Sarah Sophia Spiers

(25 November 1801 - 18 October 1838)
     Sarah Sophia Spiers was born on 25 November 1801 in Woolwich, Kent. She was the daughter of Edward Spiers and Ann Unknown. Sarah Sophia Spiers was christened on 13 December 1801 in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent.
     Sarah Sophia Spiers married Thomas Edward Halliday, son of George Halliday and Isabella Unknown, on 8 October 1826 in Lee, Kent. Thomas Halliday, bachelor of this parish & Sarah Spiers, spinster of this parish, by banns.
     Sarah died on 18 October 1838 in Fox Lane, Gillingham, Kent, aged 36.

Children of Sarah Sophia Spiers and Thomas Edward Halliday

Sarah Sophia Halliday

(before 23 February 1834 - 17 June 1915)
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     Sarah Sophia Halliday was born before 23 February 1834 in Brompton, Gillingham, Kent, England. She was christened on 23 February 1834 in St Mary, Chatham, Kent. She was the daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday and Sarah Sophia Spiers.
     Sarah Sophia Halliday appeared on the 1841 census in the household of David Watson Halliday and Elizabeth Halliday in Whittaker St, Chatham, Kent. Her mother had died in 1838 and her father 1839. Sarah Sophia Halliday was listed as the niece of Charles Thomas William Kellow in the 1851 census in 36 Frederick Lane, Rotherfield St, Islington.
     Sarah Sophia Halliday arrived per "Constance" on 18 August 1858 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Sarah Halliday aged 24, born Kent, housemaid, bounty immigrant. They departed 7 May from Gravesend. At her death in June 1915 it was claimed that she had been 2 years in Victoria and 50 years in NSW.
     Sarah Sophia Halliday married William Henry Hooper, son of William Benjamin Hooper and Mary Ann Trull, on 25 March 1862 in 30 Hotham St, East Melbourne, Victoria. They married at the residence the Rev Joseph Beer, of the Independent Church He was a bachelor, born Islington, London, Post Office clerk, aged 27 of Deniliquin, son of William Benjamin Hooper, gentleman, and Mary Ann (Trull); she was described as Sarah Sophia Halliday, spinster, born Brompton, Kent, 27, of Melbourne, daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday, ship builder & Sarah Sophia (Spires). Sarah Sophia Halliday was widowed on 8 May 1906 on the death of her husband William Henry Hooper.
     Sarah Sophia Halliday made a will dated 5 January 1914 in Melbourne. She bequeathed to her grandsons Jack & Richmond Jeremy £25 each. To Miss Ethel Jeremy of Mont Albert, spinster, £15. To Miss Alice Kraeger of Woollahra, Sydney £10, To her grand daughter Margaret Hooper of Corowa my gold watch and chain and all my other personal effects of whatsoever nature to my daughter Kate Ella Jeremy to be retained by her or dealt with as she may think fit. The balance of my estate I devise and bequeath to my executors upon the following terms for the benefit of my grandchildren Jack, Charley, William & Margaret Hooper (children of my son Charles Henry Hooper deceased) in equal shares will leave to my executors to continue or vary the investment of funds of the estate existing at date of my death at their discretion and to invest in any class of security as they may decide and to determine as to date & method of realising & winding up the estate as they shall think fit in the interests of my said grandchildren either at or subsequent to the coming of age or marriage of any or all of my said grandchildren.
I further direct that my executors shall have power to carry on the estate and either out of income therefrom or from the corpus may reimburse themselves any ... expenditure by them in the education or maintenance or advancement of my said grandchildren or any of them
And I appoint my son Sydney Benjamin Hooper executor of this my will with leave to my son Arthur Frederick Hooper to prove
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fifth day of January 1914. S S Hooper
Signed by the said Sarah Sophia Hooper & by her declared to be her last will & testament in the presence ... Eileen Wingrove, spinster, The Waldorf, St Kilda; Mabel Leamon, Hazel Vale, Belgrave. She added a codicil to her will on 25 December 1914 in Toorak. She revoked her legacy to Miss Alice Kraeger of Sydney. Witnessed by Ada Tuckfield, 230 Williams Rd, Toorak & Doris Richards, 16 Williams St, South Yarra.
     Sarah died on 17 June 1915 in Mercer Road, Malvern, Victoria. MRS W H HOOPER. Information was received here on Friday last announcing the death of Mrs W H Hooper, which took place the day previous at Malvern (Melbourne). Deceased and her late husband resided at Deniliquin for a period of 46 years, but upon bis death in 1902, Mrs Hooper took up her residence in Melbourne. Deceased was the mother of Mrs John Jeremy (Wagga), Mr A F Hooper (Melbourne), and Mr S B Hooper Sydney).. She was buried on 18 June 1915 in Brighton.
     Her will was proved on 20 July 1915 at Victoria. Her personal estate was valued at £7478/2/10.

