William John Francis Black

(5 December 1926 - 2002)
     William John Francis Black was born on 5 December 1926 in New Zealand. He was the son of Alfred Joseph Black and Vera Greacen.
     William John Francis Black married Marie Evelyn Rosenberg.
     William died in 2002 in New Zealand.

William Sergeant Black

(22 April 1880 - 1955)
     William Sergeant Black was also known as William Sarjeant in records. He was born on 22 April 1880 in New Zealand. He was the son of Richard Black and Jane Eliza Sargeant.
     William died in 1955 in New Zealand.

Ann Blackbourn

(before 1730 - )
     Ann Blackbourn was born before 1730 in Suffolk, England.
     Various messuages, cottages and closes. Including messuage on Overstreet, cottage called the Shepherds House, Kings messuage and 3 inclosures near Thurston Great Green and messuage near the Great Green. Some of the property held of the manor of Netherhall in Pakenham.
Evidences of title for purchase of messuage on Overstreet and various closes by John Stedman of Thurston, farmer from George Cocksedge of Shimpling, farmer, 13 Dec 1774. Includes Marriage settlement: William Cocksedge of Thurston, yeoman and Anne Blackborne of Thurston, spinster, 1744.
     Ann Blackbourn and William Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 31 December 1744 in Sudbury, Suffolk.
     Ann Blackbourn married William Cocksedge on 1 June 1745 in Thurston, Suffolk.

Children of Ann Blackbourn and William Cocksedge

Richard Blackbourne

     Richard Blackbourne married Jane Phillips, daughter of Capt Chichester Phillips and Sarah Handcock.

Children of Richard Blackbourne and Jane Phillips

Sarah Blackbourne

     Sarah Blackbourne was the daughter of Richard Blackbourne and Jane Phillips.
     Sarah Blackbourne married William Lloyd.

Child of Sarah Blackbourne and William Lloyd

Doris Blackburn

     The marriage of Doris Blackburn and Eldred Stancer, son of Eldred Stancer, was registered in St Paul, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, in the 1927 quarter.

Child of Doris Blackburn and Eldred Stancer

Jane Blackburne

     Jane Blackburne was the daughter of Richard Blackbourne and Jane Phillips.
     Jane Blackburne married Robert Handcock, son of William Handcock and Susan/Sarah Warburton. See Burke's Landed gentry for further details on this line. She is also listed as Sarah, daughter of Richard Blackburne of Carrickenagh by Jane, daughter of Capt Chichester Phillips.

Child of Jane Blackburne and Robert Handcock

Joseph Ellis Blackledge

     Joseph Ellis Blackledge married Clara Annie Popplewell, daughter of George Popplewell and Sarah Ann Whiteley, on 25 October 1882.

Elizabeth Jane Blackmore

(1857 - 1940)
     Elizabeth Jane Blackmore was born in 1857.
     Elizabeth Jane Blackmore married Charles Dempster, son of Charles Dempster and Jane Russell, in 1876 in Victoria, Australia.
     Elizabeth died in 1940 in Sydney, Victoria.

Children of Elizabeth Jane Blackmore and Charles Dempster

Betterisa Blackstone

(18 April 1624 - 1 January 1702/3)
     Betterisa Blackstone was also known as Beatrix in records. Betterisa Blackstone was also known as Beatrice in records. She was christened on 18 April 1624 in Monks Fryston, Yorkshire. Bettrice Balkiston, daughter of Mr Marmaduke Blakiston.
     Betterisa Blackstone married Richard Ryther (of Thorner), son of Henry Ryther and Ann Clough, on 18 February 1650/51 in Ledsham, Yorkshire.
     Betterisa was buried on 1 January 1702/3 in St Mary, Swillington, Yorkshire. Beatrix Ryther buried the 1st day of January 1702.

Children of Betterisa Blackstone and Richard Ryther (of Thorner)

Ann Blackwell

     Ann Blackwell married Charles Trull, son of Laurence Trull and Sarah Jay, in 1750 in Costessey, Norfolk. Charles Trull, single man & Ann Blackwell, single woman, both of St Simons in ye city of Norwich were married. Aril 15 1750.
Despite the marriage to Elizabeth Gilbert in 1762 as a single man, I have not yet found another likely Charles..

