Elizabeth Denny

(circa 1785? - )
     Elizabeth Denny was born circa 1785? In Offaly, Ireland. She was the daughter of the Rev. Denny. She was the daughter of Rev Maynard Denny.
     A marriage settlement between Elizabeth Denny and Lt Robert Popplewell Steer was made between 4 February 1806 and May 1809 in Churchill, Kerry, Ireland. 4 Feb 1806: Articles of agreement prior to marriage settlement of Robert Popplewell Steer esq. now of Churchill co. Kerry and Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Maynard Denny of Churchill.
18 & 19 May 1809: Mr & Mrs Steer's settlement (lands in Belton parish). Endorsed: Appointment of new trustees 1826
     Elizabeth Denny married Lt Robert Popplewell Steer, son of Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer and Frances Steer, after February 1806. Elizabeth Denny was a subscriber to the volume "Old John's tale" published in 1819 in Doncaster, Yorkshire. She wrote "Old John's tale, or half an hours amusement to the not too difficult to please, an irregular poem by a lady, cheerfully dedicated to the good- natured" London: printed by S McDonell, Lombard St for the author and published by B Bisby & M Simpson, Doncaster, 1819. A copy in the Mitchell Library, NSW [from the collection of David Scott Mitchell] has the inscription: Mary Elizabeth Bingle - from the author 1859. Some of the presumed relatives were subscribers to the volume: Dr Best, Capt Best and Miss Best, all of Bulwell; Mr, Mrs & Miss Robinson of Winthorpe House, Dr Robinson, Mrs Robinson & Mr R Robinson of Doncaster, Mrs Robinson of Stoke Golding, Miss Robinson of Blencogo, Mr F Robinson of Nottingham & Mrs S Robinson of Bulwell; Mr & Mrs Steer of Doncaster and Miss Stanser of Doncaster.
     In the 1851 census Elizabeth Denny was living in the household of her son-in-law Rev John Denne Hilton in 10 Croft, Hastings, St Clement, Sussex.
     Her will was proved. Probate will of Mrs Elizabeth Steer of Sandtoft Grove?

Children of Elizabeth Denny and Lt Robert Popplewell Steer

Frances Catherine Steer

(before 31 December 1783 - before 1843)
     Frances Catherine Steer was born before 31 December 1783 in 'Sandtoft Grove', Belton, Lincolnshire. She was christened on 31 December 1783 in Belton. She was the daughter of Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer and Frances Steer.
     Frances Catherine Steer and Lt William Shaw obtained a marriage licence on 20 January 1809.
     Frances Catherine Steer married Lt William Shaw on 23 January 1809 in St George, Hanover Square, London. Alexander Johnson & Sophia Ann Steer were witnesses but she has not yet been identified.
     Wiliam Highley wrote on the Steer Mailing list:
William and Ann's son Charles William (1758-1810) of Devonshire Square London and of Chichester married Mary Wood from Jamaica and it is several of their children who have a slight West Country/ Isle of Wight connection.They are as follows:
Lt.Col. William Frederick Steer (1789-1871) after retiring from the Indian Army came back firstly to St Hellier Jersey before moving with his family to Cornwall and died at Marazion.
Another of their sons Charles William (who was to married to Jane Woodburn Watson) also moved to Devon/Somerset. Charles William who was a judge in Bengal, India is a bit of a mystery. It appears he was dismissed for corruption in 1841.It also appears than on the birth records of one of his children, Charles Rattray Hall Steer, he is down as Charles Wright Steer instead of Charles William Steer.It might just be a misprint though. However he and his wife Jane retired to Devon/Somerset living at a place called Springlawn, Heavitree*, Exeter and they also lived in Bath. Charles William was living on the 1881 census in Gay Street in the parish of Walcot Trinity.Also I have just found an Email from someone I was in contact with re. the Watson family who married into the Steer family saying that he had some "late 19th cent. notes made by a family member mentioning that Jane married Major Steer and had several children.Some of his family lived in Somersetshire where Charles Steer had a small estate." I have no knowledge of Charles William Steer being a Major so I am not exactly sure who they are. While we are on this generation there is a daughter who has an even more tenuous connection to your William Shaw re his French connection. You mentioned in your email that William lived in France. Frances Steer (1795-1869) who was sister to Charles William and William Frederick died in Lyons, France in 1869. Whether she went there on a regular basis I don't know.She was first married to Augustus Frederick Keppel 5th Earl of Albemarle and after his death married the Hon: Peregrine Francis Cust. She certainly had the wherewithal to go to France on a regular basis having inherited a share of a family trust.

