Norman Frank Poziers Huppatz

(16 July 1916 - 6 May 1985)
     Norman Frank Poziers Huppatz was born on 16 July 1916 in Saddleworth, South Australia. He was the son of Frederich Albert Huppatz and Mary May Colbert.
     Norman died on 6 May 1985 aged 68.

Phyllis Aileen Huppatz

(21 May 1909 - 3 March 2007)
     Phyllis Aileen Huppatz was born on 21 May 1909 in Saddleworth, South Australia. She was the daughter of Frederich Albert Huppatz and Mary May Colbert.
     Phyllis died on 3 March 2007 aged 97.

Vernon Keith Huppatz

(20 April 1914 - 6 August 1989)
     Vernon Keith Huppatz was born on 20 April 1914 in Saddleworth, South Australia. He was the son of Frederich Albert Huppatz and Mary May Colbert.
     Vernon died on 6 August 1989 aged 75.

Anne Hurley

Child of Anne Hurley


(1779 - 1855 age 75)
     Mary died 1855 age 75 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk. She was born in 1779 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
Mary HURREL married William Harper on 19 October 1802 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk. Mary HURREL was buried on 8 March 1855 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk.

Children of Mary HURREL and William Harper

Mary Hurrell

(circa 1795 - )
     Mary Hurrell was born circa 1795.
Mary Hurrell married John Cocksedge on 30 January 1814 in Pakenham, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Hurrell and John Cocksedge

Anne Hurst

     Anne Hurst married George Cocksedge, son of Andrew Cocksedge and Margaret Baxter, on 23 May 1636 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Emma atte Hurst

     Emma atte Hurst married William Marlott before 1378. She was named in deeds in 1378.

Children of Emma atte Hurst and William Marlott

Alfred William Hurwood

(1888 - 6 January 1959)
     Alfred William Hurwood was born in 1888 in Williamstown, Victoria. He was the son of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith.
Alfred William Hurwood married Adeline Dorothy Weller in 1919.
     Alfred died on 6 January 1959 in Maidstone, Victoria. He was buried on 8 January 1959 in Footscray cemetery. He was aged 70, Wesleyan section C10/592.

Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood

(1885 - )
     Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood was born in 1885 in Williamstown, Victoria. She was the daughter of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith.
Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood married Herman Ludwig Majewski in 1908 in Williamstown, Victoria.
     Annie and Herman were registered at 10 Newcastle St, Yarraville, on the 1914 electoral roll. He was a labourer.

Children of Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood and Herman Ludwig Majewski

Henrietta Louisa Hurwood

(1892 - 1967)
     Henrietta Louisa Hurwood was born in 1892 in Williamstown, Victoria. She was the daughter of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith.
Henrietta Louisa Hurwood married Frederick John Osterfield in 1921 in Victoria.
     Henrietta died in 1967 in Bendigo, Victoria.

Child of Henrietta Louisa Hurwood and Frederick John Osterfield

James John Burns Hurwood

(circa 1854 - 1928)
     James John Burns Hurwood was born circa 1854 in Bristol, Gloucestershire. He was the son of James Hurwood & Sarah Burns. He had a brother William who died in 1926 at Brunswick.
James John Burns Hurwood married Mary Smith, daughter of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson, in 1883 in Williamstown, Victoria.
James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith witnessed Lachlan Henry Kenrick MacGregor and Isabella Smith's wedding on 30 June 1886 in Victoria Pde, East Melbourne, Victoria.
     James and Mary were registered at Newport, Victoria, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     James and Mary were registered at 284 Somerville Rd, Yarraville, Victoria, on the 1924 electoral roll. He was a licenced plumber and spent most of his time at the docks.
     James died in 1928 in Footscray, Victoria. He was buried on 14 September 1928 in Footscray cemetery. He was aged 74, Wesleyan section A13/894.

Children of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith

Stillborn Hurwood

(before 21 October 1889 - )
     Stillborn Hurwood was stillborn before 21 October 1889 in Victoria; Neither birth nor death appear to have been registered. Stillborn Hurwood was buried on 21 October 1889 in the Cemetery, Wiliamstown. Stillborn Hurwood was the child of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith.

