Susannah Becher

(6 March 1688 - 1738)
     Susannah Becher was born on 6 March 1688 in Cork, Ireland. She was the daughter of Thomas Becher (2640-1709) and Elizabeth Turner (c 1650-1720). She was the daughter of Thomas Becher and Elizabeth Turner.
     Susannah Becher married Thomas Hungerford, son of Col Richard Hungerford and Mary Moore, in 1709 in Ireland. She married Samuel Jervois in 1719 after Thomas's death.
     Susannah died in 1738 in Ireland.

Children of Susannah Becher and Thomas Hungerford

Thomas Becher

(1640 - 1709)
     Thomas Becher was born in 1640.
     Thomas Becher married Elizabeth Turner.
     Thomas died in 1709.
     More information about Thomas Becher may be found at Jenny Stiles' website at:

Children of Thomas Becher and Elizabeth Turner

Isabel Laura Beck

     Isabel Laura Beck married Reginald Tulloch Rout, son of William Charles Rout and Jessie Isabelle Tullock, in 1931 in Victoria.

Sarah Beck

(before April 1813 - )
     Sarah Beck was born before April 1813 in Annesley, Nottinghamshire.
     Sarah Beck married William Stanser, son of John Stanser and Ann Wyles, on 22 July 1847 in All Saints, Annesley, Nottinghamshire. He was of North Luffenham, bachelor and she was of Annesley, spinster.
     Sarah Beck and William Stanser appeared on the 1861 census in North Luffenham, Rutland. Wililam Stancer, head, 53, groom, born Ketton, Rutland and his wife Sarah aged 48, born Annsley, Notts.
     Sarah Beck and William Stanser appeared on the 1871 census in North Luffenham. William Stancer, head, aged 63, retired servant, born Ketton, Rutland; his wife Sarah aged 58, born Armsley, Notts.
     Sarah Beck and William Stanser appeared on the 1881 census in North Luffenham. William Stancer, 73, born Ketton, Rutland, head, retired servant with his wife Sarah, 68, born Annesley, Nottingham. Sarah Beck was buried in North Luffenham. She may be the Sarah Stancer aged 85 who died in the March quarter of 1898 in the Uppingham RD.
     Sarah died in North Luffenham, Rutland.

Children of Sarah Beck and William Stanser

Thomas Beckford

(say 1640 - before 17 December 1675)
     Thomas Beckford was born say 1640.
     Thomas Beckford married Susanna Barrett or Basser on 5 July 1665 in St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent, England.
     Thomas Beckford made a will dated 14 December 1675 in Deptford, Kent. Memorandum that on or about the 14 Dec 1675 Thomas Beckford late of the parisdh fo Deptford in the county of Kenet deceased being then of perfect mind and memory did make and declare hislast will and testament nuncupative or by word of mouth in manner and forme following vzi. Speaking to Susana Beckford his wife who was then crying and grieving herselft to see him ill Then said my Deare doe not vex or trouble thy self For I give thee al lthat I have in this world whch words or words to the same effect he the said deceased uttered and spake with an intent and purpose that they should stand for and be his last will and testament in the presence and hearing of Rebcca White and Jane Clapp.
     Thomas died before 17 December 1675 in Deptford, Kent, England. He was buried on 17 December 1675 in St Nicholas, Deptford.
     His will was proved on 3 January 1675/76 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Issued forth a commission to Susanna Beckford relict and universal legatrix of the nuncupative will of Thomas Beckford deceased to administer the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased according to the tenor and effect of his will (because no executor is nominated).

Alice Beconsai

     Alice Beconsai married Rowland Bulkeley (of Beaumaris & Cheadle), son of William Bulkeley Constable of Beaumaris Castle and Ellin Gwylim ap Griffith. She was the daughter of William Beconsia of Beconsai.

Elizabeth Bedwell

(before 1710 - before 22 February 1780)
     Elizabeth Bedwell was born before 1710.
     Elizabeth Bedwell married Peter Cocksedge, son of Peter Cocksedge and Elizabeth Ball or Balls, on 5 March 1729 in Old Newton, Suffolk. The allegation for a marriage licence in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury shows Peter Cocksedge, of Felsham & Ellizh Bedwell, of Old Newton, single woman, at Old Newton, 4 March 1729.
     Elizabeth died before 22 February 1780 in Felsham, Suffolk. She was buried on 22 February 1780 in Felsham.

