Henry Steer

(30 April 1735 - )
     Henry Steer was christened on 30 April 1735 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Benjamin Steer and Alice Walker.

Alice Steer

(4 June 1731 - )
     Alice Steer was christened on 4 June 1731 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Benjamin Steer and Alice Walker.

Christopher Ryther

(before 1605 - )
     Christopher Ryther was buried in Beeston?, Yorkshire.
     Christopher Ryther married Harriett Unknown. Christopher Ryther was born before 1605 in Yorkshire, England.
     Christopher Ryther married Sybil Walker in 1622 in Leeds, Yorkshire.
     Christopher was a chapman in Beeston, Yorkshire.
     Christopher died in 1654 in Beeston or Leeds, Yorkshire.
     Christopher Ryther made a will dated 18 September 1654 in Beeston, Yorkshire, England. His will mentions his now wife Hariett, children John (edest son), dau, married to Christophe Bl..., dau Margaret Hargreave, dau Mary wife of Thomas Scoles>?, daughter Ann wife of Bartholomew ..., sons Christopher, Richard & Thomas, youngest daughters Jane & Sarah.
     His will was proved on 9 November 1654 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, England. Will of Christopher Ryther, Chapman of Beeston, Yorkshire.
     There was a dispute about the will in 1656: Rither vs Walker.
     Christopher Ryther and Christopher Ryther were mentioned in the 1672 hearth tax list in Kirkgait, Leeds, Yorkshire. A Christopher Ryder of Kirkgate Leeds had 1 hearth along with 2 Christopher Ryders of the same address who each had 2 hearths and a John Ryder with 4 hearths.

Children of Christopher Ryther