Unknown Newman

     Unknown Newman married Faith Killingworth, daughter of John Killingworth and Frances Pillington, before 1619.

Ann Newnham

( - 9 May 1774)
     Ann Newnham was born in Streatham, Surrey. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Newnham, MP for Streatham.
Ann Newnham married Sir Dudley Ryder, son of Richard Ryder and Elizabeth Marshall, on 1 November 1733 in St Leonard, Streatham, Surrey. Dudley Ryderof Lincolns Inn esq and Mrs Ann Newnham of this parish were married by licence. They obtained a Faculty Office licence on 30 Oct 1733..
     Ann died on 9 May 1774.

Child of Ann Newnham and Sir Dudley Ryder

Anne Adelaide Newsham

(April 1909 - 1952)
     Anne Adelaide Newsham was born in April 1909.
The marriage of Anne Adelaide Newsham and Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie, son of Donald Alexander MacKenzie and Elizabeth Fraser, was registered in Barrow in Furness R D, Lancashire, in the March 1934 quarter.
     Anne Adelaide Newsham and Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie were recorded in 1939 census in Woodside/Woolside, Blackburn R D, Lancashire. Norman F MacKenzie, born 6 Nov 1904, Deputy medical Superintendent Mental Defective Instituion? with Anne A Mackenzie born April 1909, unpaid domestic duties and Elizabeth? Mackenzie?, widow, born 16? Sep/Nov? 1880, ditto, 2 closed records (Deirdre & Valerie) and Audrey M Lofts, born 4 Feb 1923, single, domestic duties.
     Anne died in 1952 in Leigh R D, Lancashire.

Hannah Maria Newsom

( - 20 June 1877)
     Hannah Maria Newsom married Richard Neville Parker, son of Richard Neville Parker and Margaret Skottowe, on 15 January 1824.
     Hannah died on 20 June 1877. At her son's residence, near Waterford, Hannah Maria, relict of the late Richjar Neville Parker, of Waterview, near Cork, aged 80 years.

Children of Hannah Maria Newsom and Richard Neville Parker

Caleb Newson

(circa 1660 - 28 August 1712)
     Caleb Newson was born circa 1660. Caleb was a ships purveyor in 1679. He first appears in the list of Chatham Yard as working on the "30 new ships" as a shipwright's servant in the 3rd quarter of 1679 (ADM 42/143). Apparently he was servant to the Purveyor, Robert Woolett, and was discharged from his
apprenticehsip on 31 May 1686, entering the Shipwrights list (ADM 42/146). On 15 July 1691 he became Clerk to the Storekeeper at Chatham at £30 p.a. [ADM 42/151], and by warrant of 22 November 1699 the Admiralty appointed "Caleb Newsom (of whom wee have recieved very good testimony) to be purveyor for ye Out Stores for Timber Planck etc. for ye service of his Majesty's Navy & yard at Woolwich" [ADM 6/6/17]. He entered there 25 November 1699 at a salary of £60 p.a. [ADM 42/1728] and was discharged 27 May 1701 [ADM 42/1729], following a Warrant for "Caleb Newson late of Woolwich Yard, to be Purveyor for ye out stoees for Tymber Plank etc. for ye service of his Matys Navy & Yard at Deptford". [ADM 6/6/98]. He entered Deptford on 28 May on the same salary [ADM 42/385]. His salary for the third quarter fo 1706 was paid to "his son John". He was "Suspended or Discharged" on 14 July 1708, and his salary was "taken in towards the clearing the Dr part of his Impt the 2 June 1710 a Cert. being then given Mr Crawley to that end" [ADM 442.386]. The wages for his servant, Richard Pancas, at Woolwich Yard, for the last quarter of 1708 were paid in April 1710 to Thomas Fawler, who took over the indentures [ADM 42/1856].
Caleb Newson married Jane Fawler, daughter of George Fawler and Elizabeth Lunne, on 7 February 1688/89 in Chatham, Kent.
     Caleb was buried on 28 August 1712 in St Mary, Whitechapel, London.

Children of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler

Jane Newson

(29 June 1702 - before July 1703)
     Jane Newson was christened on 29 June 1702 in St Olave, Hart St, London. She was the daughter of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.
     Jane died before July 1703.

Jane Newson

(20 July 1703 - )
     Jane Newson was christened on 20 July 1703 in St Olave, Hart St, London. She was the daughter of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.

