Mary Trippet

(before 1630 - )
     She was probably related to Thos & William Trippett, of Wadsley cutlers and masters of her future husband.
. Mary Trippet was born before 1630 in Derbyshire, England.
     Mary Trippet married Robert Steer, son of Peter Steer, on 14 October 1646 in Edensor, Derbyshire.

Children of Mary Trippet and Robert Steer

Robert Steer

(before 1570? - before 21 July 1590)
     Robert Steer married Grace Unknown. Robert Steer was born before 1570? In Derbyshire. He was the son of Unknown Steer.
     Robert Steer lived at Beeley, Derbyshire, from 1589.
     Robert died before 21 July 1590 in Beeley, Derbyshire. He was buried on 21 July 1590 in Beeley.
     Robert Steer married Helen Heasse on 7 April 1611 in Beeley, Derbyshire.

Children of Robert Steer

Isabella Steer

(3 March 1590/91 - )
     Isabella Steer was christened on 3 March 1590/91 in Beeley, Derbyshire. She was the daughter of Robert Steer.