George Darby

(before 1748 - 12 March 1804)
George Darby (c. 1748 - 1804)
     George Darby was born before 1748. He was the son of George? Darby.
George Darby was apprenticed on 7 February 1760. A George Darby was apprenticed to Richard Harwood, citizen and ironmonger on 7 Feb 1760, date of indenture24 Jan 1760 for 7 years for £20 10s. He was listed in a directory dated between 1768 and 1777 as an oilman at 156 Minories, London. He first appears in London directories in 1768 an an oilman, indigo maker at Minories and from 1770 as an oilman and indigo maker at 156 Minories, and from 1772 to 1777 was an oilman at the same address. A George Darby (son of George Darby, shopkeeper) was admitted as a freeman in the London Ironmongers Company by servitude to Richard Harwood, 29 April 1767.
     George Darby married Elizabeth Edmonds?? on 14 July 1768 in St Botolph without Aldgate, London. This may be the 1768 marriage at St Botolph Aldgate of George Darby of this parish to Elizabeth Edmonds of Hempstead in the county of Gloucester, spinster, by licence, witnessed by Mary Darby & Jane Fuller, Wm Mace.
They obviously separated.
     George Darby had a long term relationship with Martha Bickley, daughter of Benjamin? Bickley and Elizabeth Unknown (Bickley). George Darby and John Darby were listed in a directory dated between 1780 and 1787 as G & J Darby at 28 Winchester St, Broad St, London. In 1780 G & J Darby were Annatto, Pearl & Pot Ash makers and Wax chandlers; blue makers at 28 Winchester St, Broad St, In 1782 & 1784 John & George Darby, Blue mkr, 28 Gt Winchester St. In 1786 G & J Darby, Blue, soap & annatto maker & wax chandlers, 28 Winchester St Broad St. He was not listed in 1788 when he was declared bankrupt.
George Darby was declared bankrupt before 26 February 1787 in Gt Winchester St, Old Broad St, London. The Times (26 Feb 1787) copied from the London gazette bankrupts column, dated Feb 24, George Darby, Great Winchester-street, London, merchant, to surrender March 3 and 13, and April 7, at ten, at Guildhall ,London. His attorney was Mr de Yoagh, Cutlers-hall, London.
On the 13 April the Times had a notice: By order of the assignees, on the premises, in Great Winchester-street, Old Broad-street, on Tuesday 17th of April, and four following days, at eleven o'clock, the neat and genuine household furniture, plate, linen, china, fire arms, etc. and also the large and valuable stock in trade, a very capital Horse Mill with two runners, a ditto with one runner, and excellent iron crane, large iron beams, planks and weights, three iron shold wheel carts, a cart mare, ditto gelding, a clever saddle mare, a ditto gelding, and other effects of Mr George Darby, a bankrupt. The furniture comprises a rich drawing-room suite, an assortment of good cabinet work, in mahogany chairs, tables, book cases; etc. good beds adn bedding, Turkey and Wilton carpets of very large dimensions, capital pier glasses, etc.
The stock consists of large quantities of Indigo, Prussian and Queen's Blue, Annatto, Lamp Black, Copperas, Shellack, Vermillion, Black Lead, Sealing Wax, Wafers, Pencils, Gun Flints, Honey, Mustard, Snuff, etc.
In the first day's sale will be sold the Lease of the premises.
May be viewed on Saturday and Monday preceding the sale, and catalogues then had on the premises, and of Mr Roberteau, Talbot-court, Gracechurch-street
     Meeting of creditors this day at Guildhall ... Dividends. ... George Darby, Great Winchester-street, merchant at 10. He was listed in a directory dated from 1789 as George Darby, blue maker at Nun's Court, Coleman St, London. An unknown person was an annatto & blue manufacturer between 1794 and 1802, in Coleman Street, London. 1794, 1798, 1800 & 1802 - Indigo blue & annatto maker. He and Mary Morris and John Darby witnessed Matthew Poole and Elizabeth King Darby's wedding on 22 August 1797 in St Mary le Bow, London. George Darby was listed in a directory dated 1802 as an Indigo Blue & Annatto maker at London.
     In the London gazette 21 Sep 1802: Notice is given that the Blue Manufactory and concern in King-street, otherwise Cow-Lane, Smithfield, lately carried on by the undersigned George Darby, under the Firm of Jennings & Co., and formerly under the name of Hawes, Jennings and Co., will in future br carried on by the said George Darby in his own name, and he will receive and pay all debts due to and from the said concern. 15 July 1802, Geo Darby, Joseph Jennings, Ben Hawes.
     George Darby lived at King St, Snow Hill, Middlesex, 1804. G Darby, Indigo, Blue & Annatto Maker, Coleman St & King St, Snowhill.
     George Darby made a will dated 3 March 1804 in London. He left the goodwill of his business and a box containing his recipe for making annatto to his children Mary & George.
This is the last will and testament of me George Darby of Coleman St in the City of London, Blue and Annatto manufacturer made this third day of March 1804 I give and bequeath to my brother John Darby and my sisters Elizabeth Williams and Mary Morris the sum of 10 guineas each for mourning to be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease
And I direct that my executors hereinafter named do and shall within six months after my decease lay out the sum 100 pounds in the purchase of such articles of household furniture linen and wearing apparel as they shall think proper and shall deliver the articles so purchased to
Martha Bickley who is now living with me for her own use and benefit
And I give and bequeath the good will of my trade or business of a manufacturer of Blue annatto and other articles and also a certain box marked (a) now in my possession wherein is deposited a certain receipt for making annatto together with such receipt and all other rects used or employed in carrying on my said trade unto
Anthony Sterry of the Borough of Southwark Oilman and William Bickley of Gt Russell St in the parish of St George Bloomsbury Mdx stove grate maker upon trust to permit and suffer my son George Darby Bickley and my daughter Mary Bickley or any person with whom she may happen to intermarry for and in lieu of her the said Mary Bickley to carry on the said trade as co-partners and to have receive and take the profits therefrom in equal shares until my said son George Darby Bickley shall attain the age of 21 years and immediately upon his attaining that age the said Anthony Sterry and William Bickley shall stand possessed of the same upon trust for the said George Darby Bickley and Mary Bickley in equal shares as Tenants in common and not as joint tenants to and for their own use and benefit
But in case either of them the said George Darby Bickley and Mary Bickley shall happen to depart this life or shall refuse or decline to continue in the same trade and to carry on the same co-partners The said Anthony Sterry and William Bickley shall from the time of such refusal stand possessed of the same upon such trusts as are herinafter declared concerning the residue of my personal estate and effects And I direct that the said box marked "a" shall in no event be opened or inspected by any person or persons whomsoever save and except by the said Anthony Sterry and William Bickley until the same shall be delivered to the said George Darby Bickley and Mary Bickley for the purpose of being used and employed in their said joint trade
And I give and bequeath all my stock in trade and all my ready money securities for money goods chattels estate and effects whatsoever not herinbefore specifically disposed of unto the said Anthony Sterry and the said William Bickley upon trust as soon as conveniently may be after my decease to sell dispose of collect get in convert into money and thereout paying my just debts funeral expences and the expences of proving this my will and the several legacies herinbefore bequeathed upon the trusts following that is to say

