Mary Ann Trull

(18 December 1807 - 3 March 1892)
MAry Ann Trull (Hooper) 1807-1892
     Mary Ann Trull was born on 18 December 1807 Her father died before her birth. in Highgate, London. She was the daughter of George Trull and Martha Copperwheat. Mary Ann Trull was christened on 17 January 1808 in St Mary Woolnoth & Woolchurch Haw, London. Jan 1808 Trull, Mary Ann, the daughter of the late George Trull and Martha his wife was born on the 18 December last and baptised on the 17th. She witnessed the second marriage of Matthew Gambell and Martha Trull on 24 August 1824 in St George, Bloomsbury, London.
     In Matthew Gambell's will dated 30 August 1824 in London, Mary Ann Trull was named as heir; The will of Matthew Gambell of Craven Buildings, Hoxton? in the parish of St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, collector being of sound mind and in good health ...
I give ... to my dear wife Martha Gambell my freehold estate and situate and being formerly no. 3, no. 2 and no. 5 ... Place in the parish of ... Bethnal Green, Middlesex for her own use
I devise and bequeath unto my dear wife Martha Gambell ... estate and situated being formerly Collyers? Row? but now ...bury Road in the parish of St Matthew Bethnal Green, being no. 11, no. 12 & no. 14 for her own sold and separate use and ... in case she marry again and at .. give unto my daughter in law Mary Ann Trull the ... no. 14 ... now in the occupation ... in case she should marry ... without her husband interference ... with the said freehold property and at her death to her heirs for ever.
I will give ... unto my son in law Geo Trull the two houses no. 11 and no. 12 Stepney Road Hackney Road at the ... of his ... and at his death to his heirs for ever.
I will give ... unto my daughter in law Mary Ann Trull my freehold estate and situated no. 101 High St, Shoreditch in the occupation of ... Barber for her own sole and separate use ....
I give ... unto Wm Evans my son in law fifty? pounds at the .... of his mother? in survive ...
I give ... unto Louisa Denty my daughter in law fifty pounds at the death? of her mother in ... I give unto my two cousins Elizabeth & Deborah Hershaw?? five pounds each and a mourning ring each in case they should survive me
I give unto ... of Hoxton Town ... five pounds and a mourning ring in case he should survive me
I give unto Richard Palmer of Princes? Street, currier five pounds and a mourning ring in case he should survive me ... .... and a ..
I will give and desire and bequeath unto my dear wife Martha Gambell both real and personal property and effects belong to me whatsoever and wheresoever druing her natural life and at her decease my dear daughter in law Mary Ann Trull and appoint my dear wife Martha Gambell and Mary Ann Trull my daughter in law ly two executrix of this my last will and testament ... signed 20 day of August 1824, Matthew Gambell in the presence of John Phillips, 46 Gloucester St. Deborah Garrett, Gloucester St, Sarah Phillips, Gloucester St.
This is a codicil ... to my last will and testament bearing date 30 August 1824 I further will and bequeath to my dear wife Martha Gambell the freehold house and premises situated no. 17 North ... Street... Road in the parish of Islington now in the occupation Mr George Atkinson for her own use and benefit ... 29 January 1829, Matt: Gambell. Signed in the presence of Edmd Homersham, North Place, Kingsland Road, Harriett How... servant to M Gambell, the ...
Street being struck? out before signature?
She was an executor of Matthew Gambell's estate on 2 May 1829 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Mary Ann Trull and William Benjamin Hooper obtained a marriage licence on 21 July 1831 in London.
     Mary Ann Trull married William Benjamin Hooper, son of William Hooper and Mary [Darby] Bickley, on 8 September 1831 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex.
     Mary Ann Trull appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Martha Gambell and William Benjamin Hooper in Manchester Terrace, Islington.
     In William Trull's will dated 9 October 1842 in Liverpool, Lancashire, Mary Ann Trull was named as heir; I William Trull do make my last will after my just debts are paid it is my wish to have secured to my dear wife Charlotte at least 150 pounds p.a. during her life or a larger sum if the propery permits it but if the property will not secure ... I bequeath to my dear niece Mary Ann Hooper and her children and to be secured to them after my wife's death all the income and all the property except my writing desk flutes fishing rods half the plate half the books half the paintings and half the engravings which I bequeath to her son William Hooper...I direct that no call or action be brought against my nephew G Trull of New York for any monies he may be indebted to me but let him have that advantage but nothing beyond it ... Robert Carter of Sussex Place executor. Wm Trull, late of 84 Duke St Liverpool.
     In Martha Gambell's will dated 3 May 1850 in Islington, London, Mary Ann Trull was named as executrix of the estate; I Martha Gambell of 2 Albion Villas Liverpool Rd, Islington Middlesex, widow do hereby revoke every will, codicil and testamentary disposition which I have heretofore made and declare this only be my last will and testament I direct that all my just debts and funeral and testamentary charges and expenses shall in the first place be paid by and out of the sum of £200 deposited with and now due and owing to me from my son in law Mr William Benjamin Hooper in whose house I now reside and subject to the payment thereof I direct that there shall also be paid out the said sum of £200 or the residue thereof after answering the purpose aforesaid the two legacies of £50 each bequeathed by the will of my late husband Matthew Gambell (of whose will I am an executor) to my son and daughter William Evans and Louisa Denty therein respectively named and I bequeath all the residue of my estate and effects of whatsoever nature or being unto my dear daughter Mary Ann Hooper wife of the said William Benjamin Hooper for own use and benefit absolutely and I appoint her my said daughter sole executrix. Dated 3 May 1850.
