William Homer Bickley

(4 November 1768 - )
     William Homer Bickley was christened on 4 November 1768 in Bilston, Staffordshire, England. He was the son of William Bickley and Sarah Homer.

Mary Bidwell (Scot)

(before 1750 - 2 July 1781)
     Mary Bidwell (Scot) was born before 1750.
Mary Bidwell (Scot) married Andrew Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Rebecca Henzell, before 1764. See Burke p. 347 for their issue.
     Mary died on 2 July 1781.

Cecily Bigod

(circa 1086 - )
     Cecily Bigod married William D'Aubigne (Brito I), son of Patriarch D'Aubigne.
She was of Belvoir. K S B Keats-Roahan wrote in Prosopon no. 9 (July 1998): In 1129 the sole surviving issue of Robert de Tosny were his younger daughters Adelisa Bigod and Agnes de Beaufour, who was then already married to Hubert de Ryes. At that date his Bigod granddaughter Matilda de Albini was probably already dead and her sister Gunnor not long removed from her second marriage to Haimo de St Clair. Of their siblings, only Hugh Bigod and Cecilia, then wife of William de Albini Brito, survived. The Carta returned by Hugh Bigod in 1166 shows him holding the fee of his aunt Albreda de Insula.[15] At the same date William de Albini Brito II held the fee of Belvoir. The conclusion from this must be that Adelisa succeeded Albreda in the fees of both Berengar and Robert de Tosny as next surviving sister. When she in her turn died she left issue of both sexes. Her sole surviving son Hugh succeeded his aunt Albreda - and by extension, her eldest brother Berengar - as heir both to Berengar's tenancy-in-chief in Lincolnshire and the Norman lands of Robert de Tosny of Belvoir. His tenancy of Robert's Norman lands is shown in a Norman record of 1172 where he is named as holding land of the fee of Conches and Tosny.[16] More important in terms of size in England, the lordship of Belvoir was nonetheless the lesser of the two Tosny lordships because it as not associated with their Norman heritage. As the inheritance of a woman married to an important tenant-in-chief it could be expected to pass to one of her younger children and not her husband's principal male heir. Since she had no surviving younger sons after 1120, the devolution of Belvoir to one of her daughters was inevitable. Gunnor and Matilda had long since been provided for from their father's inheritance by the time, after c. 1115/1118, that Adelisa succeeded to Belvoir. Consequently it was the youngest daughter Cecilia - quite probably a mere infant at her father's death in 1107 - who became her mother's heiress. She was, of course , an heiress whose marriage could advantageously be used to reward one of the king's loyal new men. Cecilia's marriage to William de Albini Brito has been said to have occurred as early as 1107 on the basis of a Belvoir charter given by Ralph de Raines and attested by Roger Bigod, but it certainly took place much later. The Belvoir charter just mentioned probably begins to the early 1140s . It was attested by William de Albini senior and his wife Cecilia, their son William junior, Roger Bigot, Robert de Toteneio, Ralph de Albeneio and others.[17] Since William, Robert and Ralph were certainly sons of William and Cecilia it is clear that Roger Bigod was also, as is confirmed by the order of their sons William, Robert, Roger, listed in the Thorney Liber vitae (BL Add, 40,000, fol. 2r). Cecily Bigod was born circa 1086. She was the daughter of Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Adeliza de Tosny.

Children of Cecily Bigod and William D'Aubigne (Brito I)

Hugh Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk

     Hugh Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk was the son of Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Adeliza de Tosny.

Child of Hugh Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk

Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk

( - 1177)
     Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk was the son of Robert le Bigod de Loges.
His father Roger came from Normandy, France, being Seigneur of Les Loges, Calvados, arr.Vire, cant. Aunay-sur-Odon. From Keats-Rohan's "Domesday People", pub 1999 by The Boydell Press, pp. 396-8.

Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk, rebelled against Henry II in 1174 (CP 9:584-5: "On 24 July Henry encamped at Sileham, and next day Hugh surrendered and did homage...in 1176 the King destroyed Hugh's castles of Framlingham and Bungay, Hugh himself seems to have remained quiescent until his death in the following year.), so suffered the consequences of failure (he died in 1177), and it was not until 1189 that his son Roger was restored as Earl of Norfolk.
     Hugh died in 1177.

