Myra Pelham Boot

(26 May 1885 - 1966)
     Myra Pelham Boot was born on 26 May 1885 in Mt Gambier, South Australia. She was the daughter of William Boot and Ada Blanch Dempster.
     Myra died in 1966 in Kogarah, New South Wales.

Jessie Stevens

(circa 1855 - 1913)
     Jessie Stevens was born circa 1855 in London, England.
     Jessie Stevens married John Dunbar Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, on 14 September 1875 in Windsor, Victoria. Marriages. DOBSON-STEVENS. -On the 14th inst., at Windsor, by the Rev. A. Gosman, John Dunbar, eldest son of John Dobson, Clerk of Courts, Dandenong, to Jessie, third daughter of Alfred Stevens, of Windsor.
     Jessie died in 1913 in Armadale, Victoria.

Children of Jessie Stevens and John Dunbar Dobson

Lillian Jean Macartney

     Lillian Jean Macartney married Alfred John Carlyle Livingston, son of Alfred George Livingston and Ethel Frances Dunbar Dobson, on 11 October 1930.