Isabell Innes

     Isabell Innes was born in Banffshire, Scotland.
     Isabell Innes married Paul MacPherson (17th century), son of unlinked early MacPherson, before 1676.

Children of Isabell Innes and Paul MacPherson (17th century)

Robert MacPherson

(14 January 1686 - )
     Robert MacPherson was christened on 14 January 1686 in Botriphnie, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Paul MacPherson (17th century) and Isabell Innes.
Robert MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Gordon Estate, in 1748, for property in Fodderletter, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. 1748(+?) Fodderlatter - Thomas Gordon - Robert Mcpherson for 3 oxgates £40, and a piece of new ground £10, 6 lib. butter, a reek hen a dozen eggs, services casts peats 6 days, of one hand & to lead & stack the same according to the boundlling sett down by him. John Mcpherson pays a third of the former Robert Mcphersons rent to himself and 2 lib butter to Fodderlatter. Also James & William Mcpherson there. Robert was listed on the rent roll of the Gordon Estate, in 1764, for property in Balneden, Kirkmichael. 1764 rental of Strathavon - Possession - Belniden. Possessors name - Robt Mcpherson, Scots money £133/6/8, Sterl £11/2/2. Robert was listed on the rent roll of the Glenlivet Estate, in 1770, for property in Ellick & Belnedans, Kirkmichael. 1770 Rental book Glenlivet Estate Office - Elick, Robert MacPherson £20. - Belnidens E & Wester Robt etc. MacPhersons. Both entries - commencement of leases Whit 1765, expiry Whit 1784.

Paul MacPherson

(before April 1783 - 19 February 1858)
     Paul MacPherson was born before April 1783 in Inveravon, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of John MacPherson and Elspet Gordon.
     Paul MacPherson served in the military in the Army||Enlisted 30 Jun 1804 2nd Battn.78th Regiment of Foot, served with regiment at Maida Italy 04 Jul 1806, captured 21st April 1807 at El Hamet, Egypt imprisoned at Cairo till Sept 1807, invalided out of army 24 March 1808 due to arm wound received at El Hamet. He was described as five feet & and half inches in height, brown eyes, brown Hair, fair complexion.He was admitted 4 April 1808 between 1804 and 1808.
     He married (1) Margaret Stuart . He was a crofter. They had two known children, Elspet b 4 April 1816 at Timberford & died 24 March 1897 at Tomnarieve, Glenlivet and John who was a gamekeeper in the 1881 & 1891 censuses and died 22 July 1899 at Lynn of Shenval, Glenlivet. He had 6 children.
     Paul MacPherson married Catherine Christie on 6 May 1823 in Inveravon, BAN, SCT.
     The Rev Charles Gordon entered upon the church of Chapeltown 17 April 1830 - a census of his flock was held on 12 June 1839 which showed at Badaglashan, Paul McPherson 56, Catherine Christie 36, Ann McPherson 14, John McPherson 13, Donald McPherson 7, Wiliam McPherson 7, Robert McPherson 4, Janet McPherson 2. A note states "eldest son Paul at ... College, Rome". The parents had 'Con' next to their names..
     Paul MacPherson and Catherine Christie were recorded on the 1851 census in Scalan, Inveravon, Banffshire. Paul McPherson, head, married, aged 68, Chelsea pensioner, born Inveravon, Catherine his wife, aged 59, with sons Donald aged 20 and William aged 18, both ag. labs., all born at Inveravon.
     Paul died on 19 February 1858 in Inveravon, Banffshire. Paul McPherson, aged 73 (75?), a pensioner of the 78th Regiment, married; died 19 Feb 1858 at 10 p.m. at Scalan. Son of John McPherson, farmer, deceased & Elspet McPherson m.n. Gordon. His son Paul of Aberlour was the informant. He was buried in the churchyard of Chapeltown. He was buried in Chapeltown, Glenlivet.

Child of Paul MacPherson and Janet Stewart

Children of Paul MacPherson and Catherine Christie