Children of Sarah Sophia Halliday and William Henry Hooper

John Hooper

(6 December 1744 - 1 January 1820)
     John Hooper was christened on 6 December 1744 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. John, son of Robert Hopper & Marjory Dawson, tenant in Edenmouth. The use of Jeffrey and Dawson as middle names support this. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson. John Hooper was listed as a Freeman of the city of London, on 4 February 1766. Tuesday the 4th day of February 1766 and in the sixth year of the reign of King George the Third...
This day Mr Chamberlain having presented unto this Court John Hooper to be made free of this City as the forty second of fifty granted unto him by this Court the 16th day of July 1765 to be applied towards the Discharge of the publick Debts of this City. It is ordered that the said John Hooper be admitted into the Freedom of this City by Redemption in the Company of Founders paying unto Mr Chamberlain for this City's Use the Sum of Forty six Shillings and eight pence.
At the side, son of Robt Hooper of Kelso in Scotland, farmer. John was a linen draper in 1768, London, England. From 1768-1772 he is described as a haberdasher at 150 Fleet Street, London in Kent's directories, Baldwins, Lowndes (1773), London & Payne's directories.
From 1774 to 1784 he was a linen draper at 140/149 Oxford St. Between 1775 and 1784 there was another John, linen draper at 17 Ludgate St, although this may have been a second shop.
1779 John Hooper, Linen draper, 149 Oxford St & " " linen draper, 17 Ludgate St & James H. mercer.
1780 (Kents) John Hooper, linen draper, 149 Oxford St; John Hooper, linen draper, 17 Ludgate St; James Hooper, mercer, 48 New Bond St.
In 1781 only the Ludgate St entry was listed in Bailey's Northern directory.
1782 (Loundes) James Hooper, mercer, 48 New Bond St.
1784 (Bailey's) John Hooper, linen draper, 149 Oxford St (this is his last entry in the commercial section); James Hooper, mercer 48 New Bond St, also a John Hooker, linen draper, 23 Cheapside & Ben Hooker, surgeon & apothecary, 7 Pimlico. He was listed in a directory dated from 1769 to 1771 as a haberdasher at 150 Fleet Street, London. There is also a John Hooker of 32 Cheapside in 1769-70. There was also a Samuel Hooper bookseller of Newchurch Strand 1770-72. Sam the bookseller moves to 25 Ludgate Hill and another Sam appears as a linen draper at 92 Newgate St in 1773.
     John Hooper married Mary Fawler, daughter of Capt John Fawler and Mary Poole, on 27 February 1769 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England.
     John Hooper was mentioned in the will of Thomas Poole dated 28 October 1778.
John Hooper was declared bankrupt in June 1781. BANKRUPTS John Hooper, of Ludgate-Street, in the City of London, Linen-Draper. To appear June 12, 2.3, and July 10, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Lowten, Lamb's Buildings, Temple. He was listed in a directory dated 1782 as James Hooper, mercer at 48 New Bond St, London. Also John Hooker, linen draper, 23 Cheapside.
     Pursuant to a decreee of the High Court of Chancery in a cause Hooper against Hooper, the creditors of Thomas Fawler, late of Clapham, Surrye, esq., are forthwith ... to come and prove their debts... was published in the London gazette on 22 Dec 1789 and 6 July 1790.
     In 1791 John Hooper Esq, Bentinck St, was a subscriber to the "History of Georgina Neville, or, the Disinterested orphan, a novel". He was widowed on 13 November 1802 on the death of his wife Mary Fawler. John Hooper was listed in a directory dated from 1805 to 1808 as John Hooper Esquire at 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, St Marylebone. He appears in the court pages as of 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, and Shoreham Sussex.
     John died on 1 January 1820 in 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, St Marylebone, Westminster, aged 75. He was buried on 11 January 1820 in New Shoreham, Sussex. There is a memorial in the side chapel of St Mary le Haura.
     The administration of his estate was granted to James Hooper on 10 February 1820 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. John Hooper Esquire, £3000. On the tenth day of February Admon of the goods chattels and credits of John Hooper late of Bentinck Street Manchester Square in the parish of St Marylebone in the county of Middlesex Esq. widower deceased was granted to James Hooper one of the natural and lawful children of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to administer.
     John's grandson, the Rev Robert Poole Hooper was the author correspondence to a genealogist whose notes are held in the Society of Genealogists library. He makes the comment that the family came from Ednam and that they went to Scotland from Somerset as a result of the Monmouth rebellion. Rev R P Hooper claimed they were a branch of the Boveridge Hoopers but was unsuccessful at finding the link.

Children of John Hooper and Mary Fawler