Upon Trust thereout within the space of twelve months after my decease to set apart and invest in the purchase of public or Government stocks or securities such sums as shall be sufficient to produce the several annuities of 25 pounds, 21 pounds 70 guineas and 50 pounds or in case they shall think proper to purchase absolutely from any person or persons four annuities of equal amount or any of them for the Lives of the several persons for whose lives the same are respectively hereinafter direct to be paid such annuities so purchased to be secured in such manner as my trustees shall think proper And upon further trust to pay the same annuities to the persons following
that is to say the said annuity of 25 pounds to
my daughter Elizabeth King Poole widow for the life of her mother my wife Elizabeth Darby without such proportionable part as hereinafter mentioned with respect to the other annuitants
the said annuity of 21 pounds to
my sister Elizabeth Williams of Bermondsey St widow for her life
the said annuity of 70 guineas to the said Martha Bickley for her life and the said annuity of 50 pounds to Sarah Slodden the wife of Isaac Slodden (blank) for decease of the said annuitant such proportional parts of the stocks funds or securities so purchased not appropriated for the payment of the said annuities shall be considered part of the residue of my personal estate and I do hereby direct that in case the said Martha Bickley or Sus[anna]h Slodden or either of them shall transfer assign or otherwise part with either ... the said annuities hereinbefore directed to be paid them then in every such case the annunities to be paid to the person so assigning the same ... were actually dead..

Upon the trusts following that is to say as to two equal parts thereof the whole into 6 equal parts to be divided upon trust for
my two sons George Darby Bickley and William Darby Bickley as when they attain the age of 21 years ... to pay the interest to my daughters Elizabeth King Poole, Martha Darby Jennings, Mary Bickley and Ann Darby Bickley respectivley...
and I do direct that from and after the decease of my said wife Elizabeth Darby the sum of one said trustees from the share which my said daughter Elizabeth King Poole and her children would otherwise be entitled to of and the residue of my personal estate
and I further declare it may be lawful for the trustees as they think proper to advance to
Joseph Jennings the present husband of my daughter M D Jennings or to the husbands of any other daughters in case they should marry the monies... I appoint the said Anthony Sterry and William Bickley executors of this my will and guardians of my said sons George Darby Bickley and William Darby Bickley until they shall respectively attain the age of 21 years and of my daughter Ann Darby Bickley until she shall attain that age or be married. Geo Darby.
Witnesses: Danl Renland, clerk to Mr Kibblewhite, Grays Inn Place - John Gibson Wilmot's Buildings Bere?

