Elizabeth Plumb

(21 April 1771 - before 22 February 1778)
     Elizabeth Plumb was christened on 21 April 1771 in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire. Elizabeth, base born daughter of Charles Plumb and Mary Keen. She was the daughter of Charles Plumb and Mary Keen.
     Elizabeth died before 22 February 1778 in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire. Elizabeth daughter of Charles Plumb & Mary Keen, buried 22 Feb 1778.

Joan Plumb

     Joan Plumb married Henry Cocksedge on 8 October 1609 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Elizabeth Plumbe

( - November 1807)
     Elizabeth Plumbe married Benjamin Rawson, son of Benjamin Rawson and Ann Steer, on 25 August 1785 in St Peter, Bolton le Moors, Lancashire. Benjamin Rawson, Esq. of Nidd Hall, Yks, and of Darley Hall, Lancs. b. in 1758, married in 1785 Elizabeth, only surving child of Thomas Plumbe, esq. second son of the Rev Thomas Plumbe, rector of Aughton and Moberley, and canon of Windsor, by whom (who died in Nov. 1807) he had issue. Mr Rawson, who inherited the family estates at Bradford, having considerably augmented his fortune by trade, purchased Nidd, his present residnece, and other property in Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died in November 1807 in Yorkshire, England.

Children of Elizabeth Plumbe and Benjamin Rawson

Frances Plummer

(circa 1788? - 1 February 1820)
     Frances Plummer was born circa 1788? In Suffolk.
     Frances Plummer married Abraham Cocksedge, son of George Cocksedge and Elizabeth Jackson?, on 20 December 1814 in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk.
     Frances died on 1 February 1820 in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk. She has a memorial with her husband. She was buried on 8 February 1820 in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk.

Children of Frances Plummer and Abraham Cocksedge

Jane Naomi Plummer

(circa 1843 - )
     Jane Naomi Plummer was born circa 1843 in Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk.
     The marriage of Jane Naomi Plummer and George Bland was registered in Yarmouth RD, Norfolk, in the September 1869 quarter.
     Jane Naomi Plummer and George Bland appeared on the 1881 census in Gorleston, Suffolk. George Bland 40, shipwright, born Gt Yarmouth, Nfk, his wife Jane Bland 37, George Bland 11, Herbert Bland 10, Ernest Bland 8, Albert Bland 6, all born at Gt Yarmouth, Alice Bland 4, born Gorleston, Laura Bland 9 months born Goleston.

Child of Jane Naomi Plummer and George Bland

Robert Plummer

(27 August 1615 - )
     Robert Plummer was christened on 27 August 1615 in West Hoathly, Sussex. The family were of Piddinghoe.
     Robert Plummer married Sarah Geere, daughter of Diones Geere and Elizabeth Mounke, on 13 October 1650 in Piddinghoe, Sussex.

Elizabeth Plumpton (Sothill)

(circa 1461 - )
     Elizabeth Plumpton (Sothill) was born circa 1461. She was the daughter of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Clifford.

Sir? Robert de Plumpton

(circa 1268 - circa 1325)
     Sir? Robert de Plumpton was born circa 1268 in England. This pedigree continues on the LDS sites.
     Sir? Robert de Plumpton married Lucy de Ros, daughter of Sir William de Ros (of Ingmanthorpe) and Eustace Fitzralph.
     Robert died circa 1325.

Children of Sir? Robert de Plumpton and Lucy de Ros

Alice Plumpton

     Alice Plumpton was the daughter of Sir William Plumpton and Christiana Mowbray.
     She married Richard de Sherburne the;n John le Boteler..

Eustacia Plumpton

     Eustacia Plumpton was the daughter of Sir? Robert de Plumpton and Lucy de Ros.
     Eustacia Plumpton married Sir Peter de Middleton.

Margaret Plumpton

     Margaret Plumpton was the daughter of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Clifford.

Marmaduke Plumpton

     Marmaduke Plumpton was the son of Sir? Robert de Plumpton and Lucy de Ros.

Robert Plumpton

( - 1450)
     Robert Plumpton was the son of William Plumpton.
     Robert died in 1450.

Robert Plumpton

(circa 1340 - 19 April 1407)
     Robert Plumpton was born circa 1340. He was the son of Sir William Plumpton and Christiana Mowbray.
     Robert Plumpton married Isabella Le Scrope.
     Robert died on 19 April 1407. His second wife Isabel, Lady of Kirkoswald, married secondly by dispensation March 1413 Nicholas Middleton, Kt.