Children of Elizabeth Bedwell and Peter Cocksedge

Elizabeth Beer

(circa 1789 - September 1873)
     Elizabeth Beer was also known as Bier in records. She was born circa 1789 in Rattlesden, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Beer married Thomas Dykes, son of Thomas Dykes and Mary Offord, on 27 December 1807 in Rattlesden, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Beer and Thomas Dykes appeared on the 1841 census in Buxhall, Suffolk. Thomas Dykes 50, ag lab, his wife Elizabeth Dykes 50, Anna Dykes 15, Eliza Dykes 15, John Dykes 14, Rebecca Dykes 11, all born in the county.
     Elizabeth Beer and Thomas Dykes were recorded on the 1851 census in Brettenham Rd, Buxhall, Suffolk. Thomas Dykes 61, farm labourer, born Buxhall; his wife Elizebeth Dykes 62, born Rattlesden; Elizabeth Dykes 25, unmarried daughter, John Dykes 23 unmarried son, farm labourer, John Dykes 3, grandson, all born at Buxhall.
     Elizabeth Beer and Thomas Dykes appeared on the 1861 census in Buxhall. Thomas Dykes, head, 71, ag labourer, born Buxhall, his wife Elizabeth 72, born Rattlesden.
     Elizabeth Beer appeared on the 1871 census in Gt Finborough. She is possibly the Elizabeth Dykes aged 84, born Felsham in the 1871 census; mother in law to James Jackson and his wife Betsy (who married as Betsey Dykes 2 Feb 1835 at Buxhall).
     Elizabeth's death was possibly registered in the quarter ending in September 1873 in Stow RD, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Beer and Thomas Dykes

Florence Beer

(circa 1864 - )
     Florence Beer was born circa 1864 in Kirby, Essex, England.
     Florence Beer married Arthur Edmond Paul, son of George William Paul and Emily Parkins, on 24 July 1907 in Paddington RD, Middlesex, England.

Child of Florence Beer and Arthur Edmond Paul

Hester or Esther Beesly

(after 1700 - 25 February 1737/38)
     Hester or Esther Beesly was born after 1700 in England.
     Hester or Esther Beesly married Rev Seawell Heatherly, son of William Heatherly, circa 17 October 1727 in London.
     Hester was buried on 25 February 1737/38 in Christ Church, Newgate St, (Greyfriars), London. Mrs Hester Heatherly.

Children of Hester or Esther Beesly and Rev Seawell Heatherly

Catherine Beeston

     Catherine Beeston married William Wentworth, son of Thomas Wentworth and Beatrice Woodroffe, say 1528. She was the daughter of Ralph Beeston of Beeston.

Child of Catherine Beeston and William Wentworth

Joseph Beever

( - before 1790)
     Lydia Rich married secondly Joseph Beever on 21 February 1735/36 in Penistone, Yorkshire. There must be another Lydia.
     Joseph died before 1790.

Helen Wylie Caithness Begg

(circa 1859 - 31 October 1909)
     Helen Wylie Caithness Begg was born circa 1859.
     Helen Wylie Caithness Begg married George Wafford Dempster, son of James Edwin Dempster and Matilda Caroline Humberstone, on 3 December 1878 in St Paul's, Port Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of Capt Wm Begg, of Semaphore.
     Helen died on 31 October 1909 in Port Adelaide, Queenstown, South Australia. She was buried on 1 November 1909 in the Cemetery, Cheltenham, South Australia.
     Her will was proved at South Australia.

Children of Helen Wylie Caithness Begg and George Wafford Dempster

Jane Beggs

(21 July 1903 - )
     Jane died in Utah, USA. She was born on 21 July 1903 in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
     Jane Beggs married Allan Victor Ryther, son of Edward Melville Ryther and Emmeline Bills, on 22 June 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Matilda Beharrell

(circa 1809 - after 1881)
     Matilda Beharrell was born circa 1809 in March, Cambridgeshire.
     Matilda Beharrell married William Burnham, son of John Burnham and Mary Blunt, on 18 May 1830 in St Mary, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.
     Matilda died after 1881.
     Matilda Beharrell appeared on the 1881 census in Peterborough End, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Matilda Burnham aged 72, annuitant (independent) widow, born Floods Ferry March, was head of the household with 2 servants.
     Matilda's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1895 in Whittlesey RD, Cambridgeshire.

Children of Matilda Beharrell and William Burnham

David Belbridge

(before 1910 - )
     David Belbridge was born before 1910 in Queensland, Australia. Master Belbridge was invited to John S Rich's party at Beaman's Cafe 20 Oct 1911.. He was the son of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.
     David died in USA.

Francis William Belbridge

(1865? - 1915)
     Francis William Belbridge was born in 1865? In Queensland?, Australia. He is possibly the un-named male registered in 1865, son of William Charles & Fanny (Adams) Belbridge, but his death states son of Francis & Matilda.
     Francis William Belbridge married Ethel Alice Isobel Radford, daughter of Henry Wyat Moore Radford and Lydia Amelia Lucy Sloan, on 31 August 1889 in Queensland.
     Francis died in 1915 in St Leonards, New South Wales.