John Newson

     John Newson was the son of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.

Mary Newson

(9 April 1700 - before 11 August 1700)
     Mary Newson was christened on 9 April 1700 in St Olave, Hart St, London. She was the daughter of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.
     Mary died before 11 August 1700 in London. She was buried on 11 August 1700 in London.

Mary Newson

(4 December 1707 - )
     Mary Newson was christened on 4 December 1707 in St Olave, Hart St, London. She was the daughter of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.

Sarah Newson

(say 1710 - before 7 November 1754)
     Sarah Newson was born say 1710.
Sarah Newson married George Fawler, son of Thomas Fawler and Susanna Hulbert, on 7 January 1730 in St Margaret, Rochester, Kent.
     Sarah died before 7 November 1754 in Chatham, Kent. BUt which Sarah?. She was buried on 7 November 1754 in St Mary, Chatham. She was possibly buried on 30 November 1783 in St Paul, Deptford. Sarah Fawler, widow, from St Nicholas, 30 Nov 1783.

Children of Sarah Newson and George Fawler

Thomas Newson

     Thomas Newson was the son of Caleb Newson and Jane Fawler.
     Thomas Newson was mentioned in the will of John Fawler dated 2 February 1743/44.

Amelia Jane Newton

(circa 1838 - April 1906)
     Amelia Jane Newton was born circa 1838 in Brixham, Devon.
The marriage of Amelia Jane Newton and John Towell, son of John Towell and Mary Sergeant, was registered in Totnes RD, Devon, in the September 1867 quarter.
     Amelia Jane Newton and John Towell were recorded on the 1881 census in 8 Bolton St, Brixham, Devon. John Towell, 40, baker, wife Amelia J. Towell 42, children Mary J. T. Towell 12, scholar, John T. E. Towell, 6, Amelia B. Towell, 4, William T?. Towell 5 months, all born at Brixham?
     Amelia Jane Newton and William Frederick Towell were recorded on the 1901 census in Brixham, Devon. William F Towell, aged 20 was living with his mother Amelia, widow, baker, aged 62 and sister Polly Towell, aged 28. both children born in Brixham and working as bread ..... Amelia was born in Lympstone.
     Amelia died in April 1906 in Greenswood, Brixham, Devon. She was buried on 6th April, aged 67.

Children of Amelia Jane Newton and John Towell

Ann Newton

     Ann Newton married George Rich as his second wife, on 27 June 1661 in Kilnwick, Yorkshire.

Edward? Newton

     Edward? Newton married Margaret Bowker, daughter of Unknown Bowker, on 13 August 1588 in Fulbeck, Lincolnshire.

Child of Edward? Newton and Margaret Bowker

John Newton (Banks)

(before 1720 - )
     John Newton (Banks) was born before 1720 in Lincolnshire, England. He was the natural son of Joseph of Revesby, and acknowledged by his half brother.. He was the son of Joseph Banks.

John W Newton

     John W Newton married Catherine Stanser, daughter of George Stanser and Ann Lane, on 4 June 1756 in North Wheatley.

Joseph Newton

     Joseph Newton married Jane Ludlam, daughter of Thomas Ludlam, on 27 May 1708 in Handsworth, Yorkshire.

Marjory E Newton

(circa 1898 - March 1948)
     Marjory E Newton was born circa 1898.
The marriage of Marjory E Newton and George James Wafford, son of George Ernest Wafford and Elizabeth Frances Vallence, was registered in West Ham RD, Essex, in the June 1927 quarter.
     Marjory's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1948 in Essex.

Susan Newton

(9 December 1593 - )
     Susan Newton was born on 9 December 1593 in St Margaret in the Close, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Edward? Newton and Margaret Bowker.
     Susan Newton and Robert Bowker, Robert? Bowker, Cicely Bowker and Julyan Unknown were beneficiaries in George Bowker's will dated 31 May 1614 in Lincoln. An unknown person was a spinster in 1614.

William Newton

     William Newton was born in Elvedon, Suffolk.
William Newton married Elizabeth Milnes, daughter of Richard Slater Milnes or Rich and Rachael Busk, on 13 December 1811 in Ferry Fryston, Yorkshire. Hartley Gray wrote: William and Elizabeth had 10 children one of whom was my great grandfather Horace Parker Newton.
He was of Elveden Hall, Suffolk and MP for Ipswich.

