Susanna Pike

(circa 1822 - )
     Susanna Pike was born circa 1822 in Ashprington, Devon.
The marriage of Susanna Pike and James Walling, son of James Walling and Ann Unknown, was registered in Newton Abbot RD, Devon, in the December 1865 quarter. Susanna Pike was listed as James Walling's daughter-in-law in the 1871 census in 16 Water Lane, Kingskerswell. James Walling 75 . tailor, born St Mary Church; Ann, wife, 71, ditto, James, son married 50, tailor, born Kingskerswell, Susanna Walling 49, duaghter in law, married, 49, born Ashprington, Devon.
     Susanna Pike and James Walling were recorded on the 1881 census in Kingskerswell, Devon. James Walling, head, married, 60, tailor, born Kingskerswell, Susanna, wife, 59, tailor wife, born Ashprington.

Thomas Pike

(circa 1768 - before 8 June 1838)
     Thomas Pike was born circa 1768.
Thomas Pike married Elizabeth Dykes, daughter of James Dykes and Elizabeth Stevens, on 29 November 1791 in Combs, Suffolk.
     Thomas died before 8 June 1838 in Buxhall, Suffolk. He was buried on 8 June 1838 in Buxhall.

Children of Thomas Pike and Elizabeth Dykes

Eliza S Pilcher

     Eliza S Pilcher married Septimus Hungerford, son of Captain Emanuel Hungerford and Catherine Loane, in 1854 in New South Wales. Septimus & Eliza had: V18551916 42A/1855 HUNGERFORD MARCUS O;
4240/1862 HUNGERFORD MIRIAM E in the Armidale area.

Ethil Maude Pile

     Ethil Maude Pile married John Hector Gore-Jones, son of Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones and Lydia Frances Phillips, on 15 October 1898 in Rarawai Ba, Fiji. John Hector, eldest son of Edward Gore-Jones, Esq., Master of Titles, Brisbane, to Ethel Maude, dauagahter of George Pile of this city.

Alice Pilkington

     Alice Pilkington married Henry Redman, son of Edward Redman and Elizabeth Huddleston (Leghe). Alice Pilkington was born in England.

Child of Alice Pilkington and Henry Redman

John Pilkington

     Elizabeth le Scrope married secondly John Pilkington before 1455. Douglas richardson wrote: Elizabeth Scrope actually survived her husband, Thomas Clarell, Esq., and married (2nd) John Pillyngton. She was living 18 July 1455, as indicated in the document below from the helpful online A2A catalogue. "Matilda, late wife of Thomas Clarell," also named in the document below was Elizabeth Scrope's widowed mother-in-law, Maud (Montgomery) Clarell.

Sarah Pilkinton

(16 August 1796 - before 14 Aug 1862 or 25 Jan)
     Sarah Pilkinton was born on 16 August 1796.
Sarah Pilkinton married Thomas Popplewell, son of William Popplewell and Esther Selby, on 28 November 1817 in Owston Ferry, Lincolnshire.
     Sarah Pilkinton and Thomas Popplewell were recorded on the 1841 census in Althorpe, Lincolnshire. Thomas 45, farmer, Sarah 40, Mary 10, John 8, James 5, & William 2 all born in the county.
     Sarah Pilkinton and Thomas Popplewell were recorded on the 1851 census in Althorpe. Thomas Popplewell head, 56, farmer of 17 acres, born Althorpe with his wife Sarah aged 53, born Ferry, Lincs and their children Richard 22 unmarried, ag. lab, Mary 19 dressmaker, William 12 ,all born at Althorpe.
     Sarah Pilkinton and Thomas Popplewell were recorded on the 1861 census in Althorpe. Thomas Popplewell, head, 65, farmer of 14 acres, born at Althorpe and his wife Sarah aged 51, born at Owston, Thomas Popplewell, aged 5, grandson, born Althorpe.
     Sarah died before 14 Aug 1862 or 25 Jan in Althorpe, Lincolnshire. She was possibly buried on 14 August 1862 in Althorpe. She was buried on 25 January 1870 in Althorpe.

