Lena Mildred Richards

(circa 1892 - 6 May 1955)
     Lena Mildred Richards was born circa 1892.
     Lena Mildred Richards married Samuel Emmanuel Ruby, son of William Thomas Ruby and Elizabeth Ann Salt, on 9 July 1918 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
     Lena died on 6 May 1955 in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

Amy Richardson

(circa 1600? - )
     Amy Richardson was born circa 1600?.
     Amy Richardson married William Stanser as his second wife, on 3 May 1620 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. There is no evidence that these are the same William.

Annie Richardson

(circa 1863 - 1959)
     Annie Richardson was also known as Annie Marie in records. She was born circa 1863 in Tumut, New South Wales. She may be the Annie E, born Albury in 1863 [4235] daughter of James & Ingogoreth!. She was the daughter of Edward? Richardson.
     Annie Richardson married William Deas, son of David Deas and Helen Scott, in 1885 in Victoria.
     Annie died in 1959 in Park..., Victoria.

Children of Annie Richardson and William Deas

Clara Richardson

     Clara Richardson married Harry Bullett, son of John Bullett and Lydia Crockford, in 1909.

Edward? Richardson

Child of Edward? Richardson

five other children Richardson

(circa 1860 - )
     Five other children Richardson was born circa 1860 in Fermanagh, Ireland. He was the son of Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L.

Henrietta Lucretia Richardson

     Henrietta Lucretia Richardson married Rev Thomas Orme FetherstonHaugh, son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme, on 27 March 1857.

Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton)

(31 December 1846 - 12 November 1915)
     Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton) married Charles Robert Barton. Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton) was born on 31 December 1846 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L. and Mary Jane Ovenden.
     Henrietta died on 12 November 1915 in Ireland aged 68.

Child of Henrietta Martha Mervyn Richardson (Barton)

Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L.

(13 September 1808 - 3 August 1882)
     Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L. was born on 13 September 1808 in Fermanagh, Ireland. He was the son of John Richardson and Angel Archdall (Richardson).
     Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L. married Mary Jane Ovenden.
     Henry died on 3 August 1882 in Crocknaerieve & Rossfad, Fermanagh, Ireland, aged 73.

Child of Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L. and Mary Jane Ovenden

Child of Henry Mervyn Richardson D.L.

John Richardson

     John Richardson married Lucy Cocksedge, daughter of Michael Cocksedge and Susan Holland, in 1817 in Rougham, Suffolk. If she is the Lucy who witnessed her brother's two weddings, she is unlikely to be the Lucy who married in 1817, so presumably the Lucy who married in 1828.

John Richardson

(4 May 1768 - 10 December 1841)
     John Richardson was born on 4 May 1768.
     John Richardson married Angel Archdall (Richardson), daughter of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson.
     John died on 10 December 1841 aged 73.

Child of John Richardson and Angel Archdall (Richardson)

Joseph Richardson

     Joseph Richardson married Audrey Alison Ruby (Edwards), daughter of Richard Norman Ruby and Mary Louisa Annear.

Mary Richardson

(circa 1815 - 27 October 1869)
     Mary Richardson was born circa 1815 in Springfield, Down, Ireland. She was the daughter of Ralph Richardson of Springfield, co. Down (d. 1822) & his wife Jane Johnstone, of Clare, co. Tyrone.
     A marriage settlement between Mary Richardson and Alexander Kingston Handy was made on 30 August 1837. The marriage settlement between Alexander Kingston Handy of Ormestown, Kings co. of the first part; Mary Richardson, Springfield, co. Down of the second part; William Orme Handy of Ormestown, Kings co., Samuel Wesley Handy, Mullingar, co. Meath of the third part & Thomas Richardson of Springfield co. Down of the fourth part is among papers deposited by Messrs John, Elliott & John at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.
     Mary Richardson married Alexander Kingston Handy, son of William Orme Handy and Mary Kingstone, on 5 September 1837 in Church of Ireland, Magheralin, Down, Ireland. He was described as Alexander Handy, Esq. of Park House, co. Meath.
     Mary died on 27 October 1869 in 'Parke House', Upper Moyfenrath, Meath. She was buried in Castlejordan, Meath & Offaly.