Child of Ann Blackwell and Charles Trull

Jemima Blackwell

     Jemima Blackwell married George Grimwade, son of Mileson Grimwade and Jemima Palmer, on 30 April 1831 in Maldon, Essex, England.

Richard Blagge

     Richard Blagge married Sara Bullett, daughter of Robert Bullett and Catherine Unknown, in 1668 in Pettaugh, Suffolk.

Alison M Blair

(1 February 1905 - )
     Alison M Blair was born on 1 February 1905.
     Alison M Blair married Ian Mackay Hooper, son of Henry Brereton Hooper and Anna Maria Mackay, before 1930.

Hugh Blair

     Hugh Blair married Margaret Dunbar, daughter of Sir David Dunbar 1st baronet of Baldoon, in 1688.

Jane Blakeley Russell

     Jane Blakeley Russell married Col. George Henry Baker, son of James Henry Baker and Constance Maud Halahan. They had issue.

Unknown Blakeney

     Unknown Blakeney was born in Albert?, Galway, Ireland. Daughter of Colonel Blakeney..
     Unknown Blakeney married Samuel Handy, son of Samuel Handy and Jane or Joan Lowe, circa 1732. They had 2 children who died..

Ellis Blanchville

     Ellis Blanchville married Charles Agar.

Children of Ellis Blanchville and Charles Agar

Thomas Bland or Blanden

( - before 3 August 1676)
     Thomas Bland or Blanden was the son of William Bland.
     Thomas died before 3 August 1676 in Framlingham, Suffolk. He was buried on 3 August 1676 in St Michael, Framlingham. He may be the son of William Blanden who was buried there 21 Jan 1676 along with an Alice Blanden on 18 Sep 1679 and a Thomas Blandon on 5 Mar 1653.

?=Edmund? Bland

(say 1620 - )
     ?=Edmund? Bland was born say 1620 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He was the son of Edward or Edmund Bland and Barbara Hynard.
     In Rose Unknown (Hynard)'s will dated 10 April 1632 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, ?=Edmund? Bland was named as heir; Will of Rose Hynard (X) of BSE, widow dated 10 April 1632 I give to my daughter Barbara Bland, widow & my daughter Rose, wife of John Normanton, my lease of my messuage in Brentgovel Street, formerly in the tenure of my late husband Edmund and now occupied by me, Barbara Bland & Wm Medleditche. I authorize my 2 daughters, who I make ex'trices, to sell my messuage and use the money to pay the following legacies: £10 to my gr-child Rose Marshall, £15 to my gr-child Anne Pettyward, £20 to my gr-child Anne, wife of Frederick Godfrye, £15 to my gr-child Bridget Pettyward and 40s to my grandson John Bland; all to be paid within a year of my decease. I give my son-in-law John Normanton 40s to make him a ring. I give cousin Thomas Cheston of London 40s and Richard Cooper of Bury clothier; both to be paid after my decease. I will that my daughter Barbara Bland shall dwell in that part of my house where she now inhabits for 30 years if she live so long. I give her a feather bed, a feather bolster and my best covering. I give Anne Pettyward the featherbed that was her mother's, a feather bolster, a covering, 2 pairs sheets and a pillow. I give Bridget Pettyward a flockbed, a flock bolster, 2 pairs sheets and a covering. I give Mary Yonges widow, late wife of Thomas Yonges, my gold hoop ring. My late husband in his will gave legacies of £5 to Rose Marshall (by the name of Rose Bland) and of £10 each to Anne & Bridget Pettyward, and my will is that, if the law of the realm allows this sum of £25 to be recovered by my ex'trices, my legacies to these 3 shall be reduced by the sums left to them by my late husband. If Anne & Frederick Godfrye attempt to sue my ex'trices or refuse to release their interest in my messuage within 10 months of my decease, the legacy of £20 to Anne shall be void. The residue of my unbequeathed goods, plate, money, jewels and household stuff I give to my 2 daughters Barbara Bland and Rose Normanton my ex'trices. I give to my grandchildren John Normanton the younger, Thomas, Rose and Elizabeth Normanton 40s each to be paid by my daughter Rose Normanton when they are 24, I give my grandson Andrew Bland my silver wine cup. I give Edward, George, Edmund, Frances, Anne & Mary Bland my grandchildren 40s to be paid by my daughter Barbara Bland when 24. Witness: John Hyell, George Sparrose (X).
?=Edmund? Bland was a candidate for the person listed in the in 1674 Hearth Tax in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, with 4 hearths. An Edmund Bland was assessed for 4 hearths, St Mary's parish, in the 1674 hearth tax There was only one Ed Bland listed (who is probably the fishmonger whose will was proved in 1684), although there was a Mr Bland at Stoke by Clare.
     He is possibly the fishmonger whose will was proved 6 Feb 1685.

