John Stuart

     John Stuart was born in Kirkmichael, Banffshire.
     John Stuart married Grace MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson and Mary Grant, on 13 October 1825 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. The OPR lists: John, l.s. of Donald Stuart in Fodderletter & Grace, l.d. of John McPherson in W Fodderletter.
     The RC register of Tomintoul: At Cults, 13 Oct 1825 - John lawful son to Donald Stuart, Old Fodderletter was married to Grace McPherson, lawful daughter to John McPherson, W Fodderletter by Mayria Grant, the 13 Oct 1825 in presence of Donald McPherson and Jas. Stuart.
     John Stuart and Grace MacPherson appeared on the in 1828 'status animarum' in Fodderletter, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. John Stuart, 34 & Grace McPherson com. man & wife with her family. John was a square wright, in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT.
     John Stuart and Grace MacPherson appeared on the in 1836 'status animarum' in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. John Stuart, m. C Grace McPherson m. C.

Children of John Stuart and Grace MacPherson

Edmund Colbert

(between 1811 and 1819 - 24 October 1899)
     Edmund Colbert was also known as Edward in records. He was born between 1811 and 1819 in Waterford, Ireland. He was the son of John Colbert.
     Edmund Colbert married Mary Unknown before 1846 in Waterford.
     Edmund Colbert arrived per "Isle of Thanet" on 24 October 1854 at Adelaide, South Australia. Edmund was a labourer.
     Edmund Colbert married Bridget Quinlan on 3 February 1876 in St Rose, Kapunda, South Australia. He was a widower aged 64, son of John and she was single aged 52. Edmund was a farmer in Tarlee, in 1883.
     Edmund Colbert and Bridget Quinlan lived at Tarlee, South Australia.
     Edmund died on 24 October 1899 in Tarlee, Kapunda, South Australia. COLBERT.— On the 24th October, at his residence, River Gilbert, after five days' illness of influenza, Edmund Colbert, aged 92. Arrived in ship Ise lof Thanet, October 24 1854? A colonist of 45 years.

Children of Edmund Colbert and Mary Unknown

Mary Unknown

(circa 1813 - 2 September 1875)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1813 in Waterford, Ireland.
     Mary Unknown married Edmund Colbert, son of John Colbert, before 1846 in Waterford.
     Mary Unknown arrived per "Isle of Thanet" on 24 October 1854 at Adelaide, South Australia. She claimed to be aged 35, but probably reduced her age to qualify.
     Mary died on 2 September 1875 in Tarlee, Kapunda, South Australia.

Children of Mary Unknown and Edmund Colbert