Children of Mary Richardson and Alexander Kingston Handy

Mary Ann Jane Richardson

( - 1908)
     The marriage of Mary Ann Jane Richardson and William Samuel Martin, son of Robert Duncan Martin and Eliza Frances Ball, was registered in London, in the September 1855 quarter.
     Mary died in 1908.

Child of Mary Ann Jane Richardson and William Samuel Martin

William Richardson

(before 1824 - )
     William died in New South Wales, Australia. He was born before 1824.
     William Richardson married Mary Colbert on 17 January 1845 in Yass, New South Wales, Australia. They were both of Jugiong..

Hannah Richer or Ritcher

(circa 1808 - before 12 July 1863)
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher was born circa 1808 in Rattlesden, Suffolk.
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher lived at Drinkstone, Suffolk, June 1825.
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher married Edward Cocksedge as his second wife, on 20 June 1825 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. He was a widower of Hessett & Hannah Richer was single of Drinkstone (x), the marriage was witnessed by Thomas (X) & Lucy Cocksedge.
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher and Edward Cocksedge appeared on the 1841 census in Smallwood Green, Stowupland, Suffolk. Edward Cocksedge, aged 42, agricultural labourer, Hannah 34. William 14, Harriet 12, Mary? 10, Thomas 8, James 8, Lucy 6, Sophia 4.
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher and Edward Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Hessett. Edward Cocksedge, aged 53, born Hessett, Hannah Cocksedge, aged 43, born Rattlesden and their 8 children, all born at Bradfield St George - William 24, Thomas 18?, James 18?, Lucy 16, Sophia 14, Frederick 9, all ag. labourers, Sarah 6, scholar, Charlotte 2.
     Hannah Richer or Ritcher and Edward Cocksedge appeared on the 1861 census in Hessett. Edward Cocksedge, aged 64, agricultural labourer, born Hessett, Hannah wife 54, born Rattlesden, William son unm 34 groom, James 27, Fred 19, both labourers, Charlotte, daughter 14, scholar, all children born Bradfield St George.
     Hannah died before 12 July 1863 in Hessett. She was buried on 12 July 1863 in Hessett. Hannah Cocksedge, aged 55.

Children of Hannah Richer or Ritcher and Edward Cocksedge

Elijah Richer

     Elijah Richer was born in Suffolk, England.
     Elijah Richer married Dinah Squirrell, daughter of John Squirrell and Elizabeth Freeman, on 28 February 1834 in Hitcham, Suffolk.

Sophia Richman

(circa 1785 - 13 October 1858)
     Sophia Richman was born circa 1785 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
     Sophia Richman married James Hooper, son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon, before 1813.
     Sophia Richman and James Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in Deptford Lane, Peckham, Camberwell, St Giles, Surrey. James Hooper, 58, merchant, Sophia Hooper 57, Katherine 28, Henry 20, Frances 15, Ellen 15, Alfred 15, John 14, parents not born in county but the children were.
     Sophia Richman and James Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in 'Acorn House', Queens Rd, Peckham, Surrey, England. James Hooper, head, married, 68, retired general merchant, born St George Hanover Sq. Mdx; Sophia R Hooper, wife, 67, born St Albans, Herts; Frances 28, Ellen 28, unmarried daughters, born Camberwell, Surrey, Alfred D son unmarried 27, insurance broker's clerk, do; John R son unmarried 24, clerk out of employment, do; Ann Eades, servant unmarried 28 cook, b. Hailly Row, Hunts; Sarah Marshall do. 25 housemaid, born Uckfield Ssx.
     Sophia Richman was mentioned in the will of James Hooper dated 15 May 1854.
     Sophia died on 13 October 1858 in Peckham, Surrey.

Children of Sophia Richman and James Hooper

Charlotte Ricken

     Charlotte Ricken married William Edward Rubie, son of George Rubie and Mary Jane Moon, on 25 January 1861 in Appledore, Kent.

