Nest ferch Madog

     Nest ferch Madog was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Madog ap Cadwgon ap Madog.

Child of Nest ferch Madog

Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley

( - between 31 March 1367 and 1368)
     Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley married Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus as his second wife. James Cummings on Gen-medieval mailing list (27 April 2017) queried: Why do you (DR) believe that Eleanor, widow of Richard Fitz Marmaduke (died 1318 ) married Robert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus rather than a niece ? Jim Weber indicates that she was a daughter of Robert and Mary (Fitz Marmaduke ) Lumley which family had apparently assumed the arms of Fitz Marmaduke. The Seal that Eleanor used in 1332 included four shields, 1 was Umfraville, then Lumley / Fitz marmaduke or maybe Thweng/ the third shield is probably Clare. Isabel de Brus` mother was Isabel de Clare and by 1332 the Brus family was attainted in England so as far the heraldry rolls was concerned the Brus arms had ceased to exist and as the Clares were still much in favor they could have been a substitute. the last last of course was for the family of her current husband.. Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley was born. Burke claims that she was Eleanor, daughter of Roger de Mauduit.. Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley was also known as Elizabeth? Unknown in records.
     Elizabeth died between 31 March 1367 and 1368.

Children of Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley and Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus

Meddyf ferch Maeldaf

     Meddyf ferch Maeldaf married Cadwallon Lawhir ab Einion, son of Einion Yrth ap Cunedda (?) and Prawst f Tidlet Tithlyn Prydyn. Meddyf ferch Maeldaf was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Maeldaf ap Dylan Draws (?).

Child of Meddyf ferch Maeldaf and Cadwallon Lawhir ab Einion

Richard Magill

     Richard Magill married Julia Handy, daughter of William Handy and Margaret Kenny, on 7 February 1923 in RC church, Clara, Offaly.

Eleanor Magner

(1634 - )
     Eleanor Magner married Major Edward Warner, son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton, in Ireland. Eleanor Magner was born in 1634.

Child of Eleanor Magner and Major Edward Warner

Mary Mahoney

     Mary Mahoney was born in Ireland.
     Mary Mahoney married Robert Colbert, son of Robert Colbert and Julia Unknown, before 1857. She married secondly Jeremiah Sullivan when she was 50.

Children of Mary Mahoney and Robert Colbert

Joanna Mahony

(before 1820 - 1888)
     Joanna Mahony was born before 1820 in Cork, Ireland.
     Joanna Mahony married John Colbert (of Dromtarriff), son of Dromtariffe Colbert, circa 1840 in Cork.
     Joanna died in 1888 in Kanturk, Dromtarriff, Cork, Ireland.

Children of Joanna Mahony and John Colbert (of Dromtarriff)

Margaret Mahony

(before 1820 - )
     Margaret Mahony was born before 1820 in Cork, Ireland.
     Margaret Mahony married Timothy Colbert, son of Dromtariffe Colbert, before 1838.

Child of Margaret Mahony and Timothy Colbert

Roy Clarence Mahony

(21 August 1910 - )
     Roy Clarence Mahony was born on 21 August 1910 in Coulta, South Australia. He was the son of William Mahony and Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert.

Thomas Sylvester Mahony

(23 April 1912 - )
     Thomas Sylvester Mahony was born on 23 April 1912 in Port Lincoln, South Australia. He was the son of William Mahony and Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert.

William Mahony

Children of William Mahony and Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert

Thomas Maidwell or Mendnol

(circa 1795 - )
     Thomas Maidwell or Mendnol was born circa 1795.
     Thomas Maidwell or Mendnol married Ann Noble, daughter of John Noble and Elizabeth Watson, on 20 March 1824 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Emma Maidwell

     The marriage of Emma Maidwell and Henry Freeman Bullett, son of Anna Bullett, was registered in Thingoe RD, Suffolk, in the March 1887 quarter.
     Emma Maidwell and Henry Freeman Bullett appeared on the 1901 census in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. Henry Bullett, aged 39, born & residing at Bradfield St George, farm labourer, Emma his wife, 41, William 13, Ethel 11, Eva 9, Beatrice 6, with three Maidwell visitors; all born at Bradfield St George.