Child of ?=Edmund? Bland

Abraham Bland

(22 January 1832 - 30 July 1897)
Abraham Bland of Hesett, Sfk & Yarram, Vic (1832-1897)
     Abraham Bland was born on 22 January 1832 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of William Bland and Elizabeth Cocksedge. Abraham Bland was christened on 12 February 1832 in Hessett.
     Abraham Bland appeared on the 1841 census in the household of William Bland and Benjamin Cocksedge in Hessett. Abraham was listed as the son of William Bland in the 1851 census in Hessett.
     Abraham Bland married Harriet Bullett, daughter of James Squirrell Bullett and Sarah A Grimwood, on 23 October 1852 in Hessett.
     Abraham Bland and Harriet Bullett arrived per "Star of the South" on 5 August 1857 at Victoria, Australia. Abraham & his family sailed from Liverpool April 24 1857 as assisted immigrants and arrived at Hobsons Bay Melbourne on August 5 1857. Abraham was described as a 25 year old labourer of Suffolk, religion - Church of England, able to read only. Harriet was 25 and could read & write. Eliza Ann was 4 and William an infant. The ship was quarantined. They took passage by the steamer "Thistle" (which was wrecked in 1859) to Yarram arriving there on Aug 10th. Their 'disposal' was to J Carpenter of Yarram on Aug 12, wages being £52 p.a. the term 12 months. Mr Carpenter was a sawmiller and contractor and operated a flour and saw mill adjacent to the Tarra River in Yarram, or the Barkly Township as it was called by Carpenter. He worked for Carpenter for 7 years and then rented the Aylesbury property from him for 4 years before purchasing it.
Newspaper reports states that there was little work in Melbourne for the new immigrants.
     Another Abraham Bland, aged 37, an English labourer from Adelaide arrived in Melbourne in February 1852 aboard the Charlotte Jane.
     In 1860 and again in 1870 Abraham was elected trustee of the Public Hall.
     Mr Bland arrived Port Albert from Melbourne on "Royal Shepherd". Abraham was a farmer and miller in Yarram, from 1864. In 1864 he took over the Barkly Flour & Sawmill from John Carpenter and continued to operate this along with his grazing property. The Mill was destroyed by fire in October 1870. In 1872 he was elected to the Alberton Shire Council for one term to 1875. At this time he purchased a property near Sale called Crosslea where he resided for 3 years. In 1882 he purchased 800 acres in Reeves Survey which he divided between two sons, George & James a year or two later. [James & William each had 320 acres at Woranga from 1882]. During the eighties he was a foundation member of the Yarram Agricultural Society.
     On July 10 1891 a committee of prominent citizens was formed to investigate the possibility of establishing a co-operative butter factory in Yarram. Mr Bland was elected chairman of this committee. On the recommendation of this committee the first general meeting to form a company was held on July 23 1891. Bland was elected as one of seven directors, a position he held until his death. The factory site was purchased from Mr Bland. He was listed in a directory dated between 1869 and 1884 as Abraham Bland, miller at Yarram. He had purchased Carpenter's mill in 1868 or 69.
     On 6 June 1870 - Abraham Bland Allott 66 Yarram Yarram no. 1008 244 acres. Lease issued 6/6/73, purchased 20/8/79 79.80 over 1840 [Sale district rent rolls 1870 p.35, ag. leases].
     In October 1870 Bland's mill was burnt down. Arson was suspected. It was rebuilt to use steam power.
     His flour mill in Yarram was destroyed by fire in February 1884. In November 1884 he had a sale of machinery and stock as was leaving the district.
     Abraham Bland lived at 'Crosslea', Sale, Victoria, from 1885 to 1888. Abraham Bland of Boisdale, formerly of Yarram bought the property on the death of the former owner John James English in February 1885. It was bought in two lots for £3000. In the summer of 1886 misfortune struck, when the outbuildings caught fire. The glow of flames could be seen from Sale, and Sale's fledging fire brigade attended, with twenty men and the fire engine. By the time they arrived, badly hampered by lack of water, little could be done. The outbuildings, containing large quantities of oats, peas, chaff and other produce, lay in smouldering ruins. Damage was estimated at £700. Bland was uninsured and sold up in 1888. The buyer was George Linton.
     Abraham Bland made a will dated 15 July 1896 in Yarram, Victoria.
     Abraham died of heart disease on 30 July 1897 in 'Aylesbury', Yarram, Victoria, aged 65. The Gippsland Standard reported that The owner of the this picturesque and well kept estate on the banks of the Tarra was in his usual health at breakfast time. He left his residence to proceed to an adjoining paddock to superintend some ploughing operations. After handling the rather fresh and active horses for a while Mr Bland felt a sudden pain at the heart, and at once walked up to the house, whence his wife administered a homely palliative and advised him to retire to his room. He was at once assisted to undress, but he had only got into bed when the final spasm came, and with a wave of the hand towards his wife he uttered the name of Jesus twice, and immediately expired. Mrs Bland had sent for Dr. Birch but so sudden was the sad event that the messenger could hardly have been clear of the gate when the death message was given. He was buried on 1 August 1897 in the Church of England section, Alberton. Their headstone reads: Abraham Bland, 65, Yarram, C/E. Headstone: In Loving Memory Of my dear husband Abraham Bland who died 30th July 1897 aged 65 years. At Rest. Also his beloved wife Harriett who died 23rd Dec. 1909 aged 77 years. Father and Mother
Beloved children of Abraham & Harriet Bland, Annie died 23 July 1872 aged 9 months; Charles 19 Jan 1874 aged 4 years, Elizabeth died 9 Feb 1874 aged 9, Eliza Devonshire died 17 May 1874 aged 21 & her baby son Charles died 10 May 1874.

