Tempest Margaret Hughes

(20 August 1780 - 25 April 1857)
     Tempest Margaret Hughes was born on 20 August 1780 in St Marylebone, Westminster, England. She was the daughter of Simon Hughes and Isabella Marshall. Tempest Margaret Hughes was christened on 25 September 1780 in St Marylebone.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes married John Paul, son of John Paul, on 21 December 1798 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey.
     She was a much travelled lady as she in Sydney in Dec 1821, proved her father's will in Feb 1822 and in London to witness daughter Isabella's wedding to Isaac Bird in March 1822 with her husband; both in Tasmania on the William Shand in Sep 1822 and then back to NSW by Oct 1823 to witness the marriage of son George William to Sarah Dalton in Sydney. In Oct 1827 witnessed marriage of John jr. & Mary Bowen in Sydney. She was not listed in the 1828 census.
     Memorial to the Governor Dec 1821 from Macquarie Place Sydney. "I trust you will excuse the liberty I have taken in addressing you, but having had the honour of an Interview with you when in England respecting a son of mine, who afterwards came out with letters from Lord Hill - and who I found on my arrival in this Colony which was a fortnight ago, as holding a situation in Carters Barracks - I think? beg to be allowed to return you my sincere thanks for the early provision which was made for him and trust he will ever continue to merit your high favour and patronage.
I have another son which with my husband, constitutes the whole of my family. The former is a youth of stout moral caracter (sic), a good scholar, and excellent disposition and should feel highly honoured by your allowing me to introduce him to your notice. I could have had letters from several persons of high Credit in England but did not think it necessary to trouble you with them. I was at Hawkstone for a fortnight previous to my leaving England and have the pleasure to say Sir John Hill, Lord Hill and the whole family were well. I have taken a House in Macquarie Place for a Boarding House to be conducted upon the most respectable plan, and trust by strict attention to merit the patronage of the Most distinguished in this Colony. Apologies for thus intruding on your time, I remain your most obedient and very humble servt Tempest Margaret Paul .
I beg leave to state our motive for coming to this colony, was with a view to alleviate the mind of Mr Paul - who was labouring under great depression of spirits occasioned by the loss of a lovely girl 15 years of age and who was advised to travel
     Tempest Margaret Hughes arrived per "Minstrel" in December 1821 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
     In Simon Hughes's will dated 22 December 1821 in Hawkstone, Hodnet, Shropshire, Tempest Margaret Hughes was named as executrix of the estate; William Simon Hughes otherwise Simon Hughes, butler to Sir John Hill of Hawkstone in the parish of Hodnett, Shropshire. He mentions his daughter Tempest Margaret Paul and her husband John and grandsons George & John Paul and granddaughter Tempest Paul along with his niece Mary Blount, and her daughter Sarah Blount and 3 nephews John, Francis & Simon Barton and their mother ... John & Mary Barton. Charles James Blount to be executor with Tempest Margaret & her husband John Paul. Hawkestone Hall is now a Catholic Redemptionist Pastoral Centre. She was an executor of Simon Hughes's estate in 1822. The estate of Wm Simon Hughes, executor Tempest Margt Paul, 386 Strand, & 2? others paid death duties. Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul witnessed Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul's wedding on 31 March 1822 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey, England.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes arrived per "William Shand" on 19 August 1822 at Hobart, Tasmania.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul were recorded in December 1822 census in Tasmania. John & Margaret M Paul were listed in the 1822 Tasmanian muster, came free, William Shand 1822 with 1 male child - William. (However his son John said he came on the William Shand in 1822 in the 1828 census). Tempest Margaret Hughes witnessed George William Paul and Sarah Jane Dalton's wedding on 30 October 1823 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     See http://sydney.edu.au/paradisec/australharmony/paul-tempest-currency-lasses.php for information on her musical publications, etc.Tempest Margaret Paul, the wife of the merchant John Paul, was the leading female amateur singer on several programs in the colony's inaugural subscription concert season, the Sydney Amateur Concerts, held from June 1826 to January 1827. As well as singing in duets and glees, she was also soprano soloist, accompanying herself on the piano, most notably in Arne's bravura The soldier tir'd, and in the first Australian public performances of that only relatively recent London hit, Home, sweet home. Her two sons also participated in the concerts, both as committee members and performers, John as a tenor (viola) player in the orchestra, and George as a vocalist in several comic songs. Kavanagh and Sippe, the band masters of the 3rd and 57th, were among several key professionals involved in the organisation of the series, providing members of their bands for orchestral and vocal items, and themselves appearing as soloists and - in one instance each - also as composers.. Tempest Margaret Hughes witnessed John Paul and Mary Esther Bowen's wedding on 6 October 1827 in St James, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul were on the passenger list of the "Surry", arriving at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 21 August 1831. They departed 12 Feb from England & Hobart Town as cabin passengers: Mr J Paul, England, settler, England, Mrs Paul ditto. It was a schooner of 340 tons, 20 men.
     The Dictionary of Sydney states: Mrs John Paul, by Graeme Skinner, 2008
The existence of the woman who was quite possibly Sydney's first recorded composer is attested to in The Sydney Gazette for 1 March 1836
. Reporting on a concert by the newly arrived Irish musical virtuoso William Vincent Wallace, the Gazette noted that Wallace concluded his program by inviting members of the audience to submit tunes, one of which he selected and added 'some extemporaneous variations' of his own. According to the Gazette, the item in question was the song 'Currency Lasses (as composed by our talented towns lady, Mrs John Paul senior).' [1]