Children of Emma Maidwell and Henry Freeman Bullett

Unknown Maines

     Unknown was a doctor. He was born in Edinburgh or Dumfermline, Scotland.
     Unknown Maines married Emily Jane Towell, daughter of Anson John Towell and Jane Dinah Squirrell.

Sarah Maize (Murray)

(1742 - November 1811)
     Sarah Maize (Murray) was born in 1742.
     George Aust married secondly Sarah Maize (Murray) on 1 November 1803 in St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London. George Aust, Esquire, of the parish of Chelsea, Mdx, a widower, & the Honble Sarah Murray of this parish widow, were married in the house of Sarah Murray by special licence.
Newpapers reported: At Kensington, George Aust, Esq. Chelsea, to Mrs Murray, widow of the Hon. William Murray, brother the Earl of Dunmore.
     Sarah died in November 1811 in 'Noel House', Kensington, Middlesex. Died - on Tuesday last, at Noel-house, Kensington, the Hon Sarah Murray Aust, wife of George Aust, Esq., and formerly widow of the Hon. William Murray, brother of the late Earl of Dunmore. She was buried on 11 November 1811 in Kensington, London . Honorable Sarah Murray Aust, aged 69 years, of this parish, Kensington Rd.

Annie Mary Henrietta Majewski

(1909 - )
     Annie Mary Henrietta Majewski was born in 1909 in Newport, Victoria. She was the daughter of Herman Ludwig Majewski and Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood.

Antonia May Majewski

(1911 - )
     Antonia May Majewski was born in 1911 in Newport, Victoria. She was the daughter of Herman Ludwig Majewski and Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood. Antonia May Majewski was admitted to Queens Memorial Infectious Diseases Hospital, Fairfield, on 9 May 1917 Antonia May Majewski, 5 1/2 of 'Narbethong', 12 Newcasle St, Yarraville.

Herman Ludwig Majewski

     Herman Ludwig Majewski was born in South Australia.
     Herman Ludwig Majewski married Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood, daughter of James John Burns Hurwood and Mary Smith, in 1908 in Williamstown, Victoria.
     Herman and Annie were registered at 10 Newcastle St, Yarraville, on the 1914 electoral roll. He was a labourer.

Children of Herman Ludwig Majewski and Annie Isabella Victoria Hurwood

Ann Major

( - before 21 November 1733)
     Ann Major married Robert Bland, son of Robert Bland and Mary Garnham, circa 29 July 1701. Which was the Robert Bland, weaver of Elmswell who applied for a licence 29 July 1701 to marry Ann Major of Elmswell, widow, at Elmswell, Woolpit or Sapiston?.
     Ann died before 21 November 1733 in Elmswell, Suffolk. She was buried on 21 November 1733 in St John the Divine, Elmswell. Anne, wife of Robert Bland of Elmswell.

Elizabeth Major

(1668 - )
     Elizabeth Major was born in 1668 in Elmswell, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Major married John Seaton, son of Thomas Seaton and Mary Crosse, on 17 October 1688 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. Elizabeth Major was buried on 15 June 1721 in Woolpit.

Children of Elizabeth Major and John Seaton

Ezra Major

(circa 1785? - )
     Ezra Major was born circa 1785? In Owston, Lincolnshire, England.
     Ezra Major married Mary Ann Popplewell, daughter of Glew Popplewell and Susannah Maria Glew, on 26 October 1809 in Owston, LIN, ENG.

Child of Ezra Major and Mary Ann Popplewell

Ezra Major

(before 28 September 1825 - )
     Ezra Major was born before 28 September 1825 in Owston, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of Ezra Major and Mary Ann Popplewell.