     George died on 12 March 1804 in London. He is not buried at St Ann Blackfriars.
     The Morning Post advertised: Blue makers, shop-keepers etc.. By Messrs Smiths & Co on Thurday next, and following day, on the premises, corner of Hosier Lane, in Cow Lane, near Snow Hill, by direction of the Executors of the late Geo Derby, Blue-maker, deceased, at Eleven o'clockk ALL the STOCK in TRADE; comprising a large quantity of Prussian and Mecklenburg Blues, which will be put in Lots suitable for Grocers and other Dealers; also the fixtures, an 18 feet Horse wheel, lead cisterns, iron bookcase, implements, and fittings up of tee Manufactory; and other valuabe effects. May be viewed any day previous to the sale, Sunday excepted. Catalogus on the Premises; and at Smiths and Co's, No. 78, Blackman-street, Southwark, four days before the sale..
     His will was proved on 26 July 1804 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. He was listed in a directory dated 1805 as George Darby & Co., Annatto & blue manufacturer at London.
     Newspapers announced in Sep 1805: Patrnership Dissolved: George Darby, Joseph Jennings, and John Jennings, of Great Warner street, Coldbath-Fields, annatto manufacturers.

Child of George Darby and Elizabeth Edmonds??

Children of George Darby and Martha Bickley

Martha Bickley

(circa 1757 - 20 September 1817)
     Martha Bickley was born circa 1757 Her age at death was given as 59 which suggests a 1757 birth.
A John & Ann Darby baptised a daughter Martha on 15 Oct 1758
at St Paul's Shadwell, but she seems to be buried there on 14 Nov 1758, of Dean St.
A Martha Beckley was also baptised 13 May 1762 at St Dunstan Stepney, the daughter of Thomas & Mary.
Another Martha Bickley was baptised at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire 25 May 1760 daughter of William & Mary. The daughter of Ben seems a possibility as her daughter (Mary Bickley/Hooper) had a son William Benjamin. She was the daughter of Benjamin? Bickley and Elizabeth Unknown (Bickley).
     Martha Bickley had a long term relationship with George Darby, son of George? Darby.
     In George Darby Bickley's will dated 16 February 1810 in Finchley, London, Martha Bickley was named as heir; Whereas I George Darby Bickley of Friendly Place Castle Street by the will of my late father George Darby of Coleman Street am intitled to the sum of five hundred pounds and divers other sums subject to various ... circumstances ... I do by this my last will give and bequeath the same as follows and so ... ... and appoint Anthony Sterry of the Borough of Southbank as my executor to whom I give twenty pounds for the trouble he may have in the .... hereof Also I give unto my executor all my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever both in possession and reversion in trust and on condition that he do pay and satisfy all my just debts, funeral expences and the proving this my will and out of the residue give unto my mother Martha Bickley within three months after my decease the sum of eighty pounds also to my sister Martha Darby Jennings ten pounds for her use and profit Also to my sister Mary Hooper the sum of ten pounds Also to my sister Ann Darby Bickley the sum of one hundred pounds free from all deductions whatsoever which sum I direct to be paid her within three months after my decease ... her being under the age of 21 ... and as to all the rest and residue of my estate and effects ... I give the same to my brother William Darby Bickley ... notwithstanding he may not have attained the age of 21years and I do hereby will and direct that my said executor shall and may reimburse himself.... this 16th day of February 1810.
     Martha Bickley made a will dated 3 September 1817. I Martha Bickley being of sound mind and body do make this my last will and testament I give & bequeath to my daughter Martha Jennings all my cloaths and to my son William Darby Bickley all the remainder of my property consisting of furniture plate linen china money etc. after paying my just debts and funeral expenses and my books - Martha Bickley - witness Elizth Pococke Witness D Stringer Chapel St Pentonville Sept 3 1817.
     Martha died on 20 September 1817 in 10 Featherstone St, City Rd, London. The City Rd Wesleyan Chapel records a Martha Darby died 20 Sep 1817, aged 59 years. [buried] 26 Sep, of no.10 Featherstone St, City Road. This seems likely as her son Mr George Bickley Darby as buried from there on 25th Sep 1810, along with Gabriel & Rebecca in 1797 & William in 1818. She was buried on 26 September 1817 in London.
     Her will was proved on 31 January 1818 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved at London 31 January 1818 by the oath of William Darby Bickley the son and the executor according to the tenor of the will.

Children of Martha Bickley and George Darby

George? Darby

(before 1725 - )
     George? Darby was born before 1725.

Children of George? Darby