Jemima Last

(circa 1799 - )
     She is probably the Jemima Squirrel who had a son James baptised 7 August 1822, at the Cosford House of Industry, Semer, Suffolk.. Jemima Last was born circa 1799 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Jemima Last married Henry Squirrell on 8 May 1821 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
     Jemima Last and Henry Squirrell were recorded on the 1851 census in Buckfast Cottage, Hitcham, Suffolk. Henry Squirrell, aged 50, born at Hitcham; Jemima, aged 52, born Battisford, Robert aged 11, and Louisa aged 7, both born at Hitcham.

Children of Jemima Last and Henry Squirrell

Lily Ann Last

(1880 - )
     Lily Ann Last was born in 1880 in Rougham, Suffolk.
     Lily Ann Last married George Thomas Bullett, son of James Bullett and Elizabeth Stevens.

Child of Lily Ann Last and George Thomas Bullett

Martha Last

     Martha Last married David Bland as his second wife, before April 1885 in Suffolk.
     Martha Last and David Bland appeared on the 1891 census in Free Wood St, Bradfield St George. David Bland, 64, shoemaker B, born Hessett, with Martha his wife, 65, born Rougham, and a domestic servant.

Rowland Walter Last

     The marriage of Rowland Walter Last and Martha Bland, daughter of Charles Bland and Sophia Taylor, was registered in Sudbury RD, Suffolk, in the December 1878 quarter.

Sarah Last

(6 June 1824 - before 1871)
     Sarah Last was christened on 6 June 1824 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.
     Sarah Last married George Bland, son of William John Bland and Mary Ann Froud or Frood, in October 1848 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Sarah Last and George Bland were recorded on the 1851 census in Hessett. George Bland, head, married, 22, lic. hawker born Hessett, Sarah, wife, 25, born Bradfield St George, James, son, 1, born Hessett.
     Sarah Last and George Bland appeared on the 1861 census in the Green, Hessett. George Bland, head, married, 32, hawker & shopkeeper born Hessett, Sarah, wife 36 born Bradfield, William son 2? b. Hessett, Alice, daughter, 7 mths, born Hessett. Eliza Elsden, servant, unmarried, 13 years born Whepstead.
     Sarah died before 1871.

Children of Sarah Last and George Bland

Thomas Last

(circa 1857 - )
     Thomas Last was born circa 1857 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of James Last and Anne Maria Cocksedge. Thomas Last was christened on 21 August 1859 in Hessett.

Maude Latchford

     Maude Latchford married Frederick Rubie, son of George Rubie and Lily Rower, in 1920 in Victoria.

Children of Maude Latchford and Frederick Rubie

Elizabeth Latimer

     Elizabeth Latimer married Jabez Colbert, son of Charles Colbert and Elizabeth Brace, in 1883 in Carcoar, New South Wales.

Children of Elizabeth Latimer and Jabez Colbert

Olive Marguerite Latta

(circa 1895? - 1965)
     Olive Marguerite Latta was born circa 1895?.
     Olive Marguerite Latta married Tindel Allan Ross, son of David Ross and Caroline L Jones, on 12 April 1917 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA.
     Olive died in 1965.

Child of Olive Marguerite Latta and Tindel Allan Ross

Thomas Bernard Lauder

(1827 - )
     Thomas Bernard Lauder was born in 1827.
     Thomas Bernard Lauder married Annie Emma Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Abraham Cocksedge and Annie Caroline Bryan, in 1866. Lauder, Thomas Bernard, J.P, Ferbane, younger son of Thomas Bernard Lauder, of Moyclare, formerly of 11th Regt, by Harriette, daughter of Wm. Gilland, Youghal, formerly of 4th Regt; born 1827; married, 1866, Annie, daughter of Thomas A Cocksedge, Drinkstone House, Suffolk.

Francis Laughton

     Francis Laughton married Juliana Unknown (Ryther) on 9 April 1583 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Anne Law

(circa 1735 - )
     Anne Law was born circa 1735.
     Anne Law married Samuel Emslie on 18 March 1753 in Midmar, Aberdeenshire. The IGI gives James not Samuel.

Child of Anne Law and Samuel Emslie

Elizabeth de Vere Law

( - before 7 February 1851)
     Elizabeth de Vere Law was also known as Eliza in records. She was born in Barnstaple, Devon. She was the daughter of William Law and Esther Shepherd who married in Barnstaple 27 June 1785.
     Elizabeth de Vere Law married Rev Henry Gamble in 1816 in Barnstaple, Devon. They had 8 known children. Henry married again, in 1854 at Hove, Brighton, Caroline Fisgard a widow. She died in Clifton in 1861.
     Elizabeth died before 7 February 1851 in Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. She was buried on 7 February 1851 in Clifton.

