Robert Stanley Colbert

(1909 - 29 October 1980)
     Robert Stanley Colbert was born in 1909 in Nhill, Victoria. He was the son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred.
     Robert Stanley Colbert married Clytie Muriel Koop on 12 March 1936 in the Presbyterian church, Glencoe, South Australia.
     Robert died on 29 October 1980 in Nhill, Victoria. He was buried on 31 October 1980 in Nhill. He was listed as aged 71, Lutheran 6/25, buried next to the grave of Graeme Geoffrey Colbert.
     His will was proved on 18 May 1981. He was described as a retired farmer of Kaniva.

Children of Robert Stanley Colbert and Clytie Muriel Koop

Jessie Colbert (North)

(17 April 1908 - 1973)
     Jessie Colbert (North) was born on 17 April 1908 in Ballarat, Victoria. A Jessie Colbert married Leonard Keith Burnie in 1937 and he died in 1984 aged 79. She was the daughter of David Colbert and Susan MacArthur. Jessie Colbert (North) was admitted to Queens Memorial Infectious Diseases Hospital, Fairfield, on 7 August 1931.
     Jessie died in 1973 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Archibald Colbert

(28 October 1908 - before 22 February 1982)
     Archibald Colbert was born on 28 October 1908 in Coburg, Victoria. He was the son of James Thomas Colbert and Jessie Watt Bowman.
     Archibald Colbert married Florence Maud Prouse in 1929 in Victoria. Archibald Colbert was registered in the 1931 electoral roll with Gordon James Colbert.
     Archibald Colbert lived at 2 Ajax St, Heidelberg West, Victoria, 1982.
     Archibald died before 22 February 1982 in Parkville, Victoria. He was buried on 22 February 1982 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Child of Archibald Colbert and Florence Maud Prouse