In same grave are - James Bullet died 31 Aug 1888 aged 79 and his wife Sarah died 4 Sep 1881 aged 70.
     Warren Currey wrote: "Abraham Bland was a man of active and progressive temperament, bold and speculative, but watchful and circumspect." Aylesbury was sold again in 1990 for $2134 per acre.
     His will was proved on 4 February 1898. His real estate was valued at £5250 and personal estate at £2226.
     Abraham Bland, born 1832, landed at Port Albert by steamer on 10th August, 1857, having come with his wife and children from Birkenhead, England, in the ship Star of the South, to Melbourne, He worked seven years for John Carpenter, saw- miller, then rented and purchased Aylesbury from him, and grazed and dairied until his death in 1898. He also owned a -flour and saw mill, and was for 3.0 years a shire councillor.

Children of Abraham Bland and Harriet Bullett

Abraham Bland

(May 1891 - 30 June 1896)
     Abraham Bland was born in May 1891 in Tarraville, Victoria. He was the son of James Bland and Margaret Frances Boast.
     Abraham died on 30 June 1896 in Tarraville, Victoria, aged 5. He was drowned, aged 4 years & 11 months in an underground well. He was buried in Alberton.

Abraham Bland

( - before 14 August 1593)
     Abraham died before 14 August 1593 in Gisleham, Suffolk. He was buried on 14 August 1593 in Holy Trinity, Gisleham. Abraham Bland, gent.