Maud Bigod

(circa 1088 - )
     Maud Bigod married William d'Aubigne Pincerna. They were the parents of William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Lincoln and 1st Earl of Arundel (c. 1109 – 25 Sep 1176), also known as William d'Albini. Maud Bigod was born circa 1088. She was the daughter of Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Adeliza de Tosny.

Robert le Bigod de Loges

     Robert le Bigod de Loges was born in Normandy, France.
He was among those who were awarded lands in recognition of their loyalty and success with William 'The Conqueror'. He was called Robert le Bigod de Loges who had held lands in Normandy at Malitot, Chanon and Loges, all in Calvados. He had gained the favour of William after disclosing the intended treachery of William of Mortain, being appointed Seneschal in William's household. Both Robert and his son Roger appear to have fought at the Battle of Hastings.

Children of Robert le Bigod de Loges

Roger Bigod 2nd Earl of Norfolk

(circa 1150 - )
     Roger Bigod 2nd Earl of Norfolk was born circa 1150. He was the son of Hugh Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk.
Roger Bigod 2nd Earl of Norfolk married Ida de Tosny, daughter of Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (5) de Tosny and Marguerite de Beaumont.

Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk

(circa 1045 - 9 September 1107)
     Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk was born circa 1045 in Normandy. Vavasor in Les Loges & Savenay; lord of Framlingham ca 1101, sheriff of Suffolk 1072–1075/81, 1086 & 1101/07, sheriff of Norfolk 1086 & 1100–1107, a royal steward. He was the son of Robert le Bigod de Loges.
     He served at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 in Hastings, Sussex. Roger received the forfeited estates of Ralph de Guader, Earl of Norfolk, and by 1086 was in possession of 6 Lordships in Essex, 117 in Suffolk, including Bngay Castle, and 13 in Cheshire. He then served as King's Dapifer or steward under William Rufus and HenryI form who he received the manor of Framlingham where he improved and strengthened the castle to make it his main stronghold. In 1103 Roger founded the Abbey of Whelford in Norfolk where he was buried..
Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk married Adeliza de Tosny, daughter of Robert de Tosny and Adelais, before 1085. Roger was previously believed to have married firstly an "Adelaide (Adelidis)" of unknown parentage, and secondly Alice de Toeny (CP ix 577, 578).
But Keats-Rohan, "Domesday Descendants", p. 396, argues that these are both the same woman, and lists sons Hugh, William and Humphrey and daughters Cecilia, two Matildas and Gunnora (no Jane)
     Roger died on 9 September 1107 in Earsham, Norfolk. He was succeeded by his eldest son William who was appointed steward to the household of Henry I. Unfortunately his mother Lady Framlingham and her charge, Henry I, son Prince William and William were all drowned when the 'White ship" in which they were travelleing form the continent foundered in a severe storm on 26 November 1120. He was buried in the Cathedral, Norwich, Norfolk.
K S B Keats-Roahan in Prosopon no. 9 wrote: The elder of Robert de Tosny's younger daughters was Adelisa, wife of Roger Bigod at his death in 1107. It is probable that Roger was married only once, although he is usually credited with two wives of the same name on the inconclusive evidence of a pro anama clause in a charter of his son William.[11] Roger and his wife Adelisa gave charter for Rochester priory which referred to their sons and daughters and was attested by their children William, Humphrey, Gunnor and Matilda.[12] This charter tellingly refers to King Henry, making it highly unlikely that Roger acquired a second wife and second family before his death in 1107. It is likely that Rogers' children were born from the late 1090s onwards, and that the youngest of them were Hugh and Cecilia.[13] Roger's daughters Gunnor and Matilda were married soon after 1107. Gunnor's marriage to Robert fitz Swein of Essex had perhaps been arranged by her father. Matilda was married to William de Albini pincerna by Henry I who bestowed 10 Bigod fees on her as a marriage portion. The marriages certainly took place before Adelisa de Tosny became the heiress to Belvoir on the death without issue of her eldest sister Albreda, some time between 1115/18 and 1129, when Adelisa, as widow of Roger Bigod, accounted for her father's land of Belvoir.

