William Henry Cox

(20 February 1808 - 12 July 1882)
     William Henry Cox was born on 20 February 1808 in London, England. He was the son of Charles Cox & Betty Hoad Culham. He was christened on 16 March 1808 in St Clement Danes, Westminster.
     William Henry Cox married Emily Augusta Hooper, daughter of William Hooper and Mary [Darby] Bickley, on 3 April 1834 in St Mary, Finchley, London. They married by licence with the consent of parents - she was of Finchley and he was of St Giles. William Henry Cox was listed in a directory dated 1846 as William Henry Cox steam printer & printing ink maker, 5 Great Queen Street & at 29 Parker St, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.
     William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in 12 Pavillion Place, Kemptown, Brighton, Sussex, England. William Henry Cox, age 43, married, head of household, occupation master painter, born St Clements Danes, Mid., Emily Augusta Cox, age 37, wife, married, born, Coleman, Mid., Elizabeth Cox, age 14, daughter, scholar at home born St Giles, Mid., Julia Cox, age 12, daughter, scholar at home, born St Giles, Mid., Mary Ann Cox, age 9, daughter, scholar at home, born St Giles, Mid., Frances Cox, age 5, daughter, scholar at home, born St Giles, Mid., Louisa Cox, age 3, daughter, scholar at home, born Brixton, Surrey.
     William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper appeared on the 1861 census in Portsmouth Rd, Actington?, Winchester, Hampshire. William Henry Cox, head, 53, printer employing 18 men & boys...., born St Clements, Mdx; Emily Augusta, wife, 47, born City of London; Mary Ann, daughter, 18, born St Giles, Mdx; Frances, daughter, 15, born St Giles; Louisa, daughter 13, born Brixton, Surrey; Henry Heffernan Hoyde?, nephew, 12, born B.., Mdx, plus a cook, coachman and two servants.
     William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper appeared on the 1871 census in 38 Brunswick Square, Hove, Sussex. William Cox, head, 64, retired merchant, born Westminster, Mdx; Emily A, wife, 57, born London; Julia, daugher aged 32, Mary A, daughter aged 28, Frances, daughter aged 25, all born London; with four servants; Ellis Tree, son, 26, born Northam, Sussex.
     William Henry Cox made a will dated 24 September 1872 in 38 Brunswick Square, Brighton, Sussex. The Will and Codicils are contained on 9 pages of neat, closely spaced hand writing. The executors were named as follows: Henry Cox (brother) of Boxgrove, Guildford, Surrey; Alfred Cox (brother) of Prendales Ware, Hertford; Thomas Tandy, lawyer.
The address of WHC was given as 38 Brunswick Square, Brighton, Surrey.
In the Will, EAH was to receive the house for her use during her life and '...all my household furniture plate linen books and other household effects and my horses and carriages wine and spirits and consumable articles for her own and absolute benefit...'. Also included was a payment of 400 pounds and an annuity of 1,800 pounds. The 3 daughters were to receive the residue of the estate after the death of their mother and after settlement with other beneficiaries. WHC formulated a trust in his Will and described at length his instructions for the financial management of the assets. He appeared to have freehold and leasehold properties that needed managing for maintenance and tenancy. He also had stocks, bonds and mortgages and he specified what manner of such financial instruments the trustees of his estate were to consider for any new acquisitions.
Other beneficiaries of the Will:
-William Whinney Gearing, foreman, 100 pounds plus an annuity of 104 pounds
-Alfred Miles, servant, 100 pounds
-Eliza Cook, servant, 100 pounds
-Elizabeth Gearing, wife of William Gearing, 50 pound annuity
-Henry and Alfred Cox, Thomas Tandy 20 pound annuity each
-all WHC's nieces and nephews, 100 pounds each. He added a codicil to his will on 4 September 1873. He provided 100 pounds to each of the following: - WHC's friend Frederick Shanks and the same to Frederick's sister, Elizabeth Shanks - Caroline Jones, the daughter of a friend, John Jones - Ann Reece Thomas and Jane Reece Thomas, both cousins of Emily Augusta Hooper, his wife (they are also mentioned in EAH's Will). He added a codicil to his will on 16 November 1876. Following the marriage of his daughter, Julia Cox, to John Henry Gray on 3 Oct. 1876, the codicil provides for Julia to receive 3,500 pounds owing to WHC from a mortgage coming due from Samuel John Jerrard and a further 500 pounds from stock in the Scind Punjab and Delhi Railway Co. He added a codicil to his will on 2 January 1879. Following the marriage of his daughter, Frances Cox, to Lieutenant Colonel Joseph William Hughes on 2 Jan. 1879 (same date as codicil), the codicil provides for Frances to receive 4,000 pounds from stock in the Scind Punjab and Delhi Railway Co.
Witnesses shown on Will and Codicils were:-Frederic William Jowers, surgeon, - Henry A. Torry, Clerk to Messrs. Hyde and Tandy, solicitors. - Joseph John Thomas of 19 Charles St., Brighton, friend of WHC. - John E. Bennett. - William Henry Leggatt, butler to WHC. - Alfred Cox, brother to WHC. - Thomas Tandy, solicitor.
The Will makes reference to 3 daughters (no names given) and so it could be assumed that either 2 of the original 5 daughters had either died by this point or were cut out of the Will. EAH's Will of 14 Feb. 1883 names 3 daughters as Julia, Mary Ann and Frances. Presumably they are the same 3 as in WHC's Will, but it doesn't answer the question of what happened to the other 2.
     William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper appeared on the 1881 census in Hove, Sussex. William H Cox, gentleman, aged 73, born London; Emily A wife aged 68, born London, Mary A Cox, daughter aged 38, born London, pluse five domestic servants.
     William died on 12 July 1882 in the Rectory, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, aged 74. WHC and EAH had been both living with their daughter, Julia Cox, and their son-in-law, John Henry Gray in their final year(s). JHG was rector of this parish from 1881 to 1884, after his return from China and prior to his retirement.
     His will was proved on 8 September 1882. The estate was valued at £43,520/14-/-.