Ada Eliza Bland

(10 October 1878 - 28 February 1954)
     Ada Eliza Bland was born on 10 October 1878 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Bland and Sarah Ann Scott.
     Ada Eliza Bland married Alfred James King Maxwell on 24 May 1898 in Victoria.
     Ada died on 28 February 1954 in East Malvern, Victoria, aged 75. MAXWELL, Ada Eliza. - On February 28. at her son's resi-ence, No. 15 John street, East Malvern, wife of the late Alfred, and dearly loved mother of Mont, Dud. and Mel. fond mother-in-law of Bertha, Dot, and Glady.

Children of Ada Eliza Bland and Alfred James King Maxwell

Ada Ellen Bland

(June 1866 - )
     Ada Ellen Bland's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1866 in Thingoe RD, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Charles Bland and Sarah Willis Groom. Ada Ellen Bland was christened on 27 February 1867 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was listed as Charles Bland's daughter in the 1871 census in Free Wood St, Bradfield St George. Ada Ellen Bland was listed as Robert Sturgess Austin's stepdaughter in the 1881 census in Great Green, Bradfield St George.
     Ada Ellen Bland married (?) Clarke or Turner in 1885 in Suffolk.

Agnes Bland

(before 1572 - )
     Agnes Bland married (?) Sowter. Agnes Bland was born before 1572 in Hengrave, Suffolk. She married ... Sowter before 1620. She was the daughter of Thomas Bland and Rose Unknown.

Agnes Bland

     Agnes Bland married Richard Brayfield as his second wife, on 8 August 1583 in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

Albert Edward Bland

(17 January 1875 - )
     Albert Edward Bland was christened on 17 January 1875 in Suffolk. He was the son of George Bland and Jane Naomi Plummer. Albert Edward Bland's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1875 in Yarmouth RD, Norfolk.

Albina Bland

(September 1854 - )
     Albina Bland's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1854 in Bradfield St George, Thingoe RD, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Charles Bland and Eliza Alderton or Andrews. Albina was listed in the household of Sophia Taylor as a grandchild in the 1861 census in Broomhall Lane, Bradfield St George. Sophia Bland, head, widow, aged 50?, late farmer, with her children Charles 27, widower, ag. lab., Arthur 22, ag lab., and her grand-daughters Ann Bland aged 8 & Albina Bland aged 6, all born at Bradfield St George; her daughter Elizabeth Patterson, aged 25, police officer's wife, was a visitor.
     Albina Bland appeared on the 1871 census in Slough Farm, Felsham Rd, Bradfield St George. She was a 16 year old domestic servant in the household of Joseph Doe who farmed 27 acres there.
     Albina Bland married Uriah Brand in 1878 in Croydon RD, Surrey.
     Albina Bland and Uriah Brand appeared on the 1881 census in 3 Pearces Terrrace, Romney Rd, Lambeth, Surrey. Uriah Brand 29, general labourer, born Barrow, Sfk and his wife Albina Brand 28, born Bradfield, Sfk, with daughter Agnes Brand 1, born .... Surrey, & his brother Joseph Brand 25, born Barrow. They lived in the same building as Edward & Eliza martin, labourer.
     Albina Bland appeared on the 1891 census in 106 Beulah Hill, Croydon, Surrey. Albina A Bland, 38, cook, born Bradfield, Sfk, was a servant in the housedhold of Robert Taylor, Presbyterian minister. There were also 3 Albina Brands in Croydon, 2 being born in Hornchurch, Essex.

Alice Bland

(1860 - )
     Alice Bland was born in 1860 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of George Bland and Sarah Last. Alice was listed as the daughter of George Bland in the 1861 census in the Green, Hessett. George Bland, head, married, 32, hawker & shopkeeper born Hessett, Sarah, wife 36 born Bradfield, William son 2? b. Hessett, Alice, daughter, 7 mths, born Hessett. Eliza Elsden, servant, unmarried, 13 years born Whepstead. William and Alice were listed as the children of George Bland in the 1871 census in Hessett.