Children of Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Adeliza de Tosny

Rebecca Billing

     Rebecca Billing married Richard Ruby on 31 March 1806 in Devonport, Stoke Damerel, Devon. Richard Ruby, boatswain of HMS La Resolue? & Rebecca Billing of this parish were married by banns. They both signed in the presence of Alexander & Elizabeth Murray.

Henry Billingsley

( - 22 November 1606)
     Henry Billingsley was born in London. He was a son of William Billingsley, haberdasher and assaymaster of London, and his wife, Elizabeth Harlowe. Wikipedia states: He entered St. John's College, Cambridge, in 1551,[1] and also studied at Oxford, where, under the tutelage of a former Augustinian friar named Whytehead, he developed an interest in mathematics. He did not take a degree but apprenticed to a London merchant. He became a haberdasher, becoming a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers by patrimony in 1560, He was married 5 times.
Henry Billingsley married Mary Killigrew, daughter of Sir John Killigrew and Mary Wolverston, on 24 February 1602/3 in St Katharine Coleman, London. Henry Billingsley, esquire & Mary Killigrew , married by licence 24 Feb 1602.
     Henry died on 22 November 1606 in London, England.

Catherine Elizabeth Bills

(December 1860 - )
     Catherine Elizabeth Bills's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1860 in Lambeth, Surrey. She was the daughter of George Bills and Catherine Wafford. George and Catherine were listed as the children of George Bills in the 1861 census in 30 Portsmouth Place, Lambeth, Surrey.

Emmeline Bills

     Emmeline Bills married Edward Melville Ryther in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Child of Emmeline Bills and Edward Melville Ryther

George Bills

(circa 1820 - )
     George Bills was born circa 1820.
George Bills married Catherine Wafford, daughter of William Wafford, on 11 January 1855 in Kennington, Lambeth RD, Surrey. She was described as the daughter of William and was of Highgate.
     George Bills and Catherine Wafford were recorded on the 1861 census in 30 Portsmouth Place, Lambeth, Surrey. George Bills, 39, proprietor of houses, born Mdx Somerstown?; his wife Catherine aged 26, born Seven Dials, their children George aged 4 & Catherine 6 months, both born Lambeth, Surrey and a visitor Catherine Redgrave aged 9, scholar, born Kings Cross, Mdx.

Children of George Bills and Catherine Wafford

George Wootton Bills

(September 1856 - )
     George Wootton Bills's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1856 in Lambeth, Surrey. She was the daughter of George Bills and Catherine Wafford. George and Catherine were listed as the children of George Bills in the 1861 census in 30 Portsmouth Place, Lambeth, Surrey.

Catherine Bingham

(before 1665 - )
     Catherine Bingham was born before 1665 in Ireland. Catherine, daughter of John Bingham of Castlebar. John Bingham had married James Wynne's mother as her third husband, his daughter Catherine, whom James married, being a child of Bingham's by a previous marriage. The family of Bingham had been prominent in the Elizabethan wars in Ireland and in particular had contested the possession of Sligo castle with the forces of Hugh Roe O'Neill.. She was the daughter of John Bingham.
Catherine Bingham married Brig-Gen James Wynne, son of Col Owen Wynne (I) and Catherine Hamilton.
She may be the Mrs Katherine Wynne who waws granted a pension of £100 from 1 Aug 1701.
She may be the Catherine Wynne of Dublin whos 1717 intestacy was listed in the 26th Deputy Keeper's Report p. 46.

