Sarah Nunn

(1844 - 1845)
     Sarah Nunn was born in 1844 in Combs, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Nunn and Mary Harper.
     Sarah died in 1845 in Combs, Suffolk.

Susanna Nunn

(circa 1755 - 1784)
     Susanna Nunn was born circa 1755 in Gt Whelnetham, Suffolk.
     Susanna Nunn and George Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 22 March 1776 in Sudbury. Geo Cocksedge,of Little Whelnetham, s.m. & Susanna Nunn, of Gt Whelnetha, s.w. at same.
     Susanna Nunn married George Cocksedge on 24 March 1776 in Gt Welnetham, Suffolk. Susanna Nunn was buried in 1784 in Lt Whelnetham. Susan, wife of George, aged 30.
     Susanna died in 1784 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk.

Children of Susanna Nunn and George Cocksedge

Walter Nunn

(circa 1860 - March 1881?)
     Walter Nunn was born circa 1860 in Combs, Suffolk. He was the son of Robert Nunn and Frances Sutton.
     The marriage of Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements was registered in Wandsworth, Surrey, in the December 1877 quarter.
     Walter's death was possibly registered in the quarter ending in March 1881? In Stow RD, Suffolk.
     Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements appeared on the 1881 census in 64 Mansfield Place, Kentish Town, London. Walter Nunn 22, railway signalman, born Combs, Sfk; his wife Fanny Nunn 23, born North Hill, Cornwall, daughter Frances E Nunn 3. born Linkinghorne, Cornwall, Walter C Nunn 1, born St Pancras, Mdx.
     Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements appeared on the 1891 census in 7 Fawcett Tce, Tottenham, London. Walter Nunn 31 , Railway signalman, born Combs, Sfk; his wife Fanny Nunn 33 , born Linkinghorn, Cornwall, Frances E Nunn 13 , born Linkinghorn, Walter C Nunn 11, Elzie M Nunn 8 , both born at Kentish Town, Dingley P Nunn 4 , born Tottenham, Percy George Nunn 1 born Tottenham.

Children of Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements

Walter Charles Nunn

(September 1880 - )
     Walter Charles Nunn's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1880 in St Pancras, Stepney RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements. Frances and Walter were listed as the children of Walter Nunn in the 1881 census in 64 Mansfield Place, Kentish Town, London. Frances, Walter, Elsie and Douglas were listed as the children of Walter Nunn in the 1891 census in 7 Fawcett Tce, Tottenham, London.

Walter Clements Nunn

(December 1879 - )
     Walter Clements Nunn's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1879 in Kentish Town, Pancras RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Walter Nunn and Fanny Clements.

William Nunn

(circa 1840 - 1862)
     William Nunn was born circa 1840 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk. He was the son of John Nunn and Hannah Baker.
     William died in 1862 in Lt Finborough, Suffolk.

William R Nunn

(1869 - )
     William R Nunn was born in 1869 in Combs, Suffolk. He was the son of John Nunn and Hannah Baker.

Elizabeth Nunne

(before 1600 - )
     Elizabeth Nunne was born before 1600 in Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Nunne married William Cocksedge on 4 October 1618 in Rougham, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Nunne and William Cocksedge

