Patrick Colbert

(1801 - )
     Patrick Colbert was also known as William in records. He was born in 1801 in Clonmel, Cork, Ireland. He was transported to New South Wales, Australia, arriving 8 February 1832. Patrick alias William Colbert, arrived on the "Norfolk", aged 30. He could read & write, married with 2 sons & 1 daughter, Protestant. Native of Clonmel, trade - clothier, convicted of stealing bank notes, tried at Tipperary 25 March 1831, 7 years, no previous convictions. 5'4.5", ruddy complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes.
     He received a Certificate of Freedom on 3 Oct 1839 [39/1689], born Clonmell, tried Tipperary Spring Assizes 1831. Sentenced for 7 yars, born 1801, 5'4". He had a scar along right eyebrow.

Thomas Colbert

(circa 1808 - )
     Thomas Colbert was born circa 1808 in Waterford, Ireland.
     Thomas Colbert was involved in a criminal court case in November 1826 in Waterford. He was convicted of robbery of a tan yard, aged 18, read & write, sentenced to death Nov 18..? of Waterford, stable boy. Tried at ??? 12 Jan 1827, 7 years, no previous convictions, 5'4.5", ruddy faced, light brown hair, grey eyes, assigned to Thomas Rose, Wilberforce. He was transported to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, arriving 22 December 1829. He was on board the "Larkins".

Charles William Colbert

(circa 1897 - 24 August 1964)
     Charles William Colbert was born circa 1897. He was the son of Charles William Colbert and Elizabeth Jane Catling.
     Charles served in the Royal Artillery between 1914 and 1918.
     Charles William Colbert married Annie Minnie Louise Dudley in 1923 in Victoria.
     Charles and Annie were registered at Hunterston, Yarram, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Charles died on 24 August 1964 in Hunterston, Victoria. He was buried on 26 August 1964 in the Methodist section, Yarram.
     His will was proved on 23 November 1964.

Children of Charles William Colbert and Annie Minnie Louise Dudley