Martha Philips Meriwether

(23 September 1848 - )
     Martha Philips Meriwether was born on 23 September 1848 in Montgomery County, Alabama, USA.
Martha Philips Meriwether married William Edward Hooper, son of Dr Edward Jones Hooper and Amelia Massy, in 1869. They had 6 children..

daughter Merrill

(1738 - )
     Daughter Merrill was born in 1738. She was the daughter of Mary West or Killigrew.

John Merrill

     A marriage settlement between John Merrill and Mary West or Killigrew was made on 6 July 1737. Pre-nuptial settlement (also counterpart) between (1) Susanna Merrill of St James, Westminster, widow, and son John M. & (2) Mary Killigrew, dau. of Jn. West by his wife Mary decd. (3) Martin Killigrew of St James, Westminster, esq. Consideration: marriage between John Merrill and Mary Killigrew
(2) is seised of moiety of estates of Sir Peter Killigrew in Budock, Falmouth and Mylor
Recites: 30 Nov/1 Dec. 1736 deed of settlement
(1) agrees to provide £400 annuity to (3) in trust for (2) in lieu of dower, and to support younger children of the marriage
John Merrill married Mary West or Killigrew, daughter of John West and Mary Erisey, on 14 July 1737 in Lainston, Hampshire. John Merrill esq & Mrs Mary West, otherwise Killigrew, were marryd at lainston Church.
Pendennis Castle: report on application for renewal of lease by J Merrill and F Killigrew 1745-1771.
     Administration of the estate of Mary West or Killigrew was granted to John Merrill, on 24 May 1745 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Grant of administration of goods of Mary Merrill, formerly Killigrew, to her husband John Merrill.
13 July 1765: 99 year lease (lives of Arthur Ginson and John Adams of Budock); rent 18/-.
(1) John Merrill of Lainston, Southampton, esq., and Hon. Chas. Berkeley of Brewton Abbey, Somerset, and w. Frances
(2) Mathias Williams of Falmouth, barber and periwig maker
Consideration: 100 guineas
Dwelling house and tenement 30' square with all buildings erected there, in Falmouth, late in occ. of Ralph Tonkin decd. then Wm. Michell, bounded on e. with Joseph Lillicrap's tenement, on s. with open ground, on w. with Hen. Roache's tenement, on n. with street leading to custom house. Detailed repair clauses.

May Lane Merriman

(30 January 1885 - 10 September 1964)
     May Lane Merriman was born on 30 January 1885 in USA?. She was a US citizen and related to the Duchess of Windsor.
May Lane Merriman married Alan Hilton Hilton-Johnson, son of Maj John William Denne Hilton-Johnson and Louisa Catherine Loch, on 10 January 1910 in Shanghai, Kiangsu, China. She was of Shanghai.
     May Lane Merriman made a will dated 30 December 1947 in Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. May Lane Hilton Johnson, of Wall Cottage, Sandhurst, Berkshire: her whole estate to her son William Denne Hilton-Johnson of 25 Drayton Gardens, SW10.
     May died on 10 September 1964 in King Edward VII hospital, Clewer, Windsor, Berkshire, England, aged 79.
     Her will was proved on 8 January 1965 at the Principal Probate Registry, London.

Child of May Lane Merriman and Alan Hilton Hilton-Johnson

Sarah Merriman

     The marriage of Sarah Merriman and Robert Stanser Bowker, son of Dr Robert Stanser Bowker and Betsey Marshall, was registered in Aston RD, Warwickshire, in the December 1874 quarter. He may be the Stanser Bowker who married Sarah Merriman in the Aston RD, in the Dec quarter of the 1874. He was charged with threatening to kill her in 1 August 1880, having been married for 6 years with one child. He was of Normans Heath.

Elena Merring

     Elena Merring married an unknown person before 1565.
     Elena Merring married Robert Aske as his second wife, before 1582. In 1582 he granted a charter to his son John and John's wife Christiana Fairfax.