Margaret Mary Salter Husbands

     Margaret Mary Salter Husbands married William Ashby, son of Edward Ashby and Susanna Cutting, on 5 January 1774 in St Lucy, Barbados.
     In William Ashby's will dated 29 May 1793 in Christ Church, Barbados, Margaret Mary Salter Husbands was named as executrix of the estate; Will of William Ashby of Christ Church, planter signed 29 May 1793 No. 1774 - he gives to his wife Margaret Mary Salter Ashby all of his estate and property whatsoever; niece Dorothy Ashby £200, nephew William Ashby £200; executrix & executors his beloved wife, brother Jno. Lewis Ashby and his friend Stephen Birchell. This suggests his children predeceased him.
Margaret Mary Salter Husbands married William Prickett on 4 May 1794 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Children of Margaret Mary Salter Husbands and William Ashby

Elizabeth Huse

( - before 7 February 1733)
     Elizabeth Huse married John Marlott, son of William Marlott and Elizabeth Osborne, on 8 December 1692 in Holy Trinity Minories, London. She was the daughter of Abraham Huse of Wokingham.
     Elizabeth died before 7 February 1733 in Chertsey, Sussex. She was buried on 7 February 1733 in St Peter, Chertsey.

Child of Elizabeth Huse and John Marlott

Agnes Hussey

(say 1510 - )
     Agnes Hussey was born say 1510 in Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Lord John Hussey..
Agnes Hussey married Sir Henry Ryther, son of Sir Ralph Ryther and Maude or Matilda Percy, after 1531.
     In Sir Henry Ryther's will dated 23 January 1542/43 in Ryther, Agnes Hussey was named as executrix of the estate; Henry Ryther of Ryther, squyer. To be buried in the church of Alhallos, of Ryther, nee unto the tombe of Rauf Ryther knyght, my father late decessed. (Many bequests to servants).
To Agnes my wif landes and tenementes in the lordship of Ryther, called Stokebrigge felde, now in the lease to John Elys to the value of xvjli xiij s. iiij d. for her lif, above the landes she has nowe in the name of her jointer, of the gifte and graunt of William Babthorpe, squyer, all of which I will she shall enjoy duringe her lif.
I bequeath to John Ryther of London, squyer and cofferer to our sovereign lorde Prince Edwarde, the reversion of all the lands before bequeathed, and also the residue of my lordship of Ryther to the said John and his heirs, remaynder to the right heirs of Thomas Ryther, also deceased.
Also I give further to the saide John Ryther my manner of Scarcorft and all landes in Scarcroft, Scawcroft hill, Shadwell, and also my half manner called Kirkbie upon Wharf, and all other my landes in Kirkbie and Grymston, also my lordship of Hornyngton in the countie of the citie of Yorke, to him and heirs, remaynder as before. I will the saide John and heres shall kepe fyve beadfolkes in the Bedehouse at Ryther, with meattt and drinke, clothinge, will all other necessaries for ever, according to the will of the saide Thomas Ryther, decessed. Also he to kepe one prest, called Sir Peter Warde, to synge in the saide parishe churche of Ryther for xxv yeres for my soull and for the soull of Sir Rauf Ryther my father, and of dame Mawde my mother, and for the soul of my brother Thomas and for the soull of all other myne ancestors, and for all Christen soules, and the saide Sir Peter Warde to have for his stipende fyve poundes fyve shillings and eight pence yearly.
I give to Agnes my wife the moitie and half of my goodes and chattels
To Agnes my wif, John Ryther squyer, and William Babthorpe, squyer, all the residue of my goodes unbequeathed and to be executors; and the most reverende father in God, Edward, the archbishop of Yorke, supervisor, and for his paynes my horse called Thornton.

Ann Hussey

     Ann Hussey married John Ryther, son of Nicholas Ryther and Margaret Scrope.

Children of Ann Hussey and John Ryther

Ellen M Hussey

     Ellen M Hussey married Edward Joseph Rubie, son of John Ruby and Jane Brown?, on 25 June 1842 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The marriage was witnessed by John Hussey of Sydney, Maria Hughes with consent of her father.

Children of Ellen M Hussey and Edward Joseph Rubie

Josephine Caithness Hussey

(4 September 1919 - )
     Josephine Caithness Hussey was born on 4 September 1919 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of Reginald Braund Hussey and Isabel Caithness Dempster.