The Heavitree* connection is quite interesting as I mentioned in an earlier email to you that there was an army barracks there. My great Grandmother Sophia Jane Steer was born in 1844 at Exeter. Her mother Sarah Jane Steer nee Baldwin who was married to my Great Grandfather Sullivan Harington Steer might well have come back from India for the birth to stay with her in-laws Charles and Jane Steer at Spring Lawns, Heavitree. Exeter. On her birth certificate it states that Lt Sullivan Harington Steer was present.He therefore also must have come back from India.It also might interest you to know that I believe his sister Susan Mainwaring Steer's husband Col:Frederick Nicholas Miles had been stationed at the Heavitree Barracks at one stage. On the 1881 census though he had retired and was living at St Hellier,Jersey.

You also mentioned a connection to the Isle of Wight. Again there is a rather distant one but in comes from Mary Steer who was sister to Charles William, William Frederick and Frances Steer. She married James Vine of Puckaster, Isle of Wight. I believe it is in the south of the Island. I have found 2 children for them.Their daughter Frances Augusta married Alexander Mitchell- Innes whose family came from Ayton, Berwickshire. They also had a son General Vine who at his death in 1892 was living at South Cliffe, Niton, Isle of Wight.
     Frances died before 1843 in France.

Children of Frances Catherine Steer and Lt William Shaw

Lt William Shaw

(circa 1780? - )
     Lt William Shaw was born circa 1780?.
     He served as a Captain in the Bombay Army in India. As a Lieutenant he was attached to the Marine Battallion of the Bombay Military Establishment. He first appears as Lieut there in 1804, 1808-14, on leave (still Lieut) then having been absent on leave "for over 2.5 years" he is struck off. No service record has survived.
     Lt William Shaw and Frances Catherine Steer obtained a marriage licence on 20 January 1809.
     Lt William Shaw married Frances Catherine Steer, daughter of Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer and Frances Steer, on 23 January 1809 in St George, Hanover Square, London. Alexander Johnson & Sophia Ann Steer were witnesses but she has not yet been identified.
     Di Comley wrote: I am a descendant of William Shaw who married Frances Catherine Steer in 1809, but not a descendant of Frances.
William's life between 1808 and 1845, when my Great-grandmother was born near Plymouth, has until now been a blank for me ... Circa 1843 William married Augusta Sophia Willoughby WATT who had been born near Caen in France and probably lived there until after her father's death in 1842. John Willoughby Watt had been a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and after gaining his commission immediately went on half-pay, married Mary Georgiana LORIOT and went to live at Allemagne (now called Fleury-sur-Orne) together with Mary's father who had been born in Caen.
I haven't been able to find William and Augusta's marriage record in England or in Fleury or Caen but, judging by the information on your tree about Frances and their daughter dying in France, perhaps they were married in France, after all.
William and Augusta had 2 children, Augusta Sophia and William Willoughby, in Tamerton-Foliott, Devon and migrated to Australia in 1851. Before they left they appear on the 1851 census - William as having independent means and Augusta as teacher of languages. William was the Ship's schoolmaster on the voyage out and Augusta the Ship's Matron. Once out here she worked for 1 year as a teacher before dying aged only 31 while William worked for many years as the Clerk of the Court at Willunga in Sth Aust. He died aged 87 years in Adelaide having seen both children marry and their first 4 children born

Children of Lt William Shaw and Frances Catherine Steer