John Major

(circa 1707 - )
     John Major was also known as Mayes in records. He was born circa 1707.
     John Major and Gay Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 7 March 1748 in Bury St Edmunds. John Mayer, s.m. 41 years, of Bury St Edmunds & Gay Cocksedge, of Bury St Edmunds, widowe, at St James.
     Gay Cocksedge married secondly John Major on 16 March 1748 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. John Mayes single of St Mary's & Gay Cocksedge, widow of this parish.

Phillippe Malbank

     Phillippe Malbank married Thomas Basset. For further details see

Child of Phillippe Malbank and Thomas Basset

Elspeth Malcolm

     Elspeth Malcolm married Henry or Harry Hooper as his second wife, on 14 May 1725 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Elspeth Malcolm and Henry or Harry Hooper

Jessie Elizabeth Malcolm

( - 1900)
     Jessie Elizabeth Malcolm married Hon Egremont William Lascelles, son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood and Louisa Thynne, in 1856.
     Jessie died in 1900.

Child of Jessie Elizabeth Malcolm and Hon Egremont William Lascelles

May Mary Malcolm

(14 January 1882 - 17 January 1972)
     May Mary Malcolm was born on 14 January 1882 in Hotham, Victoria.
     May Mary Malcolm lived at William Street, Melbourne.
     May was a needleworker.
     May Mary Malcolm married Michael George MacCraith, son of John MacCraith and Ellen McKee Annie Dunbar, on 15 January 1906 in St John's, Melbourne?, Victoria.
     May died of coronary occlusion on 17 January 1972 in 13 Reserve Rd, Beaumaris, Victoria, aged 90. She was cremated on 20 July 1972 in Fawkner Crematorium.

Children of May Mary Malcolm and Michael George MacCraith

Gilbert Malet

( - 1194)
     Gilbert died in 1194.

Child of Gilbert Malet

Hawise Malet

(circa 1200 - after 4 May 1247)
     Hawise Malet was born circa 1200 in Curry Mallet, Somerset. She was co-heir of her father. She was the daughter of Sir William Malet and Alice Basset.
     Hawise Malet married Robert de Muscegros, son of Richard de Muscegros and Alice Dyve, before 11 February 1220/21. Sir Robert and Hawise married between April 1220 and February 1220/1. She was the widow of Hugh Poyntz,of Curry malet, who died bef 4 April 1220.
     Hawise died after 4 May 1247.

Children of Hawise Malet and Robert de Muscegros

Sir William Malet

(circa 1180 - circa 1215)
     He is probably a descendant of William Malet who was High Sheriff of Yorkshire from 1068-9. Although a Norman by birth he may have been grandson of Earl Leofric of Mercia, and he fought at the Battle of Hastings, supposedly being responsible for the burial of King Harold's body. On becoming Sheriff, he received substantial Yorkshire estates to augment his East Anglian lands centred on the manor of Eye, Suffolk. He was almost certainly the rapacious Sheriff criticised for seizing the property of Archbishop Ealdred, and was custodian of York during the attack by Edgar the Aetheling in 1068 and the subsequent 'Harrying of the North'. He seems to have been largely responsible for the fire which practically destroyed York and which allowed Danes to seize the city in September 1069, when he and his family were captured. He was released, but was replaced as Sheriff and had no further connection with Yorkshire. He was briefly Sheriff of Suffolk, and was sent on campaign against Hereward in 1071, but died soon afterwards. He was married to Esilia, dauaghter of Gilbert Crispin, a Norman nobleman, and was succeeded by his son Robert, who became Master Chamberlain to Henry I.
     Sir William Malet married Alice Basset, daughter of Thomas Basset and Phillippe Malbank. She was co-heir of her father, and in her issue sole heir of the barony of Headington, Oxon. Sir William Malet was born circa 1180. There is no clear evidence of his parentage. He was the son of Gilbert Malet.
     William died circa 1215 in Curry Mallet, Somerset.

Child of Sir William Malet and Alice Basset