Unknown Palmer or Pammer

     Unknown Palmer or Pammer was born in England.
     1641 Protestation return Yaxley: Thomas Pallmer, Richard Palmer, John Palmer jr., Richard Palmer, Nicholas Palmer, Willyam Palmer, Thomas Palmer snr., John Palmer snr.
     Unknown Palmer or Pammer married Mary Bowker, daughter of William? Bowker and Ann Unknown.

Margaret Johnston

(before 1779 - before 1811)
     Margaret Johnston was born before 1779 in England.
     Margaret Johnston married Thomas Dawson Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Elizabeth Dawson, on 30 May 1801 in St Pancras, London. They were both of this parish, the witnesses were James & Maria Newton.
     Margaret died before 1811.

Lt Robert Popplewell Steer

(31 December 1781 - 23 September 1826)
     Lt Robert Popplewell Steer was born on 31 December 1781 in London. He was the son of Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer and Frances Steer. Lt Robert Popplewell Steer was christened on 12 April 1782 in St Mary Aldermanbury, London. Robert Popplewell, son of Richard Ryther Popplewell & Frances Steer. Born Dec 31st 1781, bapt April 12th 1782. He was educated in 1794 in Scotter, Lincolnshire. Steer's son was schooled at Scotter by F Smith 1794.
     He served Robert Popplewell Steer, to be Ensign inthe 58th regiment of foot 2 Sep 1799. Became Lieutenant in the 58th Regiment. He served in the Nile Campaign 1801, and received a gold medal.
     A marriage settlement between Lt Robert Popplewell Steer and Elizabeth Denny was made between 4 February 1806 and May 1809 in Churchill, Kerry, Ireland. 4 Feb 1806: Articles of agreement prior to marriage settlement of Robert Popplewell Steer esq. now of Churchill co. Kerry and Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Maynard Denny of Churchill.
18 & 19 May 1809: Mr & Mrs Steer's settlement (lands in Belton parish). Endorsed: Appointment of new trustees 1826
     Lt Robert Popplewell Steer married Elizabeth Denny, daughter of Rev Maynard Denny, after February 1806.
     At Lincolnshire Archives there is a survey of the esate at Belton, the property of R R P Steer, esq, taken in 1813. Lt Robert Popplewell Steer was a subscriber to the volume "Old John's tale" published in 1819 in Doncaster, Yorkshire. She wrote "Old John's tale, or half an hours amusement to the not too difficult to please, an irregular poem by a lady, cheerfully dedicated to the good- natured" London: printed by S McDonell, Lombard St for the author and published by B Bisby & M Simpson, Doncaster, 1819. A copy in the Mitchell Library, NSW [from the collection of David Scott Mitchell] has the inscription: Mary Elizabeth Bingle - from the author 1859. Some of the presumed relatives were subscribers to the volume: Dr Best, Capt Best and Miss Best, all of Bulwell; Mr, Mrs & Miss Robinson of Winthorpe House, Dr Robinson, Mrs Robinson & Mr R Robinson of Doncaster, Mrs Robinson of Stoke Golding, Miss Robinson of Blencogo, Mr F Robinson of Nottingham & Mrs S Robinson of Bulwell; Mr & Mrs Steer of Doncaster and Miss Stanser of Doncaster.
     21 Oct 1819: Admission of William P B Johnson esq., Robert Popplewell Steer and Revd Thomas Skipworth, following the surrender of William P B Johnson.
     Documents re R P Steer, financial affairs 1820-24 relating to increasing financial difficulties culminating in imprisonment for debt of Rob P Steer of Doncaster. W P B Johnson was appointed as receiver of Steer's estate May-Aug 1824.
     Robert died on 23 September 1826 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, aged 44. Memorial in Belton church: Sacred to the memory of Robt Popplewell Steer, esquire, of Doncaster, in the county of York, who departed this life, on the 23rd day of September in the year of our Lord 1826, aged 45 years, and whose remains lie interred near to this monument. "He was an amiable man in private life, and distinguished as a kind husband, and affectionate father, and a sincere friend".
     The sale of Sandtoft Grove in 1828 may have been part of the settlement of his debts.. He was buried on 28 September 1826 in Belton. A memorial at Belton Church on his daughters grave - remains near to monument, says of Belton.

Children of Lt Robert Popplewell Steer and Elizabeth Denny