Children of William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper

Alexander George Hooper

(March 1865 - 26 February 1866)
     Alexander George Hooper was born in March 1865 in Brighton RD, Sussex. He was the son of George Henry Hooper and Julia Beetham Churchill.

Edward John Hooper

(February 1866 - )
     Edward John Hooper was born in February 1866 in Brighton, Sussex. He was the son of George Henry Hooper and Julia Beetham Churchill.
     Edward John Hooper appeared on the 1881 census in Chertsey, Surrey. Edward J Hooper, aged 15, born Brighton, Sussex, boarder, scholar living with the Coleridges at their private boarding school in Guildford St ("Bromonds"), Chertsey.
     Edward was educated from from May 1882 to April 1883 at Uppingham school, Rutland.
     The marriage of Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield was registered in London, Marylebone RD, Middlesex, in the March 1890 quarter.
     Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield appeared on the 1891 census in 13 Clarence Square, Brighton. Matilda E Dibbs 62, lets furnished apartments ... Edward J Hooper 25, visitor, living on his own means born Brighton; Eva F Hooper 20, his wife, born Langleybury, Hertfordshire.
     Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield appeared on the 1901 census in 55 Barkston? Gardens, Kensington, London. Edward J Hooper, head, 36, living on own means, born Bloomsbury, Mdx, with his wife Eva F, 37, born Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.
     Gift, for natural love and affection, from Edward John Hooper of 71 Barkston Gardens, Earls Court (co. London), esq. (eldest son of George Henry Hooper who died on 13 July 1904), to w. Eva Florence of the same -date:18 Jan. 1906
Moiety of one third part of the proceeds of the sale of the unsold real estate of his grandfather, George Henry Hooper, as in Add Mss 5381
The property in question is that listed in Add Mss 5382 (except Harts Farm 'which has recently been sold for £6 700 and the Grantor's interest in which is not intended to be included in this deed of gift')
     Assignment from Eva Florence, w. of Edward John Hooper of 3 Blomfield Court, Maida Vale (co. London), to Rev. Robert Poole Hooper 10 Apr. 1912
Charles Robert Rivington, and Henry Brereton Hooper, for whom the assignment, was made in trust, of the sum of £5,000, the remainder of the purchase money