Lucy Mervyn

( - 1737)
     Lucy Mervyn married Wentworth Harman, son of Wentworth Harman, in 1714 in Ireland.
     Lucy died in 1737.

Children of Lucy Mervyn and Wentworth Harman

Matthew de Meschin

(circa 1100? - before 1135)
     Matthew de Meschin was born circa 1100?. He was the son of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli.
     Matthew died before 1135 in England. He died without issue..

Maud de Meschin (Belmeis) (Mortimer)

(circa 1110? - )
      In the Aumale article in vol 1 of the Complete Peerage ,a revised version in vol. 14 added a third daughter Maud, wife first of Philip de Belmeis, of Tong, Salop, and second Hugh de Mortimer, of Wigmore, co. Hereford (citing the articles on Mortimer and Zouche). And Keats-Rohan does duly identify the wife of Hugh de Mortimer as "Matilda, daughter and coheiress of William le Meschin of Skipton" (p. 601) and Philip de Belmeis as "Matilda, daughter of William le Meschin of Bayeux" (p. 317).
The evidence cited in the Mortimer article of CP (vol. 9, p. 271) does seem to make it clear that these two Matildas are the same woman, and that she is a sister of Alice and Avice.

Maud le Meschin* coheiress (after death of her brother) her inheritance included the manor of Molland, Devon. She was witness to Philip de Belmeis' charter founding Lillieshall Abbey, co. Salop - therein styled 'domina Matilda filia Willelmi Meschin' (CP Vol IX -Mortimer, p. 271n)[1]

Spouse: Isabel de Ferrieres
Death: bef 29 Apr 1252[1]
Father: Walkelin de Ferrieres

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Edmund de Mortimer,was holding at his death in 1304, 3 carucates in Wheatenhurst, Gloucs., the manor of Mappowder, Dorset, and one knight's fee in Molland, Devon. These places occur in the list of benefactions made by Robert de Rumilly to the abbey of Troarn. In addition, the Mortimers were holding other former le Meschin properties in Kimbolton, Hunts., Great Billing, Northants., and Great Caldy, Cheshire.[EYC VII, p.7-9]
> Another related DD error is that on p.777 the heirs of Gundreda de
Warenne d.1224 are stated to be her daughters Joan de Neville and Margery de Breaute. They were in fact her granddaughters being the daughters of Gundreda's daughter, Alice de Curcy, by William III de Curcy of Stogursey. Alice was married first to Henry de Cornhill d.1193, by whom she had Joan, married to Hugh de Nevill, the Forester d.1234. Alice was married secondly to Warin fitz Gerold d.1216, by whom she had Margaret, married first to Baldwin de Redvers d.v.p.1216, and secondly to Faukes de Breate. This is documented in EYC III p.471.
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> > An odd omission in K.S.B. Keats-Rohan's "Domesday descendants" is that in the item on William Meschin on p. 1039, only two daughters (and eventual coheirs) Alice and Avice are mentioned.

> > In the Aumale article in vol 1 of the Complete Peerage the same two were given (p. 353, noted d), but a revised version in vol. 14 added a third daughter Maud, wife first of Philip de Belmeis, of Tong, Salop, and second Hugh de Mortimer, of Wigmore, co. Hereford (citing the articles on Mortimer and Zouche).
> >
> > And Keats-Rohan does duly identify the wife of Hugh de Mortimer as "Matilda, daughter and coheiress of William le Meschin of Skipton" (p. 601) and Philip de Belmeis as "Matilda, daughter of William le Meschin of Bayeux" (p. 317).
Maud de Meschin (Belmeis) (Mortimer) married Hugh Mortimer as her second husband. He was of Wigmore, co. Hereford. They had Hugh de Mortimer, who died bef 1181, d.v.p. and Roger de Mortimer, died bef 19 Aug 1214.
Maud de Meschin (Belmeis) (Mortimer) married Philip de Belmeis. Their children were: Alice, Philip & Ranulf. Maud de Meschin (Belmeis) (Mortimer) was born circa 1110?. She was the daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli.
     Maud died. As she didn't inherit with her sisters it is assumed that she died young, however Farrer gives her first husband as Philip de Belmeis of Tong, Shropshire, and her second as Hugh de Mortimer of Wigmore, co. Hereford, who died 1180-81.

