Colin Nardrop

     Colin Nardrop married Jessie M Paul, daughter of William Henry Paul and Frances Spencer, in 1892 in St Leonards district, New South Wales.

William Narnabie

     William Narnabie married Mary Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell (of Bawtry) and Joan Charles, on 15 April 1667 in Bawtry, Blyth, Yorkshire.

Clarice I Narracott

     Clarice I Narracott married Sholto Winton McRae Colbert, son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1925 in Lithgow RD, New South Wales.

Andrew Nash

( - November 1767)
     Andrew was a solicitor, Dublin.
     Andrew died in November 1767. He may be the subject of this death notice: Died - Mr Andrew Nash, an eminent attorney. A footnote to this newspaper transcript states that he was the father of Andrew, George, Margaret, Jane, Hellen, Catherine - source Betham abstract of will.
     His will was proved in 1768 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. Andrew Nash, Dublin, gent.

Children of Andrew Nash

Andrew Nash

(before 1760 - )
     Andrew Nash was born before 1760 in Ireland. He may be the Andrew Nash of Ballygalan, co. Waterford, whose will was proved in 1800. He was the son of Andrew Nash.

Catherine Nash

(before 1767 - )
     Catherine Nash was born before 1767. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash.

George Nash

(before 1761 - )
     George Nash was born before 1761. He was the son of Andrew Nash.

Helena Nash

(before 1767 - 1805?)
     Helena Nash was born before 1767 in Dublin, Ireland. Described as 'a Cork woman' by E H V Dunbar. The original pedigree document describes her as Helen, the daughter of Andrew Nash, Esquire, of Whitefriars Street, Dublin.. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash.
     Helena Nash and Major John Killigrew Dunbar obtained a marriage licence on 19 September 1795 in Dublin. He was described as of Fermanagh and she was from the parish of St Thomas in Dublin.
     Helena Nash married Major John Killigrew Dunbar, son of George Dunbar and Martha St Aubyn, on 25 September 1795 in St Thomas Church of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.
     Helena died They separated or she died by 1805. in 1805? In Dublin.

Children of Helena Nash and Major John Killigrew Dunbar

Jane Nash

(before 1765 - )
     Jane Nash was born before 1765. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash.

Joan Nash

(before 1568 - )
     Joan Nash was born before 1568 in Hampshire.
     Joan Nash married Robert Ryther, son of Unknown Ryther, on 22 September 1583 in Heckfield & Mattingley, Hampshire, England.

Child of Joan Nash and Robert Ryther

Margaret Nash

(before 1763 - )
     Margaret Nash was born before 1763. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash.

Elizabeth Nasmith

( - after February 1549)
     Elizabeth Nasmith married Capt Bernard Mackenzie.
     Elizabeth Nasmith was mentioned on 26 February 1549.
     Elizabeth died after February 1549.

Frederick de Nassau General Zuylestein

( - 12 October 1672)
     Frederick de Nassau General Zuylestein was born in Zuylestein, near Utrecht, the Netherlands?. DNB states: He was the natural son of Henry-Frederick de Nassau, Prince of Orange (grandfather of William III) by the daughter of the Bourgue Mestre d'Emmeric, was endowed by his father with the Lordship of Zuylestein. and thereupon assumed that surname. He subsequently commanded the Infantry in the service of the States General, when his country was invaded by the French in 1672....
     Frederick de Nassau General Zuylestein married Mary Killigrew, daughter of Sir William Killigrew and Mary Hill, in 1644. O 1648?.
     Wikipedia in August 2010 stated: In 1640 his father gave him the castle and title Heer van Zuylestein and made him captain of infantry for the state. In 1659, he was made governor of the household of his nephew, William III of Orange. Through lobbying by Johan de Wit, William III became the state's ward in 1666, and Frederick was dismissed. His dismissal was due to the fact that he was married to an Englishwoman, Mary Killegrew, and was under suspicion of pro-English leanings. In April of 1672 (the rampjaar) he became general of the infantry and in August he became involved in the murders of Johan and Cornelis de Wit. In October he died near Woerden in a battle with the French known as the Battle of Kruipin. His son, William, later became a close confidant of William III of England (who rewarded him with the title "Earl of Rochford")..
     Frederick died on 12 October 1672 in Voordam, the Netherlands?.

Child of Frederick de Nassau General Zuylestein and Mary Killigrew

William-Henry de Nassau 2nd Earl Rochford

(1681 - 27 July 1710)
     He was a renowned military officer ... was the bearer of the despatches announcing the glorious victory of Blenheim 2 Aug 1704. Member of Irish Parliament for Kilkenny 1705-10 and English Parliament (Whig) for Steyning 1708-09; Col in the Army 1703/4; ADC to the Duke of Marlborough 1704; Col, 3rd Regiment of Dragoons 1706/7; Brig General 1709/10 .. William-Henry de Nassau 2nd Earl Rochford was born in 1681. He was the son of William Henry de Zuylestein Earl of Rochford.
     William-Henry died in battle on 27 July 1710 in Almanza, near Chinchilla, Spain. He died unmarried and was succeeded by his brother.