One version of the words of the song, printed in 1832, includes the following chorus: [2]
The Currency Lads can fill up their glasses
And drink to the health of the Currency Lasses
The Lass I adore; the one for me
Is the lass of the Female Factory
Whether these were the words of Mrs Paul's song is not known. Nor is there any known record of the tune ascribed to her, though some vestige of it may survive in the setting published by Isaac Nathan in London in 1846. Edward Geoghegan was also author and possibly composer of the musical play or operetta The Currency Lass, or My Native Girl (he himself later described it as an 'original 2 act opera'), first performed at the Royal Victoria Theatre, Sydney on 27 May 1844.
James Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia (11)', The Canon, vol 4 no 5, November 1951, pp 152–56
Notes: [1] The Sydney Gazette, 1 March 1836, p 3; James Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia (11)', The Canon, vol 4 no 5, November 1951, pp 155–156
[2] Tony Rayner, Female Factory, Female Convicts, Esperance Press, Dover Tasmania, p v.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul were on the passenger list of the "Spartan", arriving at London, England, after April 1837. They departed Sydney 30 March 1837.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul appeared on the 1841 census in Kennington Green, Lambeth, Surrey. John Paul 60, Tempest Paul 60, Tempest (male) 17, Margaret 15, Elizabeth Mitchell, 20, female servant, Ellen Holmes? 20, female servant; none born in the county except the last servant.
     Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul were recorded on the 1851 census in 4 Manchester Street, Brighton, Sussex, England. Head William & Lucy Wick... visitors ... John Paul, aged 77, gentleman, born Wakefield, Yorkshire; Tempest Paul aged 70, born St Marylebone, Middlesex. 8 visitors plus servants - presumably a lodging house. Tempest is described as a gentleman and her age is in the male column.
     In John Paul's will dated 13 June 1851 in Brighton, Sussex, Tempest Margaret Hughes was named as heir; This is the last will & testament of me John Paul formerly of Sydney NSW but now of Brighton in the county of Sussex I give and bequeath to Daniel Cooper of P..land Place Clapham Road? in the county of Surrey Esquire and Thomas Walker of Sydney aforesaid merchant my trustees ... after the sum of thirty pounds each and I give and bequeath to my dear wife Tempest Margaret Paull all the rest, residue and remainder of my personal property and estate of every kind and description whatsoever in England which I may die possessed of interested in or entitled unto for her own absolute use and ..... .... as to the sum of two thousand pounds sterling part of the last ... residuary personal estate and I give and bequeath the interest of such two thousand pounds to her for her life and from and after her decease I give & bequeath the said two thousand pounds to my grand daughter Margaret Lambert wife of William Blake Lambert of Her Majesty's Dockyard at Portsmouth
I give devise & bequeath to the said Daniel Cooper and Thomas Walker all and singular my messuages or tenements Lands & Hereditaments whatsoever situate in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW aforesaid and also my Bank Stock and other personal estate in NSW to hold the same unto them their heirs executor administrators and assigns upon trust that they the said Daniel Cooper and Thomas Walker and the survivor of them his heirs etc. do and shall pay the rents issues dividends interest and profits of the same messuages, etc. as they shall be from time to time received unto my said dear wife for and during the term of her natural life and from and after her decease I give & bequeath to Sarah widow of my late son George William Paull the sum of five hundred pounds sterling and to Mary widow of my late son John Paul the sum of five hundred pounds sterling and I trust that these two last mentioned legacies will be realized by the proceeds of my Bank shares in NSW and the money which may be in the hands of my agents Messieurs Walker & Company of Sydney but in case there .... shall be insufficient to a.... the same two legacies then I direct each deficiency to be made up out of the proceeds of my real estate ...t hereinafter directed to be sold and my will is that such two legacies should be paid as soon as possible after my wife's decease and I direct that my said trustees and the survivor of them his heirs and assigns do and shall as soon after her decease as they or he shall in their discretion judge the most desirable opportunities sell and dispose of all and singular my aforesaid messuages etc. ... or in parcels by public auction or private contract unto any person or persons who shall be willing to ... the purchase or purchases thereof for the most money that can be reasonably had or gotten for the same and shall and do make and execute all such conveyances and assurances as shall be requisite & necessary to effectuate such sale or sales
And I do hereby declare that the .....ts of my said trustees shall be good & valid discharges for the same to be ... ... and that it shall ... be ... for the app... ... of the purchase money.... I do hereby direct that my said trustees etc. shall & to stand possessed of the monies to ... deductions as aforesaid / and also of the ... & profits of my aforesaid ... of the proceeds of bank stock & the personal estate in NSW ion case the same shall be more than sufficient to a... the aforesaid legacies of five hundred pounds & 500 pounds upon trust in the first place to pay to my grandson John Bird of Sydney aforesaid the sum of 150 pounds & to divide the residue per capita and not per st.....s equally between and amongst all the children of my late daughter Isabella Tempest Rich by her first husband Isaac Bird and of my late sons George William Paul & John Paul except my granddaughter Margaret Lambert whom I have otherwise provided for by this my will and my granddaughter Tempest Jane Tindall wife of John Tindall of Penrith in NSW who will I have no doubt be provided for by her worthy husband and I appoint my said dear wife and the said Daniel Cooper & Thomas Walker Executrix & executors of this my will and in the event of my dear wife's decease before my grandson John Bird then I appoint my said grandson an executor of this my will. In witness ....13th June 1851. John Paul. J B Bullock 51 Lincolns Inn Fields, P J Powell, clerk.