Rafe or Ralph de Meschin

( - between 1135 and 1140)
     Rafe or Ralph de Meschin was also known as Ranulf de in records. He was born. Ranulf succeeded his father in the barony of Copeland. He was the son of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli.
     Rafe died between 1135 and 1140. His heirs to his father's lands were his three sisters.

William de Meschin Lord of Copeland

(before 1095 - before 1135)
     William de Meschin Lord of Copeland was born before 1095 in France. He was the younger son of Ranulf, vicomte of the Bessin, by Maud, sister of Hugh, vicomte of the Avranchin and earl of Chester, and so a younger brother of Ranulf meschin, who became earl of Chester in 1120.
Father: Ranulf III of the Bessin (-ca 1129), "le Meschin", Earl of Chester. Mother: Lucia of Alkborough (ca 1070-1141) of Skipton-in-Craven[1] also styled Lord of Copeland.
William de Meschin Lord of Copeland married Cecily de Romelli, daughter of Robert de Romelli.
He was given Copeland, Cumberland by King Henry I, to hold by the service of one knight, and he built the castle of Egremont there. He later founded the priory of St Bees, near Egremont...
Lord of Harewood 1120. Lord of Cambridge ante 1139, Lord of Copeland and Egremont, co. Cumberland. His daughters used their mother's name as heiresses.
His elder brother was Ranulph, Earl of Chester who founded Wetherall Priory in Cumberland c1090. Ranulph married Lucy, the widow of Roger Fitzgerold and late the wife of Ivo Taillebois. At the division of the barony of William Meschin all his lands in co. Lincoln, Dorset, Somerset & Devon, with Harewood and its members in Wharfedale Yks, went to the elder heiress, and were known as the barony of William Meschin. His lands in Essex, Berks, Herts, Leics, Cambs & Northants, with the lands in Craven and the wapentake of Strafford, Yorkshire went to Alice the younger co-heiress, and were known as the the honor of Skipton. With these Alice de Rumilly also obtained her father's fee in Copeland and Allerdale in Cumberland.
The History of Cumberland v. 2, The Abbey of Calden, in the barony of copeland it lists Ranulph Meschines who deeded land 10 Jan 1134 and his brother William Meschines the priori of Bees. Ranulph and brother-in-law William son of Duncan confirm a land grant to the abbey by Cecily (of above) along with Beatrice de Molle who bestowed to the monks 5 oxgangs in Little Gilcrux and 1/4 of the Mill in Great Gilcrux confirmed by Adam son of Uchtred her Uncle, as the gift of William, his nephew as the charter of said William son of Liolf de Molle testified".
     William died before 1135.

Children of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli

James Metcalf

     James Metcalf married Susannah Davis circa 1743.

Child of James Metcalf and Susannah Davis

James Metcalf

(13 November 1743 - before 10 January 1806)
     James Metcalf was also known as Midcalf in records. He was christened on 13 November 1743 in Walsham le Willows, Suffolk. He was the son of James Metcalf and Susannah Davis.
James Metcalf married Isabella Mothersole, daughter of John Mothersole and Catherine Dandy, on 24 December 1767 in Suffolk.
     James died before 10 January 1806 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was buried on 10 January 1806 in Hessett.

