Alexander MacPherson

(circa May 1815 - )
     Alexander MacPherson was born illegitimate circa May 1815 in Blackhaughs, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of James MacPherson and Jane Grant. Alexander MacPherson was christened in May 1815 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Alexander, son to James McPherson, Blackhaughs by Jane Grant, Inverlochy, his party born and baptised.

Maria Colbert

(circa 1823 - )
     Maria Colbert was born circa 1823 in Offaly, Ireland.
     Maria Colbert arrived per "Constantine" on 1 July 1855 at Adelaide, South Australia.

Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant

(before 1790 - )
     Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant was born before 1790 in Banffshire, Scotland.
     Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant married Alexander MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Janet Riach, before 1807 in Banffshire.

Children of Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant and Alexander MacPherson