Children of Elizabeth de Vere Law and Rev Henry Gamble

John Law

     John Law married Harriet Sibira Heatherly, daughter of James Heatherly and Elizabeth Whitehead, on 15 October 1786 in St Leonard, Shoreditch.

Mary Law

     Mary Law married Peter Emslie, son of Peter Emslie and Elspet Forbes.

Child of Mary Law and Peter Emslie

Stella Constance Law

(16 August 1921 - 15 March 1995)
     Stella Constance Law was born on 16 August 1921.
     Stella Constance Law married Archibald Findlay, son of Archibald Findlay and Jessie Marguerite Gray.
     Stella died on 15 March 1995 in Durban, Natal, South Africa, aged 73.

James Lawrence

     James Lawrence married an unknown person .

Child of James Lawrence

Joseph Lawrence

     Joseph Lawrence married Ann Stanser, daughter of Thomas Stanser and Mary Dawson, on 10 May 1787 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Joseph was of Manchester, spelled Stasnsor in tehg BT. Thomas Stanser Lawrence who married in 1827 at Grantham is likeley to be a descendant. Joseph Lawrence was an executor of Thomas Stanser's estate on 15 May 1790 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

May Lawrence

(circa 1887 - early 1980's)
     May died early 1980's. She was born circa 1887. She was the daughter of William Lawrence and Mary Ann Mann.

Minnie Lawrence

(circa 1890 - )
     Minnie Lawrence was born circa 1890. She was the daughter of William Lawrence and Mary Ann Mann.

William Lawrence

(circa 1864 - 1950 1960's)
     William died 1950 1960's. He was born circa 1864 in Felixstowe, Suffolk. He was the son of James Lawrence.
     The marriage of William Lawrence and Mary Ann Mann, daughter of Henry Mann and Ursula or Usla Grimwood, was registered in Woodbridge RD, Suffolk, in the December 1885 quarter.

Children of William Lawrence and Mary Ann Mann

Mary Laws/Lows

Dorothy May Lawson

(29 August 1902 - )
     Dorothy May Lawson was born on 29 August 1902.
     Dorothy May Lawson married Sydney Clarence Bird, son of Edward George Bird and Mary Ann Bailey, in 1934 in Victoria.

Mal Lawson

     Mal Lawson married Una Alberta Theresa Bland, daughter of William Bland and Sarah Ann Scott, in August 1919 in Victoria.

Mary Ann Lawson

(after 1830 - between 1896 and 1909)
     Mary Ann Lawson was born after 1830 in Islington.
     Mary Ann Lawson married James Dempster, son of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson, on 23 March 1850 in St Peter, Islington, London. James Dempster, of full age, bachelor, commercial cler, of 28 Hanover St, Islington, son of James Dempster, gentleman; to, Mary Sn Lawson, minor, spinster, of same address, daughter of Richard Lawson, warehouseman; by license. James signed, Mary Ann made her mark, in the presence of William Mayor? (who witnessed the previous marriage) and Margaret Niel.
     Mary Ann Lawson and James Dempster were recorded on the 1851 census in 3 Orchard St, St Pancras, London. James Dempster, 23, railway clerk, born Mitcham with is wife Mary A aged 20, born Islington.
     Mary Ann Lawson and James Dempster appeared on the 1861 census in 3 Laurel St, Dalston, Hackney, London. James Dempster, head, married 33, railway clerk, born Mitcham, Surrey; Mary A Dempster wife aged 28, born Islington, Mdx; Ellen Dempster, daughter 7, born Camden Town, Mdx; Alice Dempster, daughter 5, scholar, born Kentish Town, Mdx; James E Dempster son 2, born Dalston, Albert Dempster, son, 4? months, born Dalston.
     Mary Ann Lawson and James Dempster appeared on the 1871 census in 14 Bloomfield St South, Hackney West. James Dempster, head ,married 43, railway clerk, born Mitcham Surrey; Mary A wife, 37 born Islington; Alice daughter, 15, born Kentish Town; James E, son, aged 12, born Dalston; Albert son aged 10 born Dalston; George son 7, born Dalston.
     Mary Ann Lawson and James Dempster appeared on the 1881 census in 34 Kingsbury Rd, Islington, London, Middlesex. Ernest A [sic] Dempster, married aged 54, born at Mitcham, Surrey, railway clerk and his wife Mary A Dempster, aged 50, and children James E Dempster, aged 23, estate agent; Ellen Dempster aged 28; George Dempster aged 18, commercial clerk, all born London.
     Mary Ann Lawson and Ellen Dempster appeared on the 1891 census in 3 Grosvenor Villa, Twickenham, Middlesex. Mary A Dempster, widow aged 57, living on own means, born Islington, Ellen Dempster, daughter aged 37, born Camden Town.
     Mary died between 1896 and 1909. She may have been either the one who died in the Marchq qtr of 1909 aged 77 in the Croydon district, or the one who died in the Sep qtr of 1896 aged 62 in the Brentford district. She has not yet been identified in the 1901 census.

