Gwendoline Ada Carnegie

(1 September 1905 - 17 October 2004)
     Gwendoline Ada Carnegie was born on 1 September 1905 in 'Kinnaird', Kew, Victoria. She was the eldest daughter of Walter & Ada Carnegie. She was the daughter of Walter Howard Carnegie and Ada Edgerton.
     Gwendoline Ada Carnegie married Frederick Sheppard Grimwade, son of Dr Alfred Sheppard Grimwade and Amy Gertrude Tanner, on 30 October 1928 in Victoria. They had 8 grandchildren and as of 2004 15 great grandchildren. Gwendoline Ada Carnegie graduated in 1929 from Melbourne University, Victoria, with a Bachelor of Arts. She was a non-resident of Ormond College.
     Gwendoline Ada Carnegie lived at 13 Struan St, Toorak, Victoria.
     Gwendoline died on 17 October 2004 in Victoria, aged 99.

Child of Gwendoline Ada Carnegie and Frederick Sheppard Grimwade

Frederick Sheppard Grimwade

(10 November 1840 - 4 August 1910)
     Frederick Sheppard Grimwade was born on 10 November 1840 in Harleston, Norfolk, England. He was the son of Edward Grimwade and Anna Johnstone. Harriett, Fanny, Edward and Frederick were listed as the children of Edward Grimwade in the 1851 census in Ipswich, Suffolk.
     Frederick Sheppard Grimwade arrived per "Lindolnshire" in February 1863 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, from London. Mr Frederick S Grimwade aged 22, cabin passenger. They departed 21 Nov 1862.
     Frederick Sheppard Grimwade married Jessie Taylor Sprunt on 29 July 1865 in Kyneton, Victoria.
     Frederick was a businessman on 1 July 1867. Felton Grimwade & Co. started on 1 July when Frederick Grimwade aged 27 and Alfred Felton aged 36, purchased the wholesale druggist portion of the business of Youngman McCann & Co. Frederick Grimwade second son of Edward Grimwade, Grimwade Ridley & Co.’s London Manager, migrated to Melbourne and arrived on the ‘SS Lincolnshire’ on 10 February 1863 to join Youngman McCann & Co. Edward Youngman drowned when the ‘SS London’ sank in the Bay of Biscay in 1866.
     Frederick died on 4 August 1910 in Caulfield, Victoria, aged 69.

Children of Frederick Sheppard Grimwade and Jessie Taylor Sprunt

Anna Johnstone

(before March 1810 - before 1881)
     Anna Johnstone was born before March 1810 in Banham, Norfolk.
     Anna Johnstone married Edward Grimwade, son of William Grimwade and Elizabeth Sheppard, on 5 November 1835 in Mendham, Suffolk. The marriage licence was dated 5 Nov 1835 for Edward Griwade, of Redenhall, witih Harleston, Norfolk & Ann Johnson.
     Anna Johnstone and Edward Grimwade were recorded on the 1851 census in Ipswich, Suffolk. Edward Grimwade aged 38, born Wetheringset, his wife Anna, aged 41, born Banham, Nfk & their children Edward W, aged 15, Frederick S aged 10, Fanny M aged 9 & Harriett J aged 8, all born at Harleston, Norfolk.
     Anna died before 1881.

Children of Anna Johnstone and Edward Grimwade