Children of Sarah Pilkinton and Thomas Popplewell

Frances Pillington

(before 1570 - )
     Frances Pillington was born before 1570 in Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
Frances Pillington married John Killingworth, son of John Killingworth and Margaret Hayes, on 24 July 1586 in St Stephen Walbrook, London.

Children of Frances Pillington and John Killingworth

Israel Pilsworth

     Israel Pilsworth married Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of Thomas Popplewell and Sarah Wells, on 2 August 1752 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth Popplewell was of Owston..

Anne Pim

(circa 1741 - )
     Anne Pim was born circa 1741 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pim and Catherine Handy.

Elizabeth Pim

(circa 1739 - )
     Elizabeth Pim was born circa 1739 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pim and Catherine Handy.
Elizabeth Pim married John Dawson (Coates) in 1766.

John Pim

(24 April 1709 - 21 September 1752)
     John Pim was born on 24 April 1709 in Ireland. He was the son of John Pim & his wife Mary Barcoft. See Pim pedigree..
     A marriage settlement between John Pim and Catherine Handy was made on 4 December 1734 in Dublin, Ireland. The settlement dated 3 & 4 Dec 1734 described as the eldest daughter of Thomas Handy of Dublin, merchant and mentions his then present wife Mary and lands of Davidstown & Rahard in the barony of Bantry, co. Wexford.
John Pim married Catherine Handy, daughter of Thomas Handy and Mary Hillary, on 5 December 1734 in Dublin. Marriage certificate of John Pim of Edenderry, King's County, and Katharine Handy of Dublin City, both quakers, with signatures of those present appended. Oct. 5, 1734. (dated Quaker style as the 5th day of the tenth month)..
John was party to a deed dated 12 April 1744; Deed of lease and release dated 12 & 13 April 1744 between 1) Henry Pemberton of the city of Dublin, merchant 2) Samuel Handy of Killbeg, Westmeath, gent & Thomas Strangman, Dublin, merchant & others. Deeds of release between the said 1) Henry Pemberton & Elizabeth his wife 2) Thomas Handy & Mary his wife & Sarah one of the daughters of the said Thomas & Mary Handy 3) John Pemberton the eldest son of Henry & Elizabeth 4) Samuel Handy and Thomas Strangman 5) John Pim of the city of Dublin, merchant & John Clibborn of Moat, Westmeath.... to be continued.
     John died on 21 September 1752 in Edenderry, Monasterosis, Offaly, Ireland, aged 43. In 1754 Catherine was described as the wife of the late John Pim, when she had four children under 21 - Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth & Ann. The death is registered as the 21 day of the 7th month.
     His will was proved in 1752 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. John Pim, merchant of Edenderry, Kings County.

Children of John Pim and Catherine Handy

John Pim

( - 18 July 1811)
     John Pim was the son of John Pim and Catherine Handy.
     John died on 18 July 1811 in Waterford, Waterford, Ireland.

Mary Pim

(circa 1737 - 7th Month 1780)
     Mary Pim was born circa 1737 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pim and Catherine Handy.
     Mary Pim made a will dated 29 December 1773 in Ballitore, Timolin parish, Kildare. Will of Mary Pim, spinster, late of Ballitore, Kildare, daughter of John Pim, late of Edenderry in Kings county, deceased. Among the many famous Quaker names, she mentions her cousin Richard Shackleton of Ballitore. Her nieces Pike, sister Susannah Bewley, nieces Pim & Dawson, niece & nephew Sproule.
     Mary died 7th Month 1780 in Ireland. She died unmarried..
     Her will was proved on 28 January 1788 at Ireland. Mary Pim, Ballitore, Kildare, spinster. There is also an admon of the goods of Mary Pim, late of Dublin, spinster, granted to John Dawson Coates Esq. 17 November 1780 [in right of his wife Elizabeth]. Mary died in October 1780.

Sarah Pim (Watson)

(circa 1735 - 1800)
     Sarah Pim (Watson) was born circa 1735 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pim and Catherine Handy.
     Sarah died in 1800.

Tryphena Pincock

     Tryphena Pincock married Thomas Dunbar, son of George Dunbar 2nd Bart of Mochrum, in 1748.