Children of Mary Ann Lawson and James Dempster

Mary Lawson?

(circa 1797 - )
     Mary Lawson? was born circa 1797 in Wadsley or, Yorkshire.
     Mary Lawson? married Francis Rich, son of Samuel Rich and Elizabeth Wells, on 13 September 1815 in Pontefract, Yorkshire. Francis Rich of the parish of Hatfield Woodhouse & Mary Lawson of this parish were married in this church by licence, both were illiterate and it was witnessed by Ann Rich.

Children of Mary Lawson? and Francis Rich

Elizabeth Lawtie

     Elizabeth Lawtie married George Dunbar (of Castlefield), son of Unknown Dunbar, before 1665.
     Elizabeth Lawtie married Nicholas Dunbar as her second husband, circa 1667. She was the widow and heir of George Dunbar of Castlefield. He acquired the Castlefield estate with this marriage..

Children of Elizabeth Lawtie and Nicholas Dunbar

Agnes Caroline Matilda Lay

(25 March 1777 - )
     Agnes Caroline Matilda Lay was christened on 25 March 1777 in St Botolph Aldgate, London. There is no proof for this connection. She was the daughter of Henry Lay and Ann Unknown (Lay).

Ann Lay

(11 January 1795 - 6 April 1870)
     Ann Lay was also known as Anna Maria Lay in records. She was born on 11 January 1795 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. She was the daughter of James Lay and Elizabeth Parkhurst. Ann Lay was christened on 5 February 1795 in St Mary, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. She and Mary Ann Pitt Lay, Frances Heatherly Lay, William Henry Lay, Matilda Ann Lay, Georgiana Lay, Louisa Lay, Henry Lay and Caroline Lay were beneficiaries in John Heatherly's will proved 25 February 1840 in Lewes Archdeaconry, Sussex.
     Ann Lay appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Mary Heatherly and Caroline Lay in Eastbourne, Sussex.
     After John Heatherly died in 1839, The Library was run first by his widow and then by his three nieces - Ann, Caroline and Georgiana Lay - who were known as "The Three Misses Lay".
Ann Lay (born 1795 Marylebone London) died 1870 Eastbourne, aged 75; Caroline Lay (born 1803 Marylebone London) died 1888 Eastbourne, aged 84; Georgiana Lay (born 1809 Marylebone London) died 1888 Eastbourne, aged 78.
The Lay sisters operated The Library until about 1845.
Around 1845, the "Three Misses Lay" were succeeded by another trio of sisters - Elizabeth Hopkins (born 1815, Newington, Surrey), Marian Hopkins (born 1821, Newington, Surrey) and Emma Hopkins (born 1824, Newington, Surrey). A younger sister Georgina Harriot Hopkins (born 1832, Newington, Surrey) worked as an assistant in the shop.
The Library passed to Frederick Hopkins in 1857 and finally to Thomas Stafford Gowland in 1862. Ann Lay was listed as the niece of Mary Heatherly in the 1861 census in Church St, Eastbourne. Mary Heatherley, head, widow, 95, retired librarian, born Fulham, Mdx; Ann Lay, niece, unmarried, 54, born London; Caroline Lay, unmarried niece, 55, born London; Henry Lay, nephew unmarried 53, retired stationer, born London; Georgianna Lay, niece, unmarried, 50, born London, with a general servant Ann Paine born Eastbourne.
     Ann died on 6 April 1870 in Church St, Eastbourne, Sussex, aged 75. She was buried on 12 April 1870 in St Mary, Eastbourne. Anna Maria Lay, aged 75.
     Her will was proved on 4 May 1870 at Lewes.

Augusta Maria Lay

(5 February 1769 - )
     Augusta Maria Lay was born on 5 February 1769 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Henry Lay and Ann Unknown (Lay). Augusta Maria Lay was christened on 23 February 1769 in St Mary, St Marylebone.