand possessed of the said £300 in trust for my grandson George Dempster I give the land tax of £2.18.8 charged upon Turks farms at Muswell Hill, Mdx, And also all the rest of my goods and estate unto my grandson George Dempster And I appoint George Dempster sole executor. Dated 30 Dec 1837. Witnesses Albert J Creasey solr. of Brighton, Charles Green, Brighton. Richard Coates of Brighton.. See also codicils.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson appeared on the 1841 census in Dorset Arms, High St, East Grinstead, Sussex. James Dempster 50, Inn Keeper, Sarah Dempster 45, Harry 25, Sarah 20, Mary 15, Augustus 6, none born in the county. See [EMAIL:] [:EMAIL]for a picture of the hotel c. 1921.
     James Dempster was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.
     James Dempster was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 on 26 July 1842 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He occupied 23 plots, some owned by Earl de la Warr. He was named as an heir in the codicil on 27 October 1850 to the will of Ann Milham. This is a codicil of me Ann Dempster of Brighthelmstone Ssx widow I hereby confirm the direction in my will to James Dempster of East Grinstead the eldest son of my late husband James Dempster of the copyhold messuage and piece of freehold ground with stabling And whereas I appointed £300 three pound ten shilling per cent bank annuities in trust for my grandson George Dempster And I gave the land tax of £2.18.8 charged on Turks farm and all my real estate and residue of my personal estate unto my grandson George Dempster And appointed George Dempster executor And whereas my grandson George Dempster has departed this life Now I revoke all appointments and devises in my will in favour of my late grandson George Dempster And I hereby appoint the said £300 unto Sarah Dempster one of the daughters of the said James Dempster and I bequeath all my wearing apparel to Sarah the wife of the said James Dempster And I bequeath all the furniture wine spirits plate linen china books and other household effects belonging to me in my house no.42 Grand Pde Brighton and all my trinkets watches and jewellery to Sarah Dempster one of the daughters of James Dempster and I bequeath £19.19.0 each to Sarah Dempster and Mary Dempster and Ann Dempster two other daughters of James Dempster I give all the residue of my real and personal estate to Richard Dempster of Brighton Esq. and George Tamplin of no.150 Fenchurch St, London, gent upon trust to convert the same into money and be possessed of the same in trust for Augustus George Dempster and George Bundock Dempster the two children of my deceased grandson George Dempster to be equally divided between them share and share alike at the age of 21 And if both died before 21 in trust for Sarah Dempster, the daughter of James Dempster I appoint Richard Dempster and George Tamplin executors. Dated 27 Oct 1850. Witness Joseph Dempster, of 42 Grand Pde Brighton, H P Tamplin, 1 Lennox Place, Brighton.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson were recorded on the 1851 census in Crawley St, Ifield, Surrey. James Dempster, 62, fundholder, born Mitcham, Surrey, with his wife Sarah aged 58? born Ifield and children Ann aged 26, and Joseph aged 23, solicitor, both unmarried and born Mitcham, Surrey.
     James Dempster made a will dated 26 June 1857 in Crawley, Ifield, Sussex. Will of James Dempster of Crawley (parish of Ifield) Sussex gentleman... I give my set of plated dishes and stand unto my son Henry Dempster and I give all the rest of my estate unto my dear wife Sarah Dempster... dated 26 June 1857. Witnessed by Joseph Dempster Solicitor of Brighton & Anne Dempster.
     James died on 13 July 1857 in Crawley, Ifield Sussex, aged 68. James Dempster, esq, late of Mitcham, Surrey, died July 13th 1857, aged 68. He was buried on 16 July 1857 in St Margaret, Ifield.
     His will was proved on 18 December 1858 at Probate Registry, Chichester, Sussex. The will of James Dempster late of Crawley in the parish of Ifield Ssx, gent. who died 13 July 1857 was proved at Chichester by Sarah Dempster of Crawley widow the relict and sole executrix. Effects under £300.

Children of James Dempster and Augusta Frances Bunduck

Children of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson

Sarah Elizabeth Dempster

(8 March 1790 - )
     Sarah Elizabeth Dempster was born on 8 March 1790 in Mitcham, Surrey. She was the daughter of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn. Sarah Elizabeth Dempster was christened on 21 March 1790 in Mitcham.
     Sarah Elizabeth Dempster married Thomas Heaton Norris on 15 October 1808 in Mitcham, Surrey. Thomas Heaton Norris Esq of Muswell Hill Middlesex to the eldest daughter of James Dempster of Baron House Mitcham, Surrey.
     Sarah Elizabeth Dempster was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 6 May 1819.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Dempster and Thomas Heaton Norris