     She purchased the family grave at Highgate cemetery on 6 May 1850. The grave was to be occupied by her mother Martha Gambell in 1856, her husband William B Hooper in 1871, herself Mary Ann Hooper on 9 March 1892, and her children [Robert Hooper], Fred Hooper on 9 March 1915, George Hooper on 23 March 1916 and Mary Ann Gillham on 31 May 1920.
     Mary Ann Trull was recorded on the 1851 census in 2 Albion Villas, Liverpool Rd, Islington, London. Maria A Hooper, [William crossed out] 41, merchant's wife, born Highgate, Mdx; William Hooper, son, 16, clerk to father, born Islington; Maria Hooper, daughter, 10 scholar; Robert Hooper, son, 8, Frederick Hooper, son 4, all scholars, born Islington; Martha Gambell, mother in law, widow, 72, independent lady, born Bedford, Beds; Mary C? Hutchings, servant, 16, born Tottenham.
A George Copperwheat aged 28 was a greengrocer, with his family, at 9 Clift St, St Leonard Shoreditch, born Islington in the 1851 census; a Joseph Copperwheat, aged 29, watch finisher, born Islington and his family were residing at 40 Britt(Brittania?) Row, Islington.
She was an executor of Martha Gambell's estate on 21 May 1856 in PCC.
     Mary Ann Trull and William Benjamin Hooper appeared on the 1861 census in Mimms Village, South Mimms. William B Hooper, head, 57, retired London merchant, born London; Mary Ann wife 57 born Highgate; George, son, unmarried 23, hair jeweller, born Islington; Mary Ann, daughter unmarried, 20, born Islington; Eliza Green, house servant.
     In William Benjamin Hooper's will dated 16 May 1861 in South Mimms, Middlesex, Mary Ann Trull was named as heir; I William Benjamin Hooper of Cedar Cottage, Sth Mimms, co. Middlesex do hereby bequeath to my wife Mary Ann Hooper all ...
     Mary Ann Trull lived at Islington, London, between 1871 and 1890. She was an executor of William Benjamin Hooper's estate on 14 March 1871 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Mary Ann Trull appeared on the 1871 census in 342 Liverpool Road, Finsbury, Islington. Mary Ann Hooper, head, widow, aged 62, born Highgate; Frederick Hooper son, unmarried, 24, clerk - manchester ware?, Mary Ann Hooper, daughter, unmarried aged 30 both born Islington. Jane Edwards aged 34 was their general servant.
     Mary Ann Trull appeared on the 1881 census in 342 Liverpool Road, Islington. Mary Hooper, head, widow, aged 72, born Highgate, Middlesex, living on house property & dividends, with her daughter Mary aged 40 living on ground rents & dividends and son Frederick aged 34, an unemployed clerk, both unmarried and born in Islington. With them were a visitor Eleanor Cancy aged 7 born Earfield, Mdx and Ellen Hutchings aged 22, born Acton, a general servant.
     Administration of the estate of William Hooper was granted to Mary Ann Trull, on 23 May 1881 in PPR, Personal estate under £1000. Administration of the personal estate of William Hooper late of Brewhouse Yard St John Street and Finchley, both in the co. of Middlesex, Annatto and Blue manufacturer, a widower, who died 27 December 1840 at Finchley afsd left unadministered by William Benjamin Hooper and John James Hooper the sons and two of the next of kin was granted at the Prinicipal Probate Registry to Mary Ann Hooper of 342 Liverpool Road in the parish of St Mary Islington in the said county, widow, the administrator (with will) of the personal estate of the said William Benjamin Hooper. Former grant PCC January 1841.
     Mary Ann Trull made a will dated 21 February 1883 in Islington. Mary Ann Hooper of Stanmore Villa, Liverpool Rd, in the parish of St Mary Islington, Middlesex, widow... to my daughter Mary Ann Hooper all my furniture, linen, china, glass, books, prints, pictures, jewellery, wines and other household and personal effects save and except the plate and plated articles... I give and bequeath all my plate and plated articles unto my said daughter Mary Ann Hooper and my son George Hooper to be divided between them ... equally... I give and devise my two freehold houses numbers 6 & 7 Cambridge Terrace, St Peter's Islington afsd with their appurtenances unto my eldest son William Henry Hooper now residing in Deniliquin ... also £200 stock in the East India Railway Company I give and devise unto my said son George Hooper the freehold house no.22 Hackney Rd in the parish of Bethnal Green ... and to my son Frederick Hooper my three freehold houses 8,9 & 10 Cambridge Tce, St Peter's afsd ... I give and bequeath the leasehold house in the Liverpool Rd called Stanmore Villa in which I now reside and which I hold under lease from the Trustees of the late Miss Sebbon or their assigns ... unto my said daughter Mary Ann Hooper... I give and devise the freehold grave belonging to me situate in the Highgate cemetery and numbered 3635 square 13 to my said daughter Mary Ann Hooper in trust and to the intent that it may be used as the place of burial of any of my children... continued.
     Mary Ann Trull appeared on the 1891 census in Islington. Mary Ann Hooper, head, widow, aged 88?, living on her own means, born Highgate, Middlesex; Frederick Hooper, son, single, aged 44, retired warehouseman clerk, born Islington, London; Mary A Hooper, daughter, single, aged 50, living on her own means, born Islington; with a cook and a housemaid.
     Mary died of an apoplectic fit|The Argus reported: On the 3rd ult at Stanmore-villa, Liverpool road, Islington, London, Mary Ann Hooper, mother of W H Hooper of Deniliquin NSW, aged 83 years on 3 March 1892 in 'Stanmore Villa', 342 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London, aged 84. She was buried on 9 March 1892 in Highgate cemetery, London. The Hooper family gravestone reads: Also Mary Ann, widow of the above [William Bemjn Hooper] died 3 March 1892 aged 84? Deceased online states buried 5 March 1892.
     Her will was proved on 31 March 1892 at PPR. Probate was granted to her friend John Thomas Newbury MRCS, her estate was valued at £1102/1/8.

