Mary King

(28 February 1865 - 11 February 1936)
     Mary King was born on 28 February 1865 in Bo'ness, West Lothian (Linlithgow), Scotland.
     Mary King married David Mackay, son of Isabella MacKay, on 8 October 1886 in Manhatten, New York, USA.
     Mary died on 11 February 1936 in New York, Queens, USA, aged 70.

Children of Mary King and David Mackay

Charles Harold Fethney

     Charles Harold Fethney married Elizabeth Jane Colbert, daughter of John Denny Colbert and Jane Gilmore Barr, on 10 October 1900 in St Luke's, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. They had issue in Armadale & Malvern.

Children of Charles Harold Fethney and Elizabeth Jane Colbert

Gladys Allinson Dorman (Traynor)

(1904 - 1978)
     Gladys Allinson Dorman (Traynor) was born in 1904 in Tallangatta, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Henry Allinson Dorman and Mary Agnes Colbert.
     Gladys died in 1978 in Bentleigh, Victoria.