Child of Tryphena Pincock and Thomas Dunbar

Maria Pinder

(circa 1802 - before 16 December 1829)
     Maria Pinder was born circa 1802.
     Maria Pinder and Robert Mackglew obtained a marriage licence on 3 August 1826 in London.
Maria Pinder married Robert Mackglew, son of Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wren, on 5 August 1826 in St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London.
     Maria died before 16 December 1829 in Finsbury Circus, London. Maria Mackglew, aged 27. She was buried on 16 December 1829 in Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, London.

Robert Pinder

(circa 1530 - )
     Robert Pinder was born circa 1530.
Robert Pinder married Isabel Popplewell, daughter of James Popplewell and Isabel Unknown, on 29 January 1549/50 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Mark Grace states it was at Amcotts: 20 Jan 1549 (as Isabella)

Edmund Pinkeney

     Margery de Lisle married secondly Edmund Pinkeney.

Elizabeth Pinnington

(before 1720 - )
     Elizabeth Pinnington was born before 1720 in England.
Elizabeth Pinnington married William Rich on 5 November 1736 in All Saints, Harworth, Nottinghamshire, England.

Sarah Pinnock?

( - before 7 April 1802)
     Sarah Pinnock? married Matthew Wallen as his second wife, before 1770.
     Sarah died before 7 April 1802 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica.

Child of Sarah Pinnock? and Matthew Wallen

Gilbert Pipard

( - circa 1192)
     Gilbert Pipard married Alice FitzDuncan, daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
     Gilbert died circa 1192.

Margaret Pipard

( - 3 August 1375)
     Margaret Pipard was born in England. She was the daughter of William Pipard.
Margaret Pipard married Warin de Lisle 2nd Baron, son of Gerard de Lisle and Eleanor Strange.
     Margaret died on 3 August 1375.
     Margaret Pipard was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held in 1375 Margaret, late wife of Warin del Lisle, or del Lyle (Lisle), knight: Wiltshire, Suffolk, Devon. Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Edward III.

Child of Margaret Pipard and Warin de Lisle 2nd Baron

Dorothy May Piper

(16 October 1913 - )
     Dorothy May Piper was born on 16 October 1913 in 'Rose Cottage', Beyton, Suffolk. She was the daughter of George Piper and Alice May Cobbald.
Dorothy May Piper married Alec Nunn on 12 September 1937.

George Piper

(17 August 1880 - 29 September 1946)
     George Piper was born on 17 August 1880 in Brook Farm, Beyton, Suffolk.
George Piper married Alice May Cobbald, daughter of James Cobbold and Emma Bullett, on 5 January 1910 in St Mary's, Watton, Norfolk.
     George died on 29 September 1946 in Bramford, Ipswich, Suffolk, aged 66.

Children of George Piper and Alice May Cobbald

John Piper

(circa 1834 - )
     John Piper was born circa 1834.
John Piper married Trefyna Palmer or Ruby, daughter of William Ruby, on 5 October 1857 in Inwardleigh, Devon.
     John Piper were recorded on the 1881 census in Inwardleigh, Devon.

Children of John Piper and Trefyna Palmer or Ruby

John Piper

(1864 - )
     John Piper was born in 1864 in Inwardleigh, Devon. He is unidentified or missing on the 1881 census index.. He was the son of John Piper and Trefyna Palmer or Ruby.

Leslie George Piper

(18 November 1910 - 21 June 1987)
     Leslie George Piper was born on 18 November 1910 in 'Rose Cottage', Beyton, Suffolk. He was the son of George Piper and Alice May Cobbald.
     Leslie died on 21 June 1987 aged 76. He was a bachelor.

Mary Jane Piper

(1866 - )
     Mary Jane Piper was born in 1866 in Inwardleigh, Devon. She is undentifiable or missing on the 1881 census index.. She was the daughter of John Piper and Trefyna Palmer or Ruby.

Reginald Arthur Piper

(3 April 1916 - )
     Reginald Arthur Piper was born on 3 April 1916 in 'Rose Cottage', Beyton, Suffolk. He was the son of George Piper and Alice May Cobbald.
Reginald Arthur Piper married Marjorie Olive Hilda Allard on 21 June 1947.
     Reginald resided at Ipswich, Suffolk, September 2005.