James Hooper

(14 June 1739 - 15 December 1813)
     James Hooper was christened on 14 June 1739 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. James, son of Robert Hopper & Mergery Dauson. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson. James was a mercer in 48 & 149 New Bond St, London, England. Atwick & Hooper were mercers at Coventry Cross in New Bond St, from 1763, being succeeded in 1788 by James Hooper at the Coventry Cross, no. 149 New Bond St. [Signboards of old London shops by Sir Ambrose Heal, 1947]. He was a mercer at 48 New Bond St from 1776 to 1788, and at 149 New Bond St from 1789-1804 (10?), his business being called The Coventry Cross. The 1790 Universal British Directory lists him as mercer, 149 New Bond St. He and John Elphick Fawler witnessed John Hooper and Mary Fawler's wedding on 27 February 1769 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England.
     James Hooper married Katherine Saxon, daughter of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell, on 23 December 1775 in St George, Hanover Square, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
     James Hooper made a will dated 27 March 1811.
     James died on 15 December 1813 in Soho, Westminster, England, aged 74. 15 Dec. Full of years, and rich in good works, like a shock of corn in due season, calm, gentle and resigned, of an inveterate pulmonary complaint, James Hooper, esq. For many years, this gentleman conducted a large business as a mercer in Bond St., with great reputation and profit; latterly, he had retired to his house in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea; but he died at a friend's residence in the vicinity of his own antient dwelling. He lived with the general regard of all who knew him: his decease has converted the fondness of familiar esteem into the veneration of heartfelt regret. His good name will flourish among his valuable and numerous descendants.
     His will was proved on 31 December 1813 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon

Robert Hooper

(22 October 1694 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 22 October 1694 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. Robert Happer had a son baptized called Robert October the 23 day 1694. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Mary Japhray.
     Robert Happer junior was cautioner for the woman in proclamation between William Steavenson in the parish of Nenthorn and Margaret Clark, 28 April 1720.
     30 June 1731 testament produced in favour of James Hoppr; ditto for John Dawson and his family.
     Robert Hooper married Margery Dawson on 24 June 1735 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. June 7 1735 compeared Robert Happer and Margery Dauson both in this parish and gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage and consigned 12 sh for the poor. June 24 Robert Haper and Mergery Dauson was married.
     Robert Hooper married secondly Christian Rankin before November 1751. He appears to have married secondly Christian Rankin and had issue, but this may have been his son Robert but he would have been only c. 14 at the time.
     Contemporaries in Ednam were George Hopper, a herd, who had several children baptised 1754-1764, From 1762-1770 children were baptised of William Dixon servant to Robert Hooper, Tenant in Edinmouth..
     In 1761 Ednam was purchased by James Dickson, merchant of London, who had grown up in Kelso. He established a mill for weaving English blankets, laid out a bleachfield and built a brewery. He also built Ednam House & Cross Keys in Kelso. The establishment of Robert's two sons from Ednam as drapers in London may be connected to this event.
     He is described in the Registers as "tenant in Edinmouth".
Contemporaries in Ednam were George Hopper, a herd, who had several children baptised 1754-1764. From 1762-1770 children James 30 Aug 1767 & Mary 10 Nov 1770 were baptised of children of William Dixon servant to Robert Hooper, Tenant in Edinmouth. Others mentions as servants were William Crammon's at his daughter Margaret's baptism 30 Aug 1752; Robert Anderson's child 3 Jan 1771.

Children of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson

Children of Robert Hooper and Christian Rankin

Joan Scott

(circa 1777 - 15 March 1837)
     Joan Scott was born circa 1777 in England. Youngest daughter & co-heir of Major General John Scott, of Balconie Fife, by Margaret, youngest daughter of Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President of the Court of Session..
     Joan Scott married George Canning, son of George Canning and Mary Ann Costello, on 8 July 1800 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. The Rt Hon Goerge Canning of the parish of St Maertin in the Fields, bachelor, & Joan Scott, of this parish, spinster, were married in the dwelling house of the Marquis of Ticthfield in Grosvenor Street, by special licence. Joan was present at George Charles Canning's christening on 4 June 1801 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
     She was created Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan, co. Kilkenny on 22 January 1828..
     Administration of the estate of Capt William Pitt Canning was granted to Joan Scott, 5th March 1829 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Joan died on 15 March 1837 in 10 Grosvenor Square, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex. She was buried on 23 March 1837 in Westminster Abbey, London.

Children of Joan Scott and George Canning