Child of Robert Plumpton and Isabella Le Scrope

Robert Plumpton

     Robert Plumpton was the son of Sir? Robert de Plumpton and Lucy de Ros.

Robert Plumpton

(say 1406 - )
     Robert Plumpton was born say 1406. He was the son of Sir Robert Plumpton and Alice Foljambe.

Sir Robert Plumpton

(circa 1383 - 14 December 1421)
     Sir Robert Plumpton was born circa 1383. He was aged 24 in 1407. He was the son of William Plumpton and Alice Gisburn.
     A contract for the marriage of Sir Robert Plumpton and Alice Foljambe was signed on 16 January 1392/93. They were married before 6 Nov 1401. They had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Sir Robert Plumpton was buried on 8 December 1421 in Plumpton Quire, Spofforth, Yorkshire. Memorial inscription: Hic Jacet Robertus Plompton, mil/ nuper Senescallus de Knaresborough, et Alicia uxor ejus, filia et here Godfridi Foljambe, mil. qui Robertus obiit 8 Decemberis 1421, quorum a'i'bus p'pitietur Deus.
     Robert died on 14 December 1421.

Children of Sir Robert Plumpton and Alice Foljambe

Sir Robert Plumpton

(1453 - 1523)
     Sir Robert Plumpton was born in 1453. Within the old DNB entry for "Sir William Plumpton 1404-80" is a sub-entry for his son and heir Sir Robert Plumpton, child of his union with Joan Winteringham of Winteringham Hall, who, he convinced a jury, he had "married privately" in 1451. This was important, Sir Robert being born in 1453, and thereafter, his heir designate. He was the son of William Plumpton and Joan Wintringham.
     He was illegitimate by Joan, daughter of Thomas Wintingham, of Knaresborough. William claimed that they had married secretly may years ealier, and the marriage was validated in 1472.
Conveniently, this revelation occured after the death of Wiliam's only remaining heir male, and to preserve the family line, William tried immediately to disinherit the granddaughters in favour of the newly legitimized Robert, thus starting a conflict with their husbands, the Roucliffes and the Sothills. A settlement, begun before Wiliam's death in 1480, divided the estates, but left a terrible legacy to Robert, who almost lost everything in a length legal battle with Sir Richard Empson, the opportunistic lawyer employed by his rivals. Only Empson's disgrace in 1509 saved Robert from total ruin.
     Sir Robert Plumpton married Ann Gascoigne, daughter of William Gascoigne and Jane Nevil, circa November 1477 in Yorkshire. They had issue: Jane wife of Richard Mauleverer, Margaret, Anne, William, Robert, Dorothy & Elizabeth.
     Letter from Ralph Ryther: To my cousin, Sir Robert Plompton, knyght, be these byll. Right worshipfull cousin, I recommend me unto you, desiring to hear of your welfare; praying you to give me ij couple of conyes [rabbits] to stocking of a little ground that I make at Ryther, and shall doe you as great a pleassure. I pray you that I may be recomend to my lady your wyfe. We have rest [that is no bucks were to be killed out of the stock in the park at Ryther in that year], and past this summer I wyll pray you to come and kill a bucke with me. I pray you, Cousin, that the bringer hereof, my servant, may have the conyes, and Jesu keepe you. At Ryther, this fryday. By your Cousin, Ralfe Ryther.
     1585 visitation of Yorkshire: daughters Elizabeth married Wm Acclom of Noreby & had issue - attested by her grandson living in 1585; Elinor married John Aske & had issue - attested by her son Richard living 1585. Ralph was married to Katherine, daughter of Sir Robert Constable of Everingham.
     The subentry for Robert states that he married Isabel Neville, "daughter of Ralph Lord Neville". Adrian Channing states she was Isabel or Elizabeth, dau of Ralph Lord Nevill, son and heir app of Ralph Earl of Westemorland; marr before 18 Sep 21 Hen VII 1505. Her other marriage was to Lawrence Kighley of New Hall, near Otley esq; 2nd husband, 10 May 20 Hen VIII 1528-9 She dsp.(The Plumpton Correspondence edited by Thomas Stapleton).
     Robert died in 1523.