Child of James Metcalf and Isabella Mothersole

Mary Metcalf

(before May 1768 - 8 May 1825)
     Mary Metcalf was also known as Medcalfe in records. She was born before May 1768 in Suffolk. A Mary Mitcalf was christened 9 June? 1774 at Norton, daughter of Ambrose & Mary, but a Mary Metcalf married Edward Hawkings there in 1803. Her age at death suggests c 1768.. She was the daughter of James Metcalf and Isabella Mothersole.
Mary Metcalf married John Bland, son of Luke Bland and Mary Seadon, on 5 December 1796 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.      
Mary Metcalf claimed settlement at St James Bury St Edmunds on 2 January 1801 from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Settlement examination of John Bland of the parish of St Mary 2 Jan 1801. Born in parish of St James, aged 25 or thereabouts, lawful place of settlement is in St James by his parents being legally settled there. By Mary his present wife he has one child named Elizabeth aged 17 months or thereabouts. (X).
     Mary was buried on 8 May 1825 in Hessett, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Metcalf and John Bland

Margaret Metcalfe

(before 1655 - before 20 December 1690)
     Margaret Metcalfe was born before 1655 in Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of George Metcalfe, of Northallerton, co. York.
Margaret Metcalfe married Daniel Lascelles, son of Francis Lascelles, on 22 August 1672 in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
     Margaret died before 20 December 1690. She was buried on 20 December 1690 in England.

Children of Margaret Metcalfe and Daniel Lascelles

Agnes Metham

     Agnes Metham married Sir William FitzThomas, son of Sir Thomas FitzWilliam and Agnes Bertram. Agnes Metham was born in England. Agnes Metham was also known as Agnes Metham in records.

Child of Agnes Metham and Sir William FitzThomas

Angharad ferch Meurig

     Angharad ferch Meurig married Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn, son of Merfyn Frych ap Gwriad and Esyllt ferch Cynan Dindaethwy. Stewart Baldwin states that - a fourteenth century manuscript) gives Angharad ferch Meurig as the wife of Rhodri Mawr, and is the earliest known source to mention Angharad. Patrick Sims-Williams has argued persuasively (in SW) that Angharad is a late invention, and I find his arguments convincing. (The main problem is that JC, the earliest source for this and other marriages, shows a disturbing tendancy to have suspiciously convenient sisters marrying just the right people, suggesting invention.) The same arguments apply to Rhodri's alleged mother Nest of Powys (below, #2049). Since Angharad probably never existed, the supposed line of descent from the kings of Ceredigion which has been traced through her is probably not valid. Angharad ferch Meurig was born in Wales. She was sister & heiress of Gwgan ap Meuric, Lord of Cardigan. She was the daughter of Meurig ap Dyfnwallor (?).

Athrwys ap Meurig

     Athrwys ap Meurig was born in Wales. He was the son of Meurig ap Tewdrig, (?).

Child of Athrwys ap Meurig

Ynyr ap Meurig

     Ynyr ap Meurig was born in Wales. He was the son of Meurig ap Madog and Gwenllian f Iowerth.
Ynyr ap Meurig married Gwerful ferch Madog, daughter of Madog ap Llywarch Fychan (?).

Child of Ynyr ap Meurig and Gwerful ferch Madog

Carstin Henry Meyer

(March 1851 - )
     Carstin Henry Meyer was also known as Carsten in records. He's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1851 in Bedminster, Somerset, England.
Thomasine Florence Dunbar married secondly Carstin Henry Meyer on 12 September 1893 in Peckham, Surrey, England. Meyer & Stott - September 12 at Peckham, London, by special licence, Carstin Meyer, M. E. to Thomasine (Florrie), widow of the late Richard Stott, esq., Proctor, daughter of the late Henry H V Dunbar, Esq., Dublin, and granddaughter of the late Major John Killigrew Dunbar, 83rd Regiment, Garrsion House, county Fermanagh, half-brother of the first Earls of Clifden and Normanton.
     Carstin Henry Meyer and Thomasine Florence Dunbar were recorded on the 1901 census in 28 Wyndham Rd, East Ham, Middlesex. Carsten Meyer 50, marine engineer, born Bedminster, Bristol, Gls; his wife Florence T Meyer 49, born Dublin; William H Stott 36, step-son, commercial clerk, born Peckham, Florence M V Stott 24, step-daughter, born Gt Baddow, Essex; Edward H H Stott 23, stepson, commercial clerk, born Peckham.
Carstin Henry Meyer emigrated from London on 2 September 1916 to Capetown, South Africa, per "Kenilworth Castle!".
     Carstin died on 10 May 1927 in the hospital, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa, aged 76. He was described as a widower, 2 years in hospital. He was buried at the New Cenetery Jo'burg.
Sonia White wrote: he is my husband's great grandfather. I haven't been able to find your Carsten's death certificate but he was still alive in 1916 and may have been in South Africa, where all his children emigrated to with him and his then wife, prior to 1891..

