Sholto Winton McRae Colbert

(1896 - )
     Sholto Winton McRae Colbert was born in 1896 in Merrigum, Victoria. He was the son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae.
     Sholto Winton McRae Colbert married Marion M Lorentzen in 1917 in Sydney, New South Wales.
     Sholto Winton McRae Colbert married Clarice I Narracott in 1925 in Lithgow RD, New South Wales.
     He was mentioned in NSW in 1955.

Children of Sholto Winton McRae Colbert and Marion M Lorentzen

Child of Sholto Winton McRae Colbert

Annie Marion Colbert

(15 February 1898 - 1984)
     Annie Marion Colbert was born on 15 February 1898 in Merrigum, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae.
     Annie Marion Colbert married Faulkner Walshe in 1931 in Victoria.
     Annie died in 1984 in Shepparton, Victoria. They left no issue.

Susan Jane Jarred

(circa 1872 - 15 May 1948)
     Susan Jane Jarred was born circa 1872 in South Australia.
     Susan Jane Jarred married John Colbert, son of John Colbert and Alice O'Brien, in 1891 in Victoria. She was of Broughton, they were both born in SA.
     Susan died on 15 May 1948 in Nhill, Victoria.
     Her will was proved at Victoria.

Children of Susan Jane Jarred and John Colbert