Child of Sir Robert Plumpton and Ann Gascoigne

William Plumpton

(7 October 1404 - 15 October 1480)
     He became a ward of his future patron, the Earl of Northumberland after his father's death in 1421.
Nancy Vogt wrote:
I have come upon a mystery in the Kirby book "The Plumpton Letters and Papers" and hope that someone on the list can clarify the supposed illegitimate/bastard sons of William Plumpton 1404-1480.
Sir Wm. was married first to Agnes Stapleton daughter of Sir Brian Stapleton by whom he had two sons both of whom married Elizabeth Clifford daughter of Thomas Lord Clifford (as arranged by the marriage contract) Robert
(d.1450) no issue and Wm. (d. 1461) at Towton Field leaving 2 daughters Margaret and Elizabeth, granddaughers of Sir Wm. (1404)
Agnes wife of Wm.(1404-1480) died before 1446. By 1453 Wm had produced a son, another Robert with Joan Wintringham (whom he claimed to have married) whom he wished to designate as his heir as it was important to him to carry on the male heir/name.
There seem to be two separate issues.
One, according to "Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire" Sir Wm. (1404) married his wife without witnesses before sunrise, jeopardising the rights of his children. They were pronounced illegitimate by the Church and but for the Priest and lengthened litigation they would have lost their inheritance. This would seem to refer to Robt (d1450) and Wm. (d. 1461), but is is not clear to me.
However, Kirby's book indicates that it was the 2nd marriage to Joan Wintringham daughter of Thomas that was questionable. It was not until 1472 that this second marriage was declared valid and Robert(1453-1523)
declared the legal heir.
We now have two deceased sons named Robert and William and another Robert by the 2nd wife. Added to that is that Sir Wm. is said to have had two illegitimate/bastard sons identified as Robert or Robinet of York (d.1507) who had legal training, practiced in York, lived in the parish of St. Michael, Spurriergate. and Wlliam of Kirkby Overblow (no dates)
They are mentioned several times in the text of various letters as "bastard". The two, (Robinet and William of Kirkby Overblow) were eventually given annuities out of certain parcels of land in the Derbyshire manor of Ockbrook by their father, Sir Wm.
Question: When were the other Robert (Robinet) and Wm. born? One Robert d. 1450 and another Robert b. 1453-1523 leaving a gap of 3 years for Robinet(d. 1507) or is that not relevant? The two William's are even more perplexing as the first William d. 1461. How does Wm. of Kirkby Overblow fit in? He is mentioned in several letters written by Robinet as "my brother William" Who was their mother?. William Plumpton was born on 7 October 1404 in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Sir Robert Plumpton and Alice Foljambe.
     A contract for the marriage of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Stapleton was signed on 20 January 1415/16. They had 2 sons and 7 daughters. William Plumpton was High Sheriff of Yorkshire, in 1447/48.
     William Plumpton married Joan Wintringham in 1451.
     William died on 15 October 1480 in Towton, Yorkshire, aged 76. His wife Joan took a vow of chastity 5 days later.

Child of William Plumpton

Child of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Stapleton

Child of William Plumpton and Joan Wintringham

William Plumpton

( - 12 July 1547)
     William Plumpton was the son of Sir Robert Plumpton and Ann Gascoigne.
     William Plumpton married Isabel Babthorpe, daughter of Robert Babthorpe and Catherine Unknown (Babthorpe), in 1496. They had issue Robert and Denys who predeceased them..
     William died on 12 July 1547.

William Plumpton

(1435 - 29 March 1461)
     William Plumpton was born in 1435. He was the second but surviving son & heir apparent. He was the son of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Stapleton.
     William Plumpton married Elizabeth Clifford circa 1453. They married by dispensation date 1453. She remarried John Hamerton.
     William died on 29 March 1461 in Towton.

Children of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Clifford

William Plumpton

(circa 1365 - 8 June 1405)
     William Plumpton was born circa 1365. He was the son of Robert Plumpton and Isabella Le Scrope.
     William Plumpton married Alice Gisburn before 1383. They had 6 sons and 3 daughters.
     William died by execution for his support of King Richard II on 8 June 1405.

Child of William Plumpton and Alice Gisburn

William Plumpton

     William Plumpton married Mary Vavasour, daughter of Sir William Vavasour and Elizabeth Calverley.