Children of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford

Gwendoline C G Belbridge

(circa 1895? - 1930)
     Gwendoline C G Belbridge was born circa 1895?. She was the daughter of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.
     Gwendoline died in 1930 in Woollahra, New South Wales.

Kathleen M Belbridge

(1903 - )
     Kathleen M Belbridge was commonly known as Baby. She was born in 1903 in Dubbo, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.
     Kathleen M Belbridge married Russell S Hicks in 1934 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Lydia E H Belbridge

(1897 - 1972)
     Lydia E H Belbridge was commonly known as Biddy. She was born in 1897 in Inverell, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.
     Lydia died in 1972 in Newtown RD, New South Wales. She died unmarried.

Muriel C F Belbridge

(1900 - )
     Muriel C F Belbridge was born in 1900 in Inverell, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.

Richard L Belbridge

(1892 - 1892)
     Richard died in 1892 in Parramatta, New South Wales. He was born in 1892 in Parramatta, New South Wales. He was the son of Francis William Belbridge and Ethel Alice Isobel Radford.

Annie Bell

( - 1930)
     Annie Bell married John Rubie, son of John Rubie and Amy Robards, in 1874 in Molong, New South Wales.
     Annie died in 1930 in Molong district, New South Wales.

Children of Annie Bell and John Rubie

Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell

(17 April 1892 - )
     Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell married Olaf Kyllo. Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell was born on 17 April 1892 in USA. She was the daughter of Robert Bruce Bell and Margaret Christine Bell.

Children of Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell and Olaf Kyllo

Catherine Bell

(28 January 1877 - 30 September 1961)
     Catherine Bell was born on 28 January 1877. Catherine was a matron.
     Catherine Bell married Dr Cedric Victor Bowker, son of Richard Ryther Steer Bowker and Lydia Frances Phillips, in 1911 in Sydney, New South Wales.
     Catherine died on 30 September 1961 in New South Wales, aged 84.

Children of Catherine Bell and Dr Cedric Victor Bowker

Catherine Ellen Bell

(10 July 1881 - 21 November 1952)
     Catherine Ellen Bell was born on 10 July 1881 in Cassia, Idaho, USA. She was the daughter of John Franklin Bell and Catherine Ross.
     Catherine Ellen Bell married Phillip Goggin on 28 November 1906 in Butte, Montana, USA.
     Catherine died on 21 November 1952 in San Diego, California, USA, aged 71. She was buried in Rose Hills cemetery, Los Angeles.

Children of Catherine Ellen Bell and Phillip Goggin

Florence Bell

(31 March 1894 - 13 September 1960)
     Florence Bell was born on 31 March 1894 in Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
     Florence Bell married George Mackenzie, son of Alexander Holm MacKenzie and Isabella MacKay, on 25 February 1915 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
     Florence died on 13 September 1960 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland, aged 66. She was buried in the Tomnahurich cemetery, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

Harriet Marie Bell

(22 February 1896 - 18 November 1938)
     Harriet Marie Bell was born on 22 February 1896 in Tilden, Idaho, USA. She was the daughter of Robert Bruce Bell and Margaret Christine Bell.
     Harriet Marie Bell married William Henry Ricks on 14 October 1911 in Lewiston, Jefferson County, Montana.
     Harriet died on 18 November 1938 in Couer d'Alene, Kootenai County, Idaho, aged 42.

Children of Harriet Marie Bell and William Henry Ricks

James Bell

     James Bell married Eliza James Bowker, daughter of George Robinson Bowker and Eliza Redmile, on 13 April 1868 in Glenelg, South Australia. BELL- BOWKER. On the 13th April, at Glenelg, by the Rev. Chas. Manthorpe, James, second son of Mr. Joseph Bell, Sturt, to Eliza James, only daughter of Mr. George Robinson Bowker, formerly of Water Newton Lodge, Huntingdonshire, England.

John Franklin Bell

(12 September 1847 - circa 1918)
     John Franklin Bell was born on 12 September 1847 in Norway, La Salle, Illinois, USA. He was the son of Samuel Bell & Ann Jemima Watson Loughrey.
     John Franklin Bell married Catherine Ross, daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal, on 5 July 1874 in Paradise Valley, Humboldt County, California, USA.
     John died circa 1918 in California, USA. He disappeared on the way from the home of Rose May Bell Thomas n California tothat of Cathareine Ellen Bell Goggin in Butte, Montana circa 1918. Some sources say he died in the great influenza epidemic.

Children of John Franklin Bell and Catherine Ross