Children of Catherine Bingham and Brig-Gen James Wynne

Hannah Bingham

(28 November 1771 - 8 July 1849)
     Hannah Bingham was born on 28 November 1771 in Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire. She was christened on 29 November 1771 in Sturton le Steeple.
Hannah Bingham married George Stanser, son of John Stanser and Catherine Peck, on 19 November 1801 in Sturton, NTT. Married by licence. She made her mark and they were both of Sturton.
     Hannah Bingham and John Stanser were recorded on the 1841 census in Cross St, Sturton le Steeple. John Stancer, farmer aged 33, Hannah aged 65, Catherine aged 30, Elizabeth aged 25, presumably his sisters and mother, all born in Nottinghamshire. Hannah could be his aunt.
     Hannah died on 8 July 1849 in Sturton, NTT, aged 77. She was buried on 11 July 1849 in Sturton le Steeple.

Children of Hannah Bingham and George Stanser

John Bingham

     John died in Castlebar, Aglish, Mayo, Ireland.
     Catherine Hamilton married thirdly John Bingham after 1670.

Children of John Bingham

Rebecca Bingham

     Rebecca Bingham was the daughter of John Bingham.
Rebecca Bingham married Lewis Wynne, son of Col Owen Wynne (I) and Catherine Hamilton.

Children of Rebecca Bingham and Lewis Wynne

Sarah Bingley

(before 8 March 1798 - before 1881)
     Sarah Bingley was born before 8 March 1798 in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.
Sarah Bingley married William Popplewell, son of William Popplewell and Esther Selby, on 1 February 1816 in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.
     Sarah Bingley and William Popplewell were recorded on the 1841 census in Keadby, Althorpe, Lincolnshire. William Popplewell 45, ag. labourer; Sarah 40, Sarah 15, Bingley 5, Mary 1, all born in the county.
     Sarah Bingley and William Popplewell were recorded on the 1851 census in Keadby, Lincolnshire. William popplewell, head, 57, ag. lab. born Althorpe with his wife Sarah aged 52, born Keadby, and their children Sarah 24, Bingley 14 & Mary 11 all born at Keadby.
     Sarah died before 1881.

Children of Sarah Bingley and William Popplewell

Ann Binion

(21 April 1902 - 13 January 1979)
     Ann Binion was born on 21 April 1902.
Ann Binion married Elgin Thomas Colbert DCM, son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1928 in Victoria.
     Ann died on 13 January 1979 in Mooroopna, Victoria, aged 76. She was buried in Shepparton.
     Her will was proved on 30 March 1979. Ann Colbert, widow of Tallygaroopna.

Child of Ann Binion and Elgin Thomas Colbert DCM

Lachlan Binion

(1908 - 1968)
     Lachlan Binion was born in 1908 in Murchison, Victoria.
Lachlan Binion married Gertrude Ellen Colbert, daughter of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella, in 1930 in Victoria.
     Lachlan died in 1968 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

William Binks

(1690 - 5 May 1760)
     William Binks was born in 1690 in Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was christened on 21 December 1690 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. William was a cutler in 1710. He was apprenticed to Thomas Parker cutler, Darnall and gained his Freedom in 1710.
William Binks married Ann Steer, daughter of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam, on 30 July 1716 in Wickersley, Yorkshire. To continue this line see: [EMAIL:]http://website.lineone.net/~stephen_binks/binks/Main/f287.htm#P1056[:EMAIL]
Their grand daughter Gertrude born 1755 (daughter of George Binks and Elizabeth Birks) married John Shore (b. 1744), founder of Parker and Shore’s Bank in Sheffield and brother to Florence Nightingale’s grandfather, William Shore. See [EMAIL:]http://www.geocities.com/layedwyer/shore.htm[:EMAIL]
Their children emigrated to Canada to escape the Sheffield cholera epidemic in 1832 and pioneered London, Ontario where many still live....
     William died on 5 May 1760.