Dorothy T Nusum

(before 1675 - circa 1711)
     A John Nusum owned 3 acres at St Philip in the 1680 census.. Dorothy T Nusum was born before 1675.
     Dorothy T Nusum married George Ashby, son of George Ashby and Deborah Unknown, on 5 March 1692/93 in St Phillip, Barbados. Deed of George Ashby of St Philip signed 20 Feb 1692/3 proved 7 March 1692/3, entered 26 April 1693: George Ashby of the parish of St Philip, blacksmith & planter, for the real love, good will and affection which he had toward Dorothy Nusum, and in consideration of a marriage to be solemnised between them, sets about to make competent provision for her maintenance. He therefore for 5/- paid him by Thomas Laicy, a planter of Christ Church, granted him absolutely 6 acres of land in the parish of St Philip with all appurtenances and one "negro man", and that for no other purpose than for the use and benefit of Dorothy Nusum. Witnesses Jeffrey Battely, John Nusum.
     Dorothy died circa 1711 in St Phillip, Barbados. She was mentioned in a deed dated from November 1711 to 1712 in St Phillip, Barbados. Counter deed of John Ashby of St Philip signed 8 Nov 1711: John Price exec. of will of the Hon. Philip Price, deceased, had obtained judgement against John Ashby executor of the will of George Ashby, blacksmith, deceased for £3/16/3 and charges ... John Ashby had been levied upon 1.5 acres 8 perches of land in St Philip "during the said lease that is to say after the death of Mrs Dorothy Ashby". The land had been only appraised upon oaths of Richard Vaughn ... for £60. James Milne ... had sold to John Price for £9/2/6 the said land and stone house and lease attached, and the reversuch of the 1/3 part thereof after the death Mrs Dorothy Ashby. Proved 26 Jan 1711/2, entered 3 June 1712.

Also counter deeds on same issue 10 Nov 1710, Nov 8 1711, 29 Nov 1711, all re
death of Mrs Dorothy Ashby

Children of Dorothy T Nusum and George Ashby

Alison Margaret Nutt

(6 August 1923 - 29 July 1983)
     Alison Margaret Nutt was born on 6 August 1923.
     Alison Margaret Nutt married Neil MacPherson Forbes, son of Neil William Gordon Forbes and Edith MacPherson, after January 1947. The angagement was announced in Jan 1947.
     Alison died on 29 July 1983 aged 59.

Anne Nutt

(before 1525 - before 17 June 1558)
     Anne Nutt was born before 1525.
     Anne Nutt married John Noble, son of Walter Noble, on 29 September 1541 in Gt Livermere.
     Anne Nutt made a will dated 8 June 1558 in Gt Livermere. Her will divided her estate between her children William and Elizabeth who are now orphans aged 17 & 15. She appointed Thomas Mann of Stanton her brother in law, as her executor to pay all the bequests in her late husband's will, on the time and dates he had wished and, to Pernall & John Mann, her sister's children, she bequeathed one bullock each. The residue of her goods, after all the bequests in her late husband's will had been discharged, was left the disposition of Thomas Mann.
     Anne died before 17 June 1558 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk. She was buried on 17 June 1558 in Gt Livermere.
     Her will was proved on 21 October 1559 at Sudbury.

Children of Anne Nutt and John Noble

Isabel Nutt

     Isabel Nutt married Richard Rich on 2 July 1592 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Prudence Nutt

( - 1888?)
     Prudence Nutt married Charles Saxon Hooper, son of Robert Saxon Hooper and Chiara or Clara Marianna de Rossi, on 22 June 1846 in St Bride Fleet St, London. On the 22nd inst., at St Bride's, Charles Saxon Hooper, Esq., 23?, Laurence Poultney-Lane, to Prudence, eldest daughter of the late Joshua Nutt, Esq., of Limehouse.
     Prudence died in 1888?. She may be the Prudence Hooper aged 87, whose death was registered in the March quarter of 1888 at Chelsea, but he appears to have married Ann Elizabeth Musson in 1858.

David Nuttbrowne

     David Nuttbrowne married Lydia Ryther on 20 November 1684 in Friends Meeting, York, Yorkshire. David Nuttbrowne of Howden in the couny of Yorkshire, Linnen weaver, took to wife Liddya Ryther of York , spinster, in an assembly of the people called Quakers in the Citty of Yorke the 20 Day of the 9 month 1684.

Alice O'Brien

(between 1839 and 1842 - 17 January 1875)
     Alice O'Brien was born between 1839 and 1842 in Waterford, Ireland. She was the daughter of Patrick O'Brien & Margaret, aged 21 1/3 at marriage.
     Alice O'Brien married John Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren, on 7 October 1860 in St Francis Roman Catholic church, Melbourne, Victoria.
     Alice died on 17 January 1875 in near Edithburgh, South Australia.

