Jane Bartlet

     Jane Bartlet married Sir William Dunbar 3rd Bart of Durn as his second wife, in 1765?. She was of Banff.

Jane Bartlett

     Jane Bartlett was born in England.
     Jane Bartlett married John Sergeant, son of William Sergeant and Mary Jeffery, on 16 September 1830 in St Clement Danes, Westminster.

Children of Jane Bartlett and John Sergeant

William or Harold Michael Bartley

(circa 1900 - 1935)
     William or Harold Michael Bartley was born circa 1900.
     William or Harold Michael Bartley married Vera Mary Catherine MacKenzie, daughter of William MacKenzie and Mary Appleyard, in 1925 in Victoria.
     William died at APM in 1935 in Traralgon, Victoria.

Ann Barton

(circa 1755? - 27 August 1781)
     Ann Barton was born circa 1755?.
     Ann Barton married Richard Stanser, son of George Stanser and Ann Ellot, on 5 April 1779 in St Bartholomew, Sutton cum Lound, Nottinghamshire.
     Ann was buried on 27 August 1781 in Sutton cum Lound, Nottinghamshire.

Child of Ann Barton and Richard Stanser

Charles Robert Barton

(15 November 1832 - 23 November 1918)
     Charles Robert Barton married Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton), daughter of Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L. and Mary Jane Ovenden. Charles Robert Barton was born on 15 November 1832.
     Charles died on 23 November 1918 aged 86.

Francis Barton

John Barton

( - before 1740)
     John was party to a deed dated 23 May 1710; Indenture dated 23 May 1710 between (1) Robert Popplewell of Belton, gent. & (2) John Barton of London, esq. Marriage intended between Rebecca Hartop of St Andrew's Holborn London, widow, and the said John Barton. John Barton, as part of a provision of her executors a warrant of attorney authorising a declaration to him in an action of debt of £2000 at the suit of the said Robert, John also disposes of a messuage in Hatton Garden in the parish of St Andrews Holbourne, co. Middlesex.
     John Barton married Rebecca Barbara Ryther, daughter of Robert Ryther and Margaret Campion, after 23 May 1710.
     John died before 1740.

John Barton

     John Barton married Ann Snare on 21 March 1807 in Brandon, Suffolk.

John Barton

Madeline Barton

     Madeline Barton was born in Norfolk, England.
     Madeline Barton married William Horace Lascelles, son of Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl of Harewood and Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smythe, in 1899.

Mary Ann Barton

(before 1800 - )
     Mary Ann Barton was born before 1800.
     Mary Ann Barton married Charles James Blount on 25 June 1820 in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex. Mary Ann Barton was widowed on 21 April 1833 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster, on the death of her husband Charles James Blount.

Children of Mary Ann Barton and Charles James Blount

Mildred Penelope Matilda Barton (Loane)

(25 April 1885 - 6 August 1971)
     Mildred Penelope Matilda Barton (Loane) was born on 25 April 1885 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton).
     Mildred Penelope Matilda Barton (Loane) married Simon Loane before 1920.
     Mildred died on 6 August 1971 in Ireland aged 86.

Child of Mildred Penelope Matilda Barton (Loane) and Simon Loane

Simon Barton

William Barton

(circa 1750 - )
     William Barton was born circa 1750.
     William Barton married Susanna Noble, daughter of John Noble, on 5 December 1774 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Frances Barwick

( - 14 February 1683/84)
     Frances Barwick was born in Tolston, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Robert and Ursula (Strickland) Barwicke of Toulston.
     Frances Barwick married Henry Fairfax 4th Baron Fairfax, son of Henry Fairfax and Lady Mary Cholmondeley, circa 1652 in Yorkshire.
     Frances died on 14 February 1683/84.

Children of Frances Barwick and Henry Fairfax 4th Baron Fairfax

John Basham

     John Basham married Celia Frewer, daughter of George Frewer and Ann Snare, on 25 July 1821 in Brandon, Suffolk, England.

Alice Basset

( - before 1265)
     Alice Basset was the daughter of Thomas Basset and Phillippe Malbank.
     Alice Basset married Sir William Malet, son of Gilbert Malet. She was co-heir of her father, and in her issue sole heir of the barony of Headington, Oxon.
     Alice died before 1265.

Child of Alice Basset and Sir William Malet

Thomas Basset

( - 1220)
     Thomas Basset married Phillippe Malbank. For further details see www.powys.org.
     Thomas died in 1220.

Child of Thomas Basset and Phillippe Malbank

William Bassett

     William Bassett married Elizabeth Killigrew, daughter of Sir Joseph Killigrew and Elizabeth Hext, on 18 February 1629 in High Ham, Somerset.

John Bassindale

     John Bassindale married Sarah Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell and Sarah Bingley, in 1852.

Ethel Ivy Bastings

(1892 - 1971)
     Ethel Ivy Bastings was born in 1892 in New Zealand.
     Ethel Ivy Bastings married George Skottowe Webb, son of Joseph Skottowe Webb and Clara Foster, in 1919 in New Zealand.
     Ethel died in 1971 in New Zealand.

Arthur Batchelor

(before 1890 - 6 March 1932)
     Arthur Batchelor was born before 1890 in Canada.
     Arthur Batchelor married Mary Esther Walling, daughter of Reuben Thomas Walling and Harriett Ruby, on 23 May 1911 in the Baptist Church, Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.
     Arthur died by drowning on 6 March 1932 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. He was buried on 30 April 1932 in Haliburton.

Audrey Amy Ada Batchelor

(7 March 1903 - )
     Audrey Amy Ada Batchelor was born on 7 March 1903 in Rose Park, South Australia. She was the daughter of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster.

George Thomas Batchelor

(1905 - 15 February 1994)
     George Thomas Batchelor was born in 1905 in Maffra, Victoria.
     George Thomas Batchelor married Vera May Fox, daughter of Marjoram Fox and Annie Maria Miller, in 1932 in Victoria.
     George died on 15 February 1994 in Victoria.

Child of George Thomas Batchelor and Vera May Fox

Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor

(circa 1863 - 17 September 1939)
     Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor was born circa 1863.
     Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor married Amy Catherine Dempster, daughter of James Edwin Dempster and Matilda Caroline Humberstone, on 19 January 1884 in the residence of Rev A Turnbull, Adelaide, South Australia.
     Henry died on 17 September 1939 in Gilberton, South Australia.

Children of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster

Maud Gladys Batchelor

(1 March 1885 - )
     Maud Gladys Batchelor was born on 1 March 1885 in Queenstown, South Australia. She was the daughter of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster.
     Maud Gladys Batchelor married William Henry Smith in 1912 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Raymond Marjoram Batchelor

(circa 1938 - 1944)
     Raymond Marjoram Batchelor was born circa 1938. He was the son of George Thomas Batchelor and Vera May Fox.
     Raymond died in 1944 in Sale, Victoria.

Rehema Lilian Batchelor

(18 June 1890 - )
     Rehema Lilian Batchelor was born on 18 June 1890 in Scarborough, South Australia. She was the daughter of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster.

William Henry Edwin Cyril Batchelor

(6 August 1892 - 6 May 1917)
     William Henry Edwin Cyril Batchelor was born on 6 August 1892 in Semaphore, South Australia. He was the son of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster.
     William died on 6 May 1917 in Gilberton, South Australia, aged 24.

(?) Bate

Children of (?) Bate