Lucinda Armstrong

     Lucinda Armstrong was the daughter of Warneford Armstrong and Frances Grey. Lucinda died in infancy.

Constantia Maria Armstrong

(29 August 1752 - 9 April 1826)
Constantia Maria Armstrong 1752-1826. Painted by Francis Cotes
     Constantia Maria Armstrong was born on 29 August 1752 in Ireland. She was the eldest daughter of Andrew Armstrong of Gallen. She was the daughter of Andrew Armstrong and Constantia Maria Pigot.
     Constantia Maria Armstrong married George Armstrong, son of Warneford Armstrong and Elizabeth Bagot.
     Constantia died on 9 April 1826 aged 73. She was buried at Liss.

Children of Constantia Maria Armstrong and George Armstrong

Arthur Wilson

(10 January 1608/9 - )
     Arthur Wilson was christened on 10 January 1608/9 in York, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Beatrice Cudworth.