Children of Alice O'Brien and John Colbert

Basil James O'Brien

(6 November 1927 - 11 February 2008)
     Basil James O'Brien was born on 6 November 1927 in Victoria. He was the son of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner.
     Basil died on 11 February 2008 in Colac, Victoria, aged 80. Buried at Colac: husband of Mary Teresa, father of Gary, Wayne, Margaret & Michael.

Bernard Patrick O'Brien

(circa 1926 - 15 May 1979)
     Bernard Patrick O'Brien was born circa 1926. He was the son of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner.
     Bernard died on 15 May 1979 in Colac, Victoria. Bernard P O'Brien, buried at Colac, aged 53; son of Michael & Margaret.

Julia O'Brien

(1873 - )
     Julia O'Brien was born in 1873.
     Julia O'Brien married Patrick Halahan, son of Patriarch Wicklow Halahan, circa 1895.
     Julia O'Brien and Patrick Halahan appeared on the 1911 census in 12.2 Wentworth Place, South Dock, Dublin. Patrick Halahan, head, Catholic, Read & write, aged 41, harnessmaker, born co. Wicklow, married for 16 years, 3 living children; his wife Julia, 38, born co. Kildare, children Patrick 14, Julia 12, John 8, all born in Dublin city; and his brother John, 36, butcher, single, born co. Wicklow.

Children of Julia O'Brien and Patrick Halahan

Kevin O'Brien

     Kevin O'Brien was the son of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner.

Mary V K O'Brien

     Mary V K O'Brien married Cosmo Sheridan Grant, son of Dr Cosmo Grant and Leonora Sheridan, in September 1930 in Romford RD, Essex.

Michael O'Brien

(1875 - 3 December 1956)
     Michael O'Brien was born in 1875 in Tower Hill, Victoria. He was the son of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Fennessey.
     Michael O'Brien married Margaret Mary Gardiner, daughter of James Gardiner and Mary Nolan, in 1921 in Victoria.
     Michael died on 3 December 1956 in 356 Murray St, Colac, Victoria. O'BRIEN.- On December 3. Michael, dearly loved husband of Margaret O'Brien. 356 Murray street. Colac, and beloved father of Mary (Mrs. E. Reid). Kevin, Bernard. Basil, Shirley (Mrs. J. Schaekers). and Vincent. -Requies cat in pace.. He was buried on 4 December 1956 in Colac, Victoria. O'BRIEN.-Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Mr. MICHAEL O'BRIEN will be celebrated at St. Mary's Church. Colac, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 9.30 a.m., and the cortege will leave the church at ll a.m. for the Colac Cemetery.

Children of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner

Michael O'Brien

     Michael O'Brien married Margaret Fennessey, daughter of John Fennessey and Mary Healey, in 1862 in Victoria. They had 10 other children: Mary Ann, born 1864 at Koroit, Margaret, 1865 at Koroit, then at Tower Hill, Bridget, born 1867, John 1869, Ellen 1871, James 1874, Bridget 1877, Daniel 1878, Edward, 1881 and Thomas 1883.

Child of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Fennessey

Vincent M O'Brien

(circa 1934 - 27 January 1985)
     Vincent M O'Brien was born circa 1934. He was the son of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner.
     Vincent died on 27 January 1985 in Colac, Victoria. Buried at Colac; aged 51, husband of Annette, father of Mark, Janette, Susan, Kaylene, Donna, Errol & Gavin.