Elizabeth Binnie (Watson)

(1823 - )
     Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) was also known as Benny in records. She was born in 1823 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Her mother's name was given as McGur. The IGI offers an Eizabeth Benny, daughter of David Benny and Ann Moncur baptised 11 Sep 1828.
Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) married John Emslie, son of Samuel Emslie and Elizabeth Jamieson, on 28 July 1864 in Old Machar, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire.
     Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) and John Emslie were recorded on the 1871 census in 15/25 Bank Street, Ferryhill, Aberdeen. John, 69, Coppersmith, born New Machar; Elizabeth, wife, 47, born Old Machar; John, son, 4, born New Machar; Elizabeth Ann, daughter, 3, born Peterhead; William Watson, step-son, 10, scholar; Ann McGur, grandmother, 71, widow, Aberloudy Abd. A Jane Emsly, aged 18, millworker, boarder born Aberdeen, was at 9 Diamond Street. Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) and Jane Emslie, Samuel Emslie, Peter Emslie, Elizabeth Ann Emslie and John Emslie were beneficiaries in John Emslie's will proved 1 December 1874 in Aberdeen.
     Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) were recorded on the 1881 census in 25 Bank St, Old Machar, Aberdeen. Elizabeth Emslie E, Widow, 54 born New Machar, Aberdeen, Head, Merchant; William Watson, unmarried, 22, born Peterhead, Aberdeen, Son, Merchant; John Elmslie, 15, born Aberdeen, Son, Occ: Clerk Railway; Lizzie Elmslie, 13, born Aberdeen, Daur, Scholar; Mary Elmslie, 9, born Aberdeen, Daur, Scholar; Helen Camerson, Unmarried, 23, born Peterhead, Aberdeen, Niece, general servant; William Gauld, unmarried, 23, born Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Boarder, Joiner Master employing 5 Men & 1 boy.
On 13 October 1881 Mrs Emslie of 25 Bank St, obtained approval for a building warrant re a cottage on north side of Devanha Terrace, behind 25 Bank Street.

Children of Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) and John Emslie

William Binns

     William Binns married Isabel Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell, on 1 July 1639 in Everton, Nottinghamshire.

Mary Ann Birch

     Mary Ann Birch married Edward Rich, son of Joseph Rich and Elizabeth Taylor, on 25 July 1858 in Clarborough, Nottinghamshire.

Child of Mary Ann Birch and Edward Rich

Ada Matilda Bird

(15 May 1835 - 15 September 1920)
     Ada Matilda Bird was commonly known as Matilda. She was born on 15 May 1835 in 2 Liverpool St, Hyde Park, Sydney. She was the daughter of Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul. Ada Matilda Bird was christened on 22 March 1837 in St James, Sydney, New South Wales.
     Ada Matilda Bird was listed with Isabella Tempest Bird and Rosalie Bird on the passenger list of the "Emma" arriving at Sydney, New South Wales, on 20 January 1849. The brig "Emma" departed Hobart Town 14 July, carrying cabin passengers: Miss Bird, Miss Rosalie Bird, Miss A Bird, Miss Mary Rich, Master Harry Rich, arriving at Sydney from Hobart Town.
Ada Matilda Bird married Alfred Elliott Bush in 1860 in Braidwood, New South Wales.
     Ada Matilda Bird was mentioned in the will of John Fairburn Isaac Bird dated October 1888.
     Ada died on 15 September 1920 in 154 Palace St, Petersham, New South Wales, aged 85. Sep 15 1920 at her residence, 154 Palace st, Petersham, Ada Matilda Bush, aged 84 years.
The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs. WILLIAM WHITMARSH and Mrs. HEATH and FAMILY are kindly invited to ittend the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER, Ada Matilda Bush ; to leave Wood Coffills Mortuary Chapel, George street, city, TOMORROW, FRIDAY, at 9 am for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. Funeral train llaves Petersliam station at 9.35 am.
A similar notice was inserted by The Frineds of Mr and Mrs F R Breading and family..

Children of Ada Matilda Bird and Alfred Elliott Bush

Alfred Herbert Bird

(1859 - 1874)
     Alfred Herbert Bird was born in 1859 in St Kilda, Victoria. He was the son of Alfred Paul Bird and Alethea Cole.
     Alfred died in 1874 in St Kilda, Victoria.