Donovan D Ricks

(23 October 1918 - 23 September 2002)
     Donovan D Ricks was born on 23 October 1918 in Montana. He was the son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     Report Date: 7 May 1942 Latest Report Date: 29 Oct 1945 Grade: Corporal Grade Notes: First Lieutenant or Chief nurse or Head dietitian or Head physical therapy aide or Corporal or Technician 5th Grade or Lt. Jr. Grade or First Class, Seaman Service Branch: Army Arm or Service: Medical Department Arm or Service Code: Medical Department Or Anc: Army Nurse Corps Organization Type: Medical Hospital, Field Hospital Parent Unit
Type: Hospital/Construction Headquarters Area Served: Southwest Pacific Theatre: Philippine Islands
Detaining Country: Japan Camp: Omori Headquarters Camp (Ofuna) Tokyo 35-139 STATUS: Returned to Military Control, Liberated or Repatriated Report Source: Individual has been reported through sources
considered official.
Donovan Ricks' Biographical Sketch
Graduated from St. Maries High School at St. Maries, Idaho, in May 1939. Joined Idaho CCC's and then enlisted in the Army 16 March 1940 at Ft George Wright, Spokane, Washington. Took basic Infantry training with 4th Infantry Regiment, Third division at Ft Wright. Worked in station hospital and as aid man. Was sent to the Philippines Sept. 1941; Stationed at Ft. William McKinley PI with Philippine Scouts.
Worked in the Dispensary holding sick call for Scouts and the 31st Infantry Service Co.
Delivered my first baby at dispensary Nov. 41. At the beginning of war was assigned as aid man. Was one of the last medics out of Manila on 31st of Dec. Was on Bataan. Got sick and was sent to Gen Hosp #2 at Limay which was my old outfit from McKinley. Stayed with them till my capture 8 April. Left Bataan May 10 for Bilibid. Moved to Cabanatuan 1st June 1942, One the first medic's to set up prison Hospital. Left Cabanatuan On the Noto Maru in Sept. was sent to Kemptai Headquarters Camp Omori Tokyo Japan. Was there at the fire bombing of Tokyo. Was brutally beaten by Watenabe two times in two days, that's a long story.
On August 18 was sent to duty in camp Dispensary under American control. Lt Goodman MD was in charge. Was great to be a medic again. 28th August 1945 helped sick POWs from Shinagawa hospital to hospital ship in Tokyo bay. Left Tokyo after signing of Surrender By Japanese. Stayed in Philippines till 1 Oct. Got home 10 Oct 1945, was discharged on 6 May 1946. Served in Korea 1953-54; Left Japan March 1956
     Donovan died on 23 September 2002 in Sacramento, California, aged 83.

Mary Margaret Ricks

(17 February 1921 - 18 May 1924)
     Mary Margaret Ricks was born on 17 February 1921 in Hysham, Montana. She was the daughter of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     Mary died on 18 May 1924 aged 3.

William Arthur Ricks

(21 July 1912 - 9 May 1970)
     William Arthur Ricks was born on 21 July 1912 in Grass Range, Montana, USA. He was the son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     William Arthur Ricks married Velma Christine Mitchell.
     William died on 9 May 1970 aged 57.

William Henry Ricks

(22 November 1886 - 23 March 1922)
     William Henry Ricks was born on 22 November 1886 in Lewiston, Jefferson County, Montana.
     William Henry Ricks married Harriet Marie Bell, daughter of Robert Bruce Bell and Margaret Christine Bell, on 14 October 1911 in Lewiston, Jefferson County Montana.
     William died on 23 March 1922 in Hysham, Montana, aged 35. He was buried on 27 March 1922 in Lewiston.

Children of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell

Charles Thomson Riddel

(20 October 1824 - )
     Charles Thomson Riddel was born on 20 October 1824 in Edinburgh, Midlothian. He was the son of John Riddel and Ann Bruce. Charles Thomson Riddel was christened on 20 January 1825 in Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian. John Riddel, merchant's clerk in Canongate and Ann Bruce his spouse had a son born the 20th of October last and to be baptised this day named Charles Thomson. The family witnessed.

