Robert Steer

(February 1625 - before 1670)
     Robert Steer was born in February 1625 in Darley, Derbyshire. But which Peter? Was he the son of Richard born 1580 or Henry born 1579?. He was the son of Peter Steer. Robert Steer was christened on 18 February 1625/26 in Darley. Robert son of Peter Steere.
     Robert Steer married Mary Trippet on 14 October 1646 in Edensor, Derbyshire.
     Robert Steer married secondly Ann Unknown (Steer) before 1662 in Derbyshire. Robert was a corvisor, Edensor, Derbyshire.
     Robert died before 1670. There was no Robert Steer listed in the Derbyshire Hearth Tax of 1670. Nor Trippet at Edensor. No Steer listed in the Edensor Free & Voluntary Present in 1661. A Robert Steer of Darley died between 13 June & 3 Sep 1661, but he was a yeoman and only mentioned a sister and a son Richard in his will.

Children of Robert Steer and Mary Trippet

Children of Robert Steer and Ann Unknown (Steer)

George Steer

(15 September 1667 - )
     George Steer was christened on 15 September 1667 in Edensor, Derbyshire. He was the son of Robert Steer and Ann Unknown (Steer).
George Steer was apprenticed to William Steer between 1681 and 1688? In Sheffield. George Stear, son of Robert, Eddensor, corvisor; to Stear, William, cutler; 8 years, 1681. George was a cutler.

Thomas Hunt

     Thomas Hunt was born in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
     Thomas Hunt married Jane Steer, daughter of William Steer and Ann Rastall, on 6 June 1783 in St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London. Thomas Hunt of St Peter in the Town & County of Nottingham, bach. & Jane Steer, minor of this par. L. by W Rastall, Minister. Witn: Wm. Steer. W. Dickinson Rastall, Benj. Cole, William Andrews.