Alfred Paul Bird

(15 January 1833 - 19 December 1866)
     Alfred Paul Bird was born on 15 January 1833 in en route to Australia, Isle de S. Paul, France. He was the son of Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul.
     Alfred Paul Bird and Isabella Tempest Bird, John Fairburn Isaac Bird, Rosalie Bird and William Henry Bird arrived with Isaac Bird and Isabella Tempest Paul on 21 March 1833 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Alfred Paul Bird was christened on 22 March 1837 in St James, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was baptised with his Paul cousins. Alfred was a policeman after August 1853, in Victoria. He joined the Victorian Police Force 28 Aug 1853 as constable, previously a farmer. Height 5' 7", eyes dark brown, hair black, dark complexion. Discharged 28th Oct 1856. Member of the Vic. Yeomanry Cavalry formed 1855. Photo in Argus 3 June 1939.
     Alfred Paul Bird travelled to New Zealand in 1856.
Alfred Paul Bird married Alethea Cole, daughter of Edward Cole and Mary Harrison, on 25 January 1858 in Christ Church, St Kilda, Victoria. His occupation was "squatter" residing at St Kilda. Witnessed by their sibllings William Henry & Emily Bird.
     Alfred Paul Bird travelled to Queensland in February 1861.
Richard Hill wrote in Policing in NZ p. 693: On 1 April 1861, just prior to the discovery of gold in Otago, a sizeable section of that province comprising 1500 people had broken away to form Southland Province. …… State coercive power was needed in only the handful of towns, the biggest being the provincial capital, Invercargill, which boasted 400 people at the time of separation. ….
p. 695: “In late September (1861) the runholder-dominated government, concerned at the potential for disorder in town and country alike, decided to paramilitarise its force to some degree. ….it requested from the Victorian authorities the services of three constables. … The government, in the hope of a goldfields boom and certainly predicting an increasingly disorderly spill-over from across the border with Otago, asked that one of the men be able to undertake detective work and other two be capable of mounted duty.
.. In November (1861) it was learnt that Captain Standish had contracted for service in the Southland police a recently discharged detective,
Alfred P Bird. But despite the offer of a basic 8s 6d per day (0.85c), a high pay by Southland standards, together with the perquisites of free quarters, light, fuel and uniform, it was not until December that the Victorian Commissioner could locate two uniformed men willing to go to a non-goldfields province. …….”
p. 697 “ …. the government remained under constant scrutiny over its expenditure on coercive capacity,…”
“It had been assumed that the Victorian recruits would be single men, hence the offer of free accommodation. This was withdrawn for
Bird when he finally arrived with wife and family. Moreover the new constable was paid merely regular constables’ rates which, although recently increased to take account of the upswing in the economy, fell short of the 10s ($1.00 per day) which had been promised him in order to include extra expenses incurred as a consequence of detective work. After more than a year of fighting such attitudes, Bird was to resign. …..
     Alfred Paul Bird sent a letter dated 14 Sep 1865 or 66 to Alethea Cole. Letter from Alfred at Cromer Cottage to his wife Alethea: My dear Ally, I am in receipt of yours this morning saying that you intend to leave poor little Ted at Geelong with Nelly. It is certainly ........ of her to take charge of him but you must remember he has not cut his teeth yet and if anything happened to him during your absence and he so far distant you would never forgive yourself. All than.. to tell you is if you come home without him I shall go down and fetch him dont you believe that he shall be left it is hard enough to part with Bones let alone Master Ted. I dont know whether you know it abut I think a great deal of him and if I have got to mind him myself he shall come back so dont you come without him what was it Emily said in my letter she did not tell me. I am better today the Dr. told me that it was a slight inflamation but my appetite is not so good. I am very weak scarcely any strength in my body. Mary thinks of leaving here on Monday next for Queensland. All the rest of the folks are well here and desire to be kindly remembered to you all. Accept my best love and lots of kisses from your affectionate husband A P Bird. I command you to bring Ted leave him behind at your peril APB ..
     Alfred died on 19 December 1866 in Thomas St, Prahran, Victoria, aged 33. He was buried on 21 December 1866 in Church of England section of the St Kilda cemetery.
     His will was proved between 1867 and February 1867 at Victoria.

Children of Alfred Paul Bird and Alethea Cole

Alice Bird

(12 December 1853 - )
     Alice Bird was christened on 12 December 1853 in Woolpit, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Bird and Harriet Bullett.