Sir William Plumpton

(circa 1294 - 1362)
     Nancy Vogt wrote in June 2003: According to Wm. Grainge,1871, "The History and Topography of the Forests of Knaresborough" Pages 265-274 re: Plumpton, William Plumpton m
1) Alice daughter and heiress of Sir Henry Beaufitz and 2) Christiana, widow of Richard de Emildon/Ellenden, mayor of Newcastle but no further information
Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire also lists her as wife #2, Christiana Moubray, relicta Ric'i Ellenden. Nothing more.
T. Stapleton's Pedigree included in the Joan Kirby book "The Plumpton Letters and Papers lists the same information with no further attempt at ascertaining lineage of Cristiana.
Kirby notes to Mowbray's in the index: John Duke of Norfolk, mentioned in a letter of 1468 and Katherine, duchess of Norfolk mentioned as a dowager duchess patron of Sir Guy Fairfax (d1495) which is much further down the line.
. Sir William Plumpton was born circa 1294. He was the son of Sir? Robert de Plumpton and Lucy de Ros.
     Sir William Plumpton married secondly Christiana Mowbray before 30 June 1334. She was the widow of John Scott and Richard de Emeldon (killed at Halidon Hill 129 July 1333). She was the sister of John de Mowbray.
     William died in 1362. He was Knight of the Shire 1331, Sheriff of Yorkshire 1350-1, Escheator of Yorkshire. He died towards the end of the year.

Children of Sir William Plumpton and Christiana Mowbray

Elizabeth Podd

(circa 1799 - before 29 January 1858)
     Elizabeth Podd was born circa 1799 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Podd married James Cocksedge on 28 March 1826 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Podd appeared on the 1841 census in Angel St, Hadleigh. Elizabeth Cocksedge 40, widow (crossed out), James Cocksedge 9, John Cocksedge 6, Robt Cocksedge 4; in the same building were: Eliza Stonham 14, silk throwster, Selah Stonham 10, ditto, Mary Cooper 20, William Cooper 3, all born in the county.
     Elizabeth Podd was recorded on the 1851 census in Hadleigh. Elizabeth Cocksedge, head, 52, widow, sons James Cocksedge 19, bricklayer lab. John Cocksedge 16, silk winder, Robert Cocksedge 14, ditto Robert Glede 22, lodger unmarried, silk winder, all born at Hadleigh.
     Elizabeth died before 29 January 1858 in Hadleigh, Suffolk. She was buried on 29 January 1858 in Hadleigh.

Children of Elizabeth Podd and James Cocksedge

Alice Elaine Pollard

(28 February 1891 - 30 August 1979)
     Alice Elaine Pollard was born on 28 February 1891 in Bonshaw Station, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Thomas William Pollard and Alice Bland.
     Alice Elaine Pollard married Arthur Charles Hartley on 8 February 1906 in Silverspur, Texas, Queensland.
     Alice Elaine Pollard married Phillip Alphonaus Stevens as her second husband, in 1925 in the Roman Catholic church, Inverell, New South Wales..
     Alice Elaine Pollard was employed with home duties/Cook/Artist.
     Alice died on 30 August 1979 in Carindale Nursing Home, Mount Gravatt, Queensland, aged 88. She was buried on 3 September 1979 in Mt Gravatt.

Children of Alice Elaine Pollard and Arthur Charles Hartley

Alice May Pollard

(28 February 1925 - 6 June 2001)
     Alice May Pollard was born on 28 February 1925 in Stanthorpe, Queensland. She was the daughter of Norman William Pollard and Edith May Jones.
     Alice died on 6 June 2001 in Texas, Queensland, aged 76. She was buried in Texas.

Beryl Elaine Pollard

(1 August 1944 - 7 August 1944)
     Beryl Elaine Pollard was buried in Toowoomba. She was born on 1 August 1944. She was the daughter of Frederick Oswald Pollard and Dora Elizabeth Hanson.
     Beryl died on 7 August 1944 in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Carolyn Susanne Pollard

( - 1948)
     Carolyn Susanne Pollard was the daughter of William Roy Pollard and Thora May Chicham.
     Carolyn died in 1948. She was buried in the cemetery, Texas.

Cecelia Doris Pollard

(19 January 1928 - 13 February 1993)
     Cecelia Doris Pollard was born on 19 January 1928 in Texas, Queensland. She was the daughter of Frederick Oswald Pollard and Dora Elizabeth Hanson.
     Cecelia died of cancer on 13 February 1993 in Bribie Island, Queensland, aged 65.