John Riddel

(15 May 1797 - 7 April 1832)
     John Riddel was christened on 15 May 1797 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This is the only baptism in the Aberdeen area in the right period, but I have no other evidence. He was the son of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny.
     The Aberdeen journal 6 Dec 1820 advertised: Teas, Foreign and British Spirits, Wines etc. John Riddel (Late of New Bridge Brewery). Begs leave most respectfully to intimate to his Friends and the Public, that he has commenced business in that sho, North side of Union Street, lately occupied by Mrs Carnie as a dealer in TEAS, FOREIGN and BRITISH SPIRITS WINES PORTER and GROCERIES where he hops, by unremitting attention, and keeping a choice assortment of the above articles, to merit a share of their patronage. Aberdeen Union Street, 5th Dec 1820.
     John Riddel married Ann Bruce, daughter of John Bruce and Ann Emslie, on 12 December 1820 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland. Marriage contract: December 9 1820 Mr John Riddel, Merchant in Aberdeen & Miss Ann Bruce, there, daughter of Mr John Bruce, Merchant in Aberdeen, cautioner for both parties. Three times on Sabbath first. £2.0.0..
     John was described as a merchant at his marriage and his daughter's baptism in May 1822. However there are only two John Riddells listed in Aberdeen directories from 1824 and both the leather merchant and the stabler survived after 1833. His widow's marriage states that he was later of Edinburgh, but the directories there only begin in 1834.
     6 Feb 1822 p. 3: Notice to the debtors and creditor of John Riddle, merchant in Aberdeen. The said John Riddle having, at the request of his creditors granted a Trust conveyance of his whole property, debts and effects, to Messrs David Milne James Philip and Leslie Clark, merchants in Aberdeen, for behoof of his creditors; and as security for the payment of his debts in full, a proposed by him it is request that that all those indebted Mr Riddel will order payment of their accounts to him, as authorised by the Trustees to receive and discharge the same, within one month from this date, as prosecutions will be then ordered against the outstanding debtors. -
... The Shop occupied by Mr Riddel in Union Street, will be let till 1st June 1823, on reasonable terms, and the incoming tenant may have the fixtures, etc at a valuation. Apply to Mr Riddel at the Shop, or to either of the Trustees.
27 Feb 1822: Sale of elegant household furniture and notice to debtors and creditors. On Thursday 28 ... in that house in Union Street, formerly occupied by John Riddel, grocer - the whole household furniture therein - consisting of a handsome mahogany sideboard - Elegant dining and drawing room chairs -A set of dining tables - Tea and other tables - A mahogany secretary - Carpets and heart rugs - an Elegant four posted bedstead, with Moreen furniture - Feather beds and blankets - Mattresses - Dressing glasses - Silver Plate - Bed and table linens - China, glass and stoneware - Grates, Fenders and Fire Irons - Kitchen furniture - books - and a number of other articles....
The Debtors of the said John Riddel, who have yet made payment of their accounts, are requested to pay the same to Mr Ewing, Advocate before the first day of the sale, as prosecutions are immediately thereafter to be raised against all outstanding debtors to the estate.
Creditors of Mr Riddel are also requested to lodge their claims with Mr Ewing without delay
     John Riddel was employed as a merchant's clerk in January 1825, Canongate, Edinburgh.
     John died on 7 April 1832 in Edinburgh, aged 34. He was buried on 9 April 1832 in Edinburgh.

Children of John Riddel and Ann Bruce

Alexander Riddell

(before June 1740 - before 4 June 1811)
     Alexander Riddell was born before June 1740. He was the son of Patriarch Riddell.
     Alexander Riddell married Agnes Manson.
     Alexander died before 4 June 1811 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was buried on 4 June 1811 in Spittal cemetery, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Alexander Riddell, blacksmith, Aberdeen, aged 71 years.