Frederick Nassau 3rd Earl of Rochford

(1682 - 14 June 1738)
     Frederick Nassau 3rd Earl of Rochford was born in 1682. He was the son of William Henry de Zuylestein Earl of Rochford.
     He married Bessey, daughter and heiress of Richard Savage, Earl of Rivers. She married secondly the Rev Mr Carter. He succeeded his brother as 3rd Earl, then one of the nobles of province of Utrecht.
     Frederick died on 14 June 1738.

Children of Frederick Nassau 3rd Earl of Rochford

George Richard-Savage Nassau

(5 September 1756 - )
     George died. He died without issue.. He was born on 5 September 1756. He was the son of Richard-Savage Nassau.

Lucy Nassau

     Lucy Nassau was born. She died unmarried. She was the daughter of Richard-Savage Nassau.

Richard-Savage Nassau

(1723 - May 1780)
     Richard-Savage Nassau was born in 1723. He was the son of Frederick Nassau 3rd Earl of Rochford.
     He was one of the clerks of the Board of Green Cloth, and M P. He married Elizabeth, daughter & heiress of Edward Spencer Esq of Rendlesham Sussex and Dowager of James, Duke of Hamilton & Brandon, she died 9 March 1771.
     Richard-Savage died in May 1780.

Children of Richard-Savage Nassau

William-Henry Nassau 4th Earl of Rochford

(1717 - 20 September 1781)
     William-Henry Nassau 4th Earl of Rochford was born in 1717 in St Osyth Priory, Essex, England. He was the son of Frederick Nassau 3rd Earl of Rochford.
     He was installed a knight of the Garter 1778, having previously resided as ambassador at the courts of Madrid & Versailles, and filled the offices of groom of the stole, first lord of the bedchamber and secretary of state. He married Lucy, daughter of Edward Young, Esq. of Durnford Wiltshire. She died 1 Jan 1773.
     William-Henry died on 20 September 1781. He had no issue and was succeeded by his nephew.

William-Henry Nassau 5th Earl of Rochford

(28 July 1754 - 3 September 1830)
     William-Henry Nassau 5th Earl of Rochford was born on 28 July 1754. He was the son of Richard-Savage Nassau.
     William-Henry died on 3 September 1830 aged 76.

John Nathan

     John Nathan married Maria Handy, daughter of John Handy, on 7 March 1848 in Kilglass, Longford, Ireland. John Nathan, 22, bachelor, shopkeeper of Baronstown, son of John Nathan ... to Maria Handy, 25 spinster, Meath ... daughter of John Handy, gardener, both signed.

Joseph Naylor

(circa 1790 - )
     Their descendatnts went to Australia.. Joseph Naylor was born circa 1790.
     Joseph Naylor married Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of Robert Popplewell and Elizabeth Duckett, on 13 March 1810.

Olive Beatrice Neal

(say 1885 - 1957)
     Olive Beatrice Neal was born say 1885.
     Olive Beatrice Neal married George Dunbar Rosling, son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar, in 1901 in Perth, Western Australia.
     Olive died in 1957 in Brunswick, Victoria. She was the daughter of Richard Neal & Emma Grose..

Children of Olive Beatrice Neal and George Dunbar Rosling

Roberta Neale

     Roberta Neale was also known as Robertina in records. Roberta Neale was also known as Rosa in records.
     Roberta Neale married George William Cocksedge, son of Lt George Edward Cocksedge and Sarah Allen, on 22 November 1833 in Brighton.

Children of Roberta Neale and George William Cocksedge

Adeline Frances Neave LRAM

     Adeline Frances Neave LRAM married Frederick Murray Tapply, son of Rev Frederick Tapply and Ann Emily Pickmore Rumsey, on 25 April 1911 in St Thomas, Finsbury Park, London.

Bell Fornine Nebbitt

     Bell Fornine Nebbitt married Charles Ralph Coulthard, son of James Emerson Coulthard and Eliza Hannah Vaux, in 1912 in Victoria.

Zipporah Needam? (Cotton)

( - 1748)
     Zipporah Needam? (Cotton) married Vincent Cotton, son of Vincent Cotton and Elizabeth Unknown, before 1725. She may the widow Skipworth who married Vincent Cotton on 31 Dec 1724 at Gayton le Marsh. A Zippora/Zeporah Needam married John Skippeth on 9 May 1715 at Muckton.
     Zipporah died in 1748 in Withern with Stain, Lincolnshire, England. Zipporah, wife of Vincent Cotton..

Children of Zipporah Needam? (Cotton) and Vincent Cotton

William Pappril Neeve

(22 August 1905 - 27 February 1965)
     William Pappril Neeve was born on 22 August 1905 in New Zealand.
     William Pappril Neeve married Mavis Clare Mulcock, daughter of William Everard Mulcock and Ruth Whitla Bowker, on 22 August 1936 in New Zealand. He was possibly known as Alan.
     William died on 27 February 1965 in New Zealand aged 59.

Clement Albert Negro

(1895 - 1966)
     Clement Albert Negro was born in 1895 in Richmond, Victoria.
     Clement Albert Negro married Kate Colbert, daughter of James Joseph Colbert and Margaret Moseley, in 1921 in Victoria.
     Clement died in 1966 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Charlotte Negus

     Charlotte Negus was the daughter of George Negus and Elizabeth Bowker.
     Charlotte Negus married John Fox.
     Charlotte Negus was mentioned in the will of Mary Dixon dated 29 April 1786.