William Richard O'Byrne

     William Richard O'Byrne married Emily Handy, daughter of John Trougher Handy and Catherine Newman, on 29 October 1851 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Francis Reginald Powell O'Callaghan

(1880 - 15 May 1910)
     Francis Reginald Powell O'Callaghan was also known as Timothy? in records. He was born in 1880. Francis was was the son of Sir Francis Langford O'Callaghan (1839–1909), civil engineer, born on 22 July 1839, the second son of James O'Callaghan JP, of Drisheen, co. Cork, and his wife, Agnes, daughter of the Revd Francis Langford ............. he married, on 22 September 1875 Anna Maria Mary (d. 1911), second daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Clarinbold Powell of Banlahan, co. Cork. ......... ... O'Callaghan died suddenly at Redbraes, London Road, Guildford, on 14 November 1909. He was Anglican by faith,and his funeral and burial took place a few days later at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. He was briefly survived both by his wife and their only son, Captain Francis Reginald Powell O'Callaghan RE (1880–1910)..
     The marriage of Francis Reginald Powell O'Callaghan and Ethel Gladys Hebbert, daughter of Francis Henry Hebbert and Rosa Frances Dempster, was registered in Guildford RD, Surrey, in the September 1906 quarter.
     Francis died on 15 May 1910 in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Millbank, London.
     Francis may have died in 1914. He was said to have been killed in the first week of World War I. However the War Graves Commission's earliest likely person is T O Callaghan who died in 1915. The Times reported on 17 May 1910: Captain F R P O'Callaghan. Teh death too place on Sunday at Queen Alexandra's Hospital, Millank, of Captain Francis Reginal Powell O'Callaghan, Royal Engineers, only son the late Sir Francis O'Callaghan, KCMG. Born inb 1880, he obtained his commission at the age of 20 and in 1903 took part in the operations in Somaliland. A year ago he was appointed to the post of Second Assistant Instructor in Electricity at the School of Military Engineering.

Bernard Xavier O'Connor

(circa 1918 - 1958)
     Bernard Xavier O'Connor was born circa 1918. He was the son of John Patrick O'Connor and Mary Ellen Colbert.
     Bernard died in 1958 in Watchem, Victoria.

Elizabeth O'Connor

(circa 1855? - )
     Elizabeth O'Connor was born circa 1855?.
     Elizabeth O'Connor married Francis? Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1875.

Child of Elizabeth O'Connor and Francis? Handy

Elizabeth O'Connor

     Elizabeth O'Connor married Frank Handy.

Child of Elizabeth O'Connor and Frank Handy

Ellen Butler O'Connor

(say 1805 - before May 1828?)
     Ellen Butler O'Connor was born say 1805 in Newfoundland, Canada.
     Ellen Butler O'Connor married Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor, son of General John Murray and Mary Remnant, on 3 August 1827 in St George, Hanover Square, London, England. John Murray esquire, bachelor of this parish & Ellen Butler O'Connor, spinster of the parish of Ealing, Mdx, were married by licence, 3 August 1827. Both signed in the presence of G F Murray and Eliza Gumersall..
     Ellen died before May 1828? In British Guiana?. MURRAY, Ellen, wife of Maj. General John, died before May 1828!.
     Ellen Butler O'Connor and George Freeman Murray, Sydney Murray, Jemima or Janina? Murray, Harriett Murray, Emily Murray, Mary Maria Murray, Jane Euphemia Murray, Augustus William Murray, Rev Henry Murray, James Horatio Murray and Arthur Murray were beneficiaries in Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor's will dated 2 May 1841. Ellen Butler O'Connor was widowed on 16 September 1841 on the death of her husband Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor. Following Murray’s death, his wife Ellen (nee Butler whom he married in August 1827) and his children returned to Drummondville.
     Ellen Butler O'Connor was recorded in 1851 census in Canada. Ellen was living with Sydney, Harriet, Frederica & Ellan.

Children of Ellen Butler O'Connor and Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor

John Patrick O'Connor

     John Patrick O'Connor married Mary Ellen Colbert, daughter of John Edward Colbert and Catherine Agatha Darcy, in Victoria.

Child of John Patrick O'Connor and Mary Ellen Colbert