Reginald Braund Hussey

(circa 1899 - )
     Reginald Braund Hussey was born circa 1899. He was the son of William Henry Hussey.
Reginald Braund Hussey married Isabel Caithness Dempster, daughter of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg, on 27 March 1917 in Kensington, South Australia.

Child of Reginald Braund Hussey and Isabel Caithness Dempster

Sidney Hussey

     Sidney Hussey married Violet Lavinia Coghlan, daughter of Michael Coghlan and Emma Booker.

William C Hutcheson

     William C Hutcheson married Lillian E Whitmarsh, daughter of William Flower Whitmarsh and Edith G L Bush, in 1925 in Ashfield, New South Wales.

Jane Grace Hutchings (alias Freeman)

(circa 1802 - September 1890)
     Jane Grace Hutchings (alias Freeman) was born circa 1802.
Jane Grace Hutchings (alias Freeman) married Tobias Handcock, son of Tobias Handcock, on 4 November 1857 in St Michael, Dublin, Ireland. Tobias Handcock of Eagle Cottage, Sandymount, Lt, late 27th Regt,bachelor of full age, son of Tobias Handcock, getleman, Hutchings, to, Jane Grace Hutchings, widow, of 52 High St, daughter of Richard Hutchings, watchmaker.
     Jane died in September 1890 in Clonmel, Kilkenny, Ireland. Aged 88 , buried at Old St Mary's.

Elsie Eileen Hutchins

( - 1962)
     Elsie Eileen Hutchins married George Lister Hinchley, son of George Robert Hinchley and Caroline de la Rue, in 1934 in Waverley district, New South Wales.
     Elsie died in 1962 in Narrandera, New South Wales.

Henry Hutchins

     Henry Hutchins and Johanna Colbert obtained a marriage licence in 1810 in Cork, Ireland.

Richard Grenfell Hutchins

(24 November 1951 - 30 November 1969)
     Richard Grenfell Hutchins was born on 24 November 1951 in Carnarvon, Western Australia. He was the son of Stanley Grenfell Hutchins and Linley Joan MacKenzie. Richard Grenfell Hutchins was buried on 8 December 1969 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner. He was buried with his grandmother Mavis Bland Ruby.

Stanley Grenfell Hutchins

(15 February 1917 - before 16 August 1994)
     Stanley Grenfell Hutchins was commonly known as Stan. He was born on 15 February 1917 in Mt Egerton, Victoria. He was the son of Nicholas Stanley Hutchins and Paulina (Lena) Grenfell who are buried at Cheltenham.
Stanley Grenfell Hutchins married Mona Hancock on 8 April 1939. They had one daughter and one son.
Stanley Grenfell Hutchins married secondly Linley Joan MacKenzie on 13 June 1947 in the Registry Office, Perth, Western Australia. She described herself as a stenographer and her father as a Government Inspector. Stan was divorced and was of Geraldton, having moved from Caulfield, Victoria.
     Stanley and Linley resided at 130 Eleanor St, Geraldton, Western Australia, 1949.
     Stanley and Linley resided at Leura Plantation, Carnarvon, Western Australia, 1954.
     Stanley resided at Ballarat, Victoria, circa 1960.
     Stanley and Linley resided at 296 Gaffney St, Pascoe Vale, Victoria, 1963.
     Stanley and Linley resided at 91 Seaview Pde, Kalimna, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, between 1970 and 1993.
     Stanley died of a heart attack while driving following a visit to his sister before 16 August 1994 in Portsea, Victoria. He was buried on 16 August 1994 in the Memorial Park, Chelteham.

Child of Stanley Grenfell Hutchins and Linley Joan MacKenzie

Louisa Kate Hutchinson

(circa 1882 - )
     Louisa Kate Hutchinson was born circa 1882.
Louisa Kate Hutchinson married Horace Sidney Dempster, son of Percival Wilkes Dempster and Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean, on 12 April 1914 in St Anne's, Tottenham, Middlesex.

Caroline Hutson

     Caroline Hutson married Francis Ashby, son of Samuel William Ashby and Matilda Oxley, on 7 October 1880 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Charles Hutton

(1644 - 1 February 1695/96)
     Charles Hutton was born in 1644. He was the son of Richard Hutton and Dorothy Fairfax.
Charles Hutton married Millicent Rodes, daughter of Sir Edward Rodes and Mary Whitchcote, before 1696. They had no issue.
     Charles died on 1 February 1695/96.