Children of Mary Ann Trull and William Benjamin Hooper

William Henry Hooper

(9 October 1834 - 8 May 1906)
     William Henry Hooper was born on 9 October 1834 in Claremont Row, Islington, London, England. He was the son of William Benjamin Hooper and Mary Ann Trull. William Henry Hooper was christened on 26 December 1834 in St Mary, Islington.
     William Henry Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Martha Gambell and William Benjamin Hooper in Manchester Terrace, Islington. William, Robert, Mary and Frederick were listed as the children of Mary Ann Trull in the 1851 census in 2 Albion Villas, Liverpool Rd, Islington, London.
     William Henry Hooper arrived per "Marco Polo" on 1 December 1856 at Victoria, Australia. The ship departed Liverpool on September 5, 1856 - the original ticket (cost £50) and advertisement are held by Jim Hooper, along with a signed copy of a testimonial to Captain Clark dated 1 Dec 1856 on the Marco Polo: Dear Sir, At the conclusion of this our prosperous voyage, during which you have evidenced the highest qualities of a Gentleman and a Sailor, we beg leave to present you with the accompanying token of our respect and esteem. The signatories were J Robinson, R O'Hara Burke, James Currie, A G Phelps Dodge, J McMurray, John Elliott, E Beck, W H Hooper, John Lindsay, W Drummond, Jas McEvoy and Dr Christoph. Schafer, On the back the following women have signed: Emily Bainbridge, Agnes Mason?, E Bainbridge, M A Robinson, E P Bainbridge, E Sanders, E Sheppard, H Smith. Eliza Drummond, Jessie Grant.
     William Henry Hooper married Sarah Sophia Halliday, daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday and Sarah Sophia Spiers, on 25 March 1862 in 30 Hotham St, East Melbourne, Victoria. They married at the residence the Rev Joseph Beer, of the Independent Church He was a bachelor, born Islington, London, Post Office clerk, aged 27 of Deniliquin, son of William Benjamin Hooper, gentleman, and Mary Ann (Trull); she was described as Sarah Sophia Halliday, spinster, born Brompton, Kent, 27, of Melbourne, daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday, ship builder & Sarah Sophia (Spires).      
William Henry Hooper moved to Deniliquin, New South Wales, circa 1863. However an article on the Deniliquin Post Office states that in August 1862 W H Hooper had been assistant for the past 18 months. A petition asking that Hooper be appointed postmaster of the proposed new post and telegraph office. Nothing came of the petition but he remained a resident for many years as a book-keeper or accountant. He was listed in directories dated between 1866 and 1867 as Wm Henry Hooper, book-keeper, Deniliquin, New South Wales. William was an auctioneer and accountant between 1865 and 1893, in Deniliquin. He advertised in the Pastoral times from 1869. William was the Registrar of births, deaths and marriages from 1874, in Deniliquin. He was listed in a directory dated between 1875 and 1877 as W H Hooper, accountant at Deniliquin.
     William Henry Hooper lived at George St, Deniliquin, from 1880 to 1900. It was a brick house. He also paid rates on a office in Wellington Street, owned by Alex Landale from 1894 to 1900. From 1882 to 1895, William was the owner of brick and weatherboard cottages in Cressy Street in Deniliquin. From 1895 to 1900, William was the occupier of a weatherboard cottage in Harfleur St, Deniliquin.
     William died of acute bronchitis (5 days) on 8 May 1906 in Deniliquin, New South Wales, aged 71. In his obituary published 12 May 1906 [paper not quoted]: Born London 1834, 72 years of age. First arrived at Deniliquin 1863, when he was first employed by J N Alexander, later Mort & Watson's store. Alexander had applied for the Post Office, but Hooper was appointed the Post Master for some unknown reason. He was employed by Mort & Watson as accountant for some 30 years. During this time he was treasurer of the hospital, later with the Deniliquin & Moama Railway Company and the Riverina Brewery Company. Also held some position with Deniliquin Municipal Council. Was a widower with four sons. In June 1892 he left Mort & Watson, after 29 years, and started as accountant on his own next to Sinclair's Coffee Palace, later the Australian Club Hotel (was Tattersalls when demolished in 1963).