Children of Alexander Riddell

Anne Riddell

(18 May 1822 - in 1887? or 1860?)
     Anne Riddell was christened on 18 May 1822 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. John Riddell, merchant, and his spouse Ann Bruce had a daughter born named Ann baptised by the Revd W? Dawser? in presence of John Bruce, Porter & dealer? and Mrs? McPherson, midwife. She was the daughter of John Riddel and Ann Bruce.
     Anne Riddell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Andrew Smith and Ann Bruce in Citadel, Leith North, Edinburgh, Midlothian.
     Anne Riddell and Ann Bruce arrived per "New York Packet" on 23 October 1841 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from Greenock, Scotland. There was smallpox on board and the vessel (with 284 immigrants and passengers) was quarantined for over 6 weeks, together with the pilot. The ship was released on December 18th and the immigrants about 1 January 1842. They were brought out by John Miller, Esq. under the Bounty scheme at £19 each.
Ann Riddell was described as an unmarried female immigrant - a native of Aberdeen, aged 17, house servant, arrived in very good health. She was under the protection of her stepfather Andrew Smith & wife. Her character was certificed by John Gilton & Arch[bishop?] Geddes of Leith. Andrew Smith was a native of Edinburgh, being baptised at St Cuthbert's, a farm servant, aged 31, son of James, Excise Agent & Catherine, both dead. He complained generally about the treatment and the provisions but was in perfect health. He was in the colonial hospital when the forms were filled out and produced at the Officer in Health on 7 January 1842. His baptism was certified by Robert Canley?, Session clerk, of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh and his character certified by John Gillon & Archd Geddy of Leith. His wife Ann was a native of Aberdeen, daughter of John & Ann Bruce, who were alive, she was a servant aged 36 on application 35, Oct 1805, baptism certified by Andrew Cairngriss?, with John Gillon of Leith certifying her character. Ann Smith was in very good health but thought the doctor did not pay enough attention to them. They were all Protestants and could both read and write.
     She signed at both her marriages but her second husband Edward made his mark.
     Anne Riddell married John Morris on 19 March 1847 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia. In the temporary churchTheir marriage application showed that she was 22 years old and had immigrated in 1841 and he was a 34 year old "Ticket of Leave" convict serving a life sentence, having arrived on the "Parmelia" in 1836.
Her address was given as Tumut House - the only substantial building of that time was Tumut Plains House which was owned by the Shelley family. According to local historians, Lindley's Rose Inn at Gundagai was likely to be the temporary church used by Rev Brigstocke. Anne Riddell was widowed on 25 June 1852 on the death of her husband John Morris.
     Anne was widowed when her husband John Morris and their two sons John jr & David were drowned in the Gundagai flood. Anne was rescued after two days in a tree by an aborigine - probably Jacky Jacky (John or Jack Morley) of Brungle Station who died on 8 October 1908 aged 72 or older..
     Anne Riddell married Edward Weston as his second wife, on 11 November 1853 in Tooma, Albury parish, New South Wales. They were married by the Church of England minister. The Sydney Morning Herald reported: On the 11th November at Thooam (sic = Tooma?), Hume River, by special licence, by the Rev. Mr Elliot, Edward Weston, of the Hume River, to Anne, relict of the late John Morris of Gundagai.
     Anne died in 1887? or 1860?. She probably died before 1875 as her own mother & step-father witnessed her daughter's marriage to William MacKenzie. An Ann Weston, daughter of John & Ann, died 15 August 1860, buried 16th, widow of Glebe, Camperdown district NSW: 1860/2071, 1860/8849, 122B.

Children of Anne Riddell and John Morris

Children of Anne Riddell and Edward Weston

Christopher Riddell

(before March 1783 - before 7 March 1785)
     Christopher Riddell was born before March 1783. He was the son of Alexander Riddell.
     Christopher died before 7 March 1785 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was buried on 7 March 1785 in Spittal burial ground, Aberdeen. Christopher, son of Alex., blacksmith, of Aberdeen, aged 2 years.

Donaldson Riddell

(10 February 1774 - )
     Donaldson Riddell was christened on 10 February 1774 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of John Riddell and Jean Charles.
Donaldson Riddell was apprenticed from Martinmas 1789 in Aberdeen. Donaldson Riddell, son of John Riddel at Windmill Brae, apprenticed to George Best, blacksmith, for 5 years from Martinmas 1789. The father was cautioner.
     Donaldson Riddell married Margaret Renny on 30 October 1796 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Donaldson was a member of in George St Congregational church, Aberdeen, on 1 January 1810. No. 111 admitted 1 Jan 1801: Donalson Riddell, Blacksmith, Windmillbrae. He was listed in a directory dated between 1824 and 1829 as a blacksmith at of Windmill brae, Aberdeen. He was listed in a directory dated 1840 as Officer to the Hammerman Trade at Riddel's Crt, Windmill Brae, Aberdeen.
     Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny appeared on the 1841 census in Riddler Court, Aberdeen. Donaldson Riddel, 65 Blacksmith Aberdeenshire; Margaret Riddel, 70 Aberdeenshire; Donaldson Riddel, 30 Watch Maker Aberdeenshire, James Riddel, 25 Goldsmith Aberdeenshire.

Children of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny

Donaldson Riddell

(before 1811 - )
     Donaldson Riddell was born before 1811 in Aberdeenshire. He was the son of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny.
     Donaldson Riddell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny in Riddler Court, Aberdeen.