Catherine Meylor

(circa 1808 - 1860)
     Catherine Meylor was born circa 1808 in Wexford, Ireland. She may be the Catherine Milor, daughter of Patt Milor bapt 7 May 1807 in ythe parish of Lady's Island; Catherine daughter of Paddy Meylor baptised at Ferns 21 May 1812, or, at Enniscorthy, Catherine daughter of John Meyer, baptised 19 Nov 1813, but none match her death information. She was the daughter of Laurence Meylor and Catherine Unknown (Meylor).
Catherine Meylor married Mark Whitty, son of James Whitty and Mary Furlonge, on 30 January 1840 in Glinn, Wexford, Ireland. Mark Whitty & Cath Myler, witnessed by John Cogle & Patrick Hansy? Ellen Myler married Miles Roche on 30 Nov 1840 at the same place.
     Catherine died in 1860 in Victoria, Australia. Catherine Whitty, aged 52, daughter of Laurence & Catherine Meylor, born Wexford.

Children of Catherine Meylor and Mark Whitty

Laurence Meylor

(before 1790 - )
     Laurence Meylor was born before 1790 in Wexford, Ireland.
Laurence Meylor married Catherine Unknown (Meylor) before 1808.

Child of Laurence Meylor and Catherine Unknown (Meylor)

Hannah Michel

(circa 1705? - before 10 October 1753)
     Hannah Michel was born circa 1705? In Wales, Yorkshire.
Hannah Michel married John Stanser, son of Gervas Stanser and Isabel Unknown (Stanser), on 26 June 1727 in Wales, Yorkshire. John Stansel of the parish of Harthill & Hannah Michel of this parish.
     Hannah died before 10 October 1753 in Wales, Yorkshire. She was buried on 10 October 1753 in Wales, Yorkshire. Hannah, wife of John Stanser, tailor. Buried in woollen.

Children of Hannah Michel and John Stanser

John Michell

(circa 1520? - )
     John Michell was born circa 1520?.
John Michell married Jane Killigrew, daughter of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard. In 1562 John Michell esquire was the mayor of Truro & Falmouth, in 162-3 he represented Cornwall in parliament and again in 1573-4.

Margery Michell

     Margery Michell was also known as Margaret in records.
Margery Michell married Christopher Ruby, son of Michael Ruby and Joan or Johan Unknown, on 17 January 1628 in Ermington, Devon.

Children of Margery Michell and Christopher Ruby

Elizabeth Micklethwaite

     Elizabeth Micklethwaite married Ralph Wordsworth.

Child of Elizabeth Micklethwaite and Ralph Wordsworth

Jonathan Micklethwaite

(before 1680 - )
     Jonathan Micklethwaite was born before 1680.
Jonathan Micklethwaite married Martha Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Martha Unknown, on 25 March 1701 in Penistone, Yorkshire.

Maria MIddlebrook

(circa 1796 - before 27 January 1818)
     Maria MIddlebrook was born circa 1796.
Maria MIddlebrook married John Popplewell, son of William Popplewell and Esther Selby, before 1815.
     Maria died before 27 January 1818 in Derrythorpe, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 27 January 1818 in Althorpe.

Children of Maria MIddlebrook and John Popplewell

Roy Twynam Middlecoat

( - 1974)
     Roy Twynam Middlecoat was the son of William Twynam Middlecoat and Lydia Isabella Bush.
     Roy died in 1974 in New South Wales.

Ruby Middlecoat

     Ruby Middlecoat was the daughter of William Twynam Middlecoat and Lydia Isabella Bush.