     The Pastoral times newspaper of 12 May reported: William Henry Hooper: After an illness of only a few days' duration a very old and respected townsman, Mr. William Henry Hooper, passed away on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hooper, though not looking well, at the end of last week completed, with Mr R H Turnbull, the audit of the Municipal Council's books, and on Saturday became ill with an attack of bronchitis. He suffered acutely for the next three days, and succumbed to the attack on Tuesday afternoon. The fact that he was seriously ill was not known to many of his friends, so that the announcement of his death was quite unexpected.
The late Mr. Hooper was born in London in 1834, so that at the time of his death he was 72 years of age. He left England for Victoria at the time of the early gold rushes in the adjoining State, and he first arrived in Deniliquin about 1863. From that date until his death - a period of 43 years - he was a resident of the town. Like the majority of those who may be rightly termed pioneers of the town, Mr. Hooper was one who took an active interest in the welfare of Deniliquin and district, and for many years he was an energetic worker in connection with local public bodies, chief among which may be mentioned his services on behalf of the Hospital. He was a member of the committee for a number of years, he fulfilled the duties of president for a term, and he acted as treasurer for a long period. His advance in years caused his retirement from active participation in public work several years ago.
For a period of over 30 years Mr. Hooper was with the firm of Mort and Watson as accountant, and in later years after leaving the firm his services as auditor were availed on by the Deniliquin and Moama Railway Co., the Riverina Brewery Co. and the Municipal Council, while in an honorary capacity he acted as auditor for several local bodies. He was held in high esteem by a very large circle of friends, and his death has removed a familiar figure in the community, and one very closer associated with the everyday affairs of the town.
Deceased leaves a widow, four sons, and a daughter, viz. Mr Arthur Hooper manager of the wool department of Goldsbrough, Mort and Co., Melbourne; Charles Hooper, of Brawarrina; Mr Sidney Hooper, Union Bank inspector; Murray Hooper, teller at the Bank of New South Wales, Ararat, and Mrs J Jeremy of Wagga. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon, the remains were interred in the local cemetery in the presence of a representative gathering townsmen, The burial service was read by Rev. R Smee
. He was buried on 10 May 1906 in Deniliquin.
     His will was proved on 13 July 1906 at New South Wales.

Children of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday

Thomas Edward Halliday

(13 October 1797 - 20 November 1839)
     Thomas Edward Halliday was born on 13 October 1797 in Woolwich, Kent. He was the son of George Halliday and Isabella Unknown. Thomas Edward Halliday was christened on 1 November 1797 in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.
     Thomas Edward Halliday married Sarah Sophia Spiers, daughter of Edward Spiers and Ann Unknown, on 8 October 1826 in Lee, Kent. Thomas Halliday, bachelor of this parish & Sarah Spiers, spinster of this parish, by banns.
     Thomas Edward Halliday was employed by H.M. Dockyard as a ropemaker, Chatham, Kent. He was widowed on 18 October 1838 on the death of his wife Sarah Sophia Spiers.
     Thomas died of consumption on 20 November 1839 in New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent, aged 42. He was described as a ropemaker of H M Yard, aged 42. He is not buried at Chatham St Mary.

Children of Thomas Edward Halliday and Sarah Sophia Spiers