John Neyler

(before 1550 - )
     John Neyler was born before 1550.
John Neyler married Agnes Popplewell, daughter of Patriarch Popplewell (of Blyth), on 1 January 1568 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire.

Amelia Nice

(after 1838 - )
     Amelia Nice was born after 1838 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Simon Nice.
Amelia Nice married George Bullett, son of Henry Bullett and Harriet Pettit, on 13 November 1858 in Drinkstone.
     Amelia Nice and George Bullett were recorded on the 1861 census in Hickett Heath, Hessett. George Bullett, head, married, 24, farm labourer, born Hessett, Amelia, wife, 22, born Drinkstone, David 2, & Mary Ann 1 both born at Hessett. They were presumably working at Hickett Heath Farm which was the next entry - 65 acres held by the Baker family.
     Amelia Nice and George Bullett were recorded on the 1871 census in Hessett. George Bullett, head, married, 34 ag lab, Amelia wife 33 born Drinkstone, David 13, Laura 9, Ruth 5, Ann 3 all born Hessett.
     Amelia Nice and George Bullett were recorded on the 1881 census in the Green, Hessett. George 45 ag lab, Amelia 43 born Drinkstone, Ruth daughter 14, scholar, Annie daughter 12 scholar, Solomon son 9 scholar, Beatrice daughter 5, Herbert son 2, all born at Hessett.
     Amelia Nice and George Bullett were recorded on the 1891 census in Hessett. #32, The Green, in a house with 3 rooms: George Bullett, head, married aged 53, Agricultural labourer, born Hessett; Amelia, wife 52, born Drinkstone, Solomon, son, aged 19, ag.lab., born Hessett; Beatrice daughter aged 15, born Hessett, Herbert, son, aged 12, born Hessett.
     Amelia Nice and George Bullett were recorded on the 1901 census in Hessett. George Bullett, aged 64, born and living at Hessett as an agricultural labourer. Amelia Bullett, aged 64, born and living at Hessett.

Children of Amelia Nice and George Bullett

Caroline Nice

(circa 1860 - )
     Caroline Nice was born circa 1860.
Caroline Nice married William Catchpole, son of Elijah Catchpole and Sarah Ann Rosbrooke, circa September 1880 in Hessett or Rougham, Suffolk, England.

Blanche Ainslie Nichol

(circa 1899 - 1973)
     Blanche Ainslie Nichol was also known as Nicholls in records. She was born circa 1899.
Blanche Ainslie Nichol married Lionel Cuthbert Grimwade, son of Edward Norton Grimwade and Phelia Agnes Maude Whittingham, in 1924.
     Blanche died in 1973 in Victoria.

Allan John Nicholls

(2 August 1968 - 29 January 1989)
     Allan John Nicholls was born on 2 August 1968 in Waikari, New Zealand.
     Allan died on 29 January 1989 in Fernside, Rangiora, New Zealand, aged 20.

Ann Nicholls

     Ann Nicholls married John Trolley, son of Lazarus Trolley and Isott Leach, in May 1770 in Chagford, Devon.

Child of Ann Nicholls and John Trolley

Annie Nicholls

(circa 1889 - )
     Annie Nicholls was born circa 1889. She was the daughter of Wiliam Nicholls & Jane..
Annie Nicholls married George Mantoch Ross, son of James Mantoch and Mary Tindal, on 18 September 1918 in Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Elizabeth Nicholls

(before 1721 - before 28 April 1770)
     Elizabeth Nicholls was born before 1721 in Suffolk, England.
Elizabeth Nicholls married Henry Cocksedge, son of Bradfield St Clare Cocksedge, circa 29 October 1742 in Newton - Sudbury, Suffolk. Their marriage allegation dated 29 Oct 1742, described them as Hen. Cocksedge, of Bradfield St Clare, yeoman, s.m. & Elizh Nichols, of same, s.w. at Newton or Littlle Waldingfield.
     Elizabeth died before 28 April 1770 in Bradfield St Clare, Suffolk. She was buried on 28 April 1770 in Bradfield St Clare, Suffolk. The widow Cocksedge, but an Elizabeth Cocksedge aged 73 was also buried 17 nov 1786.

Children of Elizabeth Nicholls and Henry Cocksedge

John David Nicholls

     John David Nicholls married Dorothy Rebecca Ashby, daughter of George William Ashby and Rebecca Joanna Unknown (Ashby), on 1 October 1859 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.