     Tempest Margaret Hughes made a will dated 22 November 1855 in Regents Park, Millbrook, Hampshire. This is the last will & testament of me Margaret Tempest Paul of Regents Park in the parish of Millbrook co. Southampton widow I bequeath to my granddaughter Sarah Charlotte the wife of Charles Capon Durham my gold .......ing brooch my diamond .........ring my pearl and emerald ring and my gold diamond and emerald ring.
I give to William Blake Lambert the husband of my grandaughter Margaret Isabella Lambert, all the wearing apparel and all the plate and plated goods and the ....... jewellery, trinkets and and ornaments of the person ........... disposed of ... respectively I shall be possessed
I give to each of my friends the said Charles Capon Durham, William Clarke Esquire and Fanny Harrer? widow ten pounds for a mourning ring I give the following other percuniary legacies.
To my granddaughter the said Sarah Charlotte Durham three hundred and fifty pounds to Tempest Isabella Lambert the daughter of the said Margaret Isabella Lambert two hundred pounds which two legacies shall be paid free from legacy duty which duty shall be paid out of my residuary personal estate to my friend S..... Richard Withers fifty pounds to Archibald Walker of number 10 Bishopgate Street .. .. Esquire and Charlotte Dalton of Sydney NSW spinster nineteen pounds nineteen shillings ... ...... Neagle widow if she shall survive me but if not to her son William Neagle one hundred and fifty pounds
I give all my real estate and all the residue of my personal estate unto the said William Blake Lambert his heirs executors and administrators absolutely I appoint the said William Blake Lambert and Archibald Walker executors of my will .. ... whereof I have set my hand and seal 22 Nov 1855 T M Paul. Witness Thomas Goaser solicitor Southampton, A.B. Rundell, J. Bloomfield his clerks. Marginal entry: my gold watch and chain I give to my said granddaughter Margaret Isabella. 1855? Hanover Lodge Shirley Hampshire.

     Tempest died of asthenic broncho-pneumonia & decay on 25 April 1857 in Regents Park, Millbrook, HAM, aged 76. On the 25th inst., at Kelstone, Millbrook, Southamton, Mrs Tempest Margaret Paul, relict of the late John Paul, Esq., formerly of Sydney, New South Wales, aged 76.
     Her will was proved on 15 May 1857 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Tempest Margaret Hughes and John Paul

Isabella Tempest Paul

(27 July 1801 - 20 April 1847)
     Isabella Tempest Paul was born on 27 July 1801 in Westminster, London, England. She was the daughter of John Paul and Tempest Margaret Hughes. Isabella Tempest Paul was christened on 6 April 1806 in St James, Piccadilly, Westminster. Isabella Tempest Paul, daughter of John & Margaret Tempest, (born) 27 July 1801.
     Isabella Tempest Paul married Isaac Bird on 31 March 1822 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey, England.
     Isabella Tempest Paul and Isaac Bird arrived per "Gulnare" on 21 March 1833 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Isaac Bird, merchant and Isabella his wife, with 2 daughters and 2 sons under 12, departed London 25 October 1832 for Sydney via Hobart as cabin passengers, their son Alfred Paul being born en route 15 Jan 1833 at the Isle de St Paul.
     Isabella Tempest Paul and Isaac Bird lived at 2 Liverpool St, Hyde Park, Sydney, 22 March 1837. In Dec 1837 he had two assigned convicts: Mary Nicholls aged 23 7 William Swaube aged 30.
     John Rich married secondly Isabella Tempest Paul on 26 November 1839 in St Lawrence, Sydney. By special licence on the 21st instant at St Lawrence church by the Rev W H Walsh, Mr Rich to Isabella Tempest, relict of Mr Isaac Bird.
     Isabella died on 20 April 1847 in Fitzroy Crescent, Hobart, Tasmania, aged 45. She left a 10 day old son.
     Isabella Tempest Paul was mentioned as being deceased in the will of John Paul dated 13 June 1851.
     She was mentioned in her father's will dated 13 June 1851 as his "late daughter". Her children were not mentioned in her mother's will of 1855.

Children of Isabella Tempest Paul and Isaac Bird

Children of Isabella Tempest Paul and John Rich

Isabella Tempest Bird

(30 September 1825 - 11 October 1922)
Isabella Tempest Bird (Rich), c. 1900
     Isabella Tempest Bird was born on 30 September 1825 in Great Queen Street, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, England. She was the daughter of Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul. Isabella Tempest Bird was christened on 28 October 1825 in St Pancras Old Church, Middlesex.
     Isabella Tempest Bird and John Fairburn Isaac Bird, Rosalie Bird, William Henry Bird and Alfred Paul Bird arrived with Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul on 21 March 1833 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Isabella Tempest Bird and Rosalie Bird were on the passenger list of the "Emma", arriving at Sydney, New South Wales, on 20 January 1849. The brig "Emma" departed Hobart Town 14 July, carrying cabin passengers: Miss Bird, Miss Rosalie Bird, Miss A Bird, Miss Mary Rich, Master Harry Rich, arriving at Sydney from Hobart Town.
     Isabella Tempest Bird married Rev Charles Hamor Rich, son of John Rich and Maria Mackglew, on 21 April 1853 in Holy Trinity (Garrison) church, Sydney, New South Wales. On the 21st instant, at Holy Trinity Church, by the Rev. J C Grylls, Mr Charles Hamor Rich, to Isabella Tempest, daughter of the late Isaac Bird, Esq.. Isabella Tempest Bird was widowed on 25 July 1901 on the death of her husband Rev Charles Hamor Rich.
     Isabella was registered as Isabella Tempest Rich, domestic duties at Heulby's, Ocean St, Edgecliffe, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     Isabella died of pneumonia on 11 October 1922 in 'Orielton', Ocean St, Woollahra, New South Wales, aged 97. RICH.- October 11, at her residence, Orielton, Woollahra, Isabella Tempest, relict of the late Rev Canon Charles H Rich, aged 96. By request, no flowers. She was buried on 12 October 1922 in Waverley, Church of England section of the cemetery, Bronte.

Children of Isabella Tempest Bird and Rev Charles Hamor Rich