William Rich

(2 May 1738 - )
     William Rich was christened on 2 May 1738 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of William Rich and Sarah Unknown.

William Rich

(circa 1760? - before 28 April 1818)
     William Rich was also known as William Rich (of Tuxford) in records. He was born circa 1760?.
     William Rich married Mary Hopkin on 15 January 1788 in Laxton, Nottinghamshire.
     William died before 28 April 1818 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. He was buried on 28 April 1818 in Tuxford.

Children of William Rich and Mary Hopkin

William Rich

(before 1852 - )
     William Rich was born before 1852. He was the son of Henry Rich (of Ollerton).

William Rich

(before 1550? - )
     William Rich was born before 1550?.

Children of William Rich

William Rich

(26 May 1800 - )
     William Rich was born on 26 May 1800 in Anston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Rich and Ann Snowden. William Rich was christened on 28 May 1800 in Anston.

William Rich

(4 August 1616 - )
     William Rich was christened on 4 August 1616 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was the son of Richard Rich.
     William Rich married Margaret Lee on 8 May 1645 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. She may be the widow Rich of Rotherham, with 2 hearths in the 1672 hearth tax.

William Rich

(before 13 September 1669 - )
     William Rich was born before 13 September 1669 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of John Rich.

William Rich

(5 December 1635 - )
     William Rich was also known as William Rich (of Worksop) in records. He was christened on 5 December 1635 in St Mary (Priory), Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of William Rich and Mary Unknown.

William Rich

(19 July 1618 - )
     William Rich was also known as William Rich (of Sheffield) in records. He was christened on 19 July 1618 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Rich and Elizabeth Hancocke.

William Rich

     William Rich was also known as William Rich (of Silkstone) in records.
     William Rich of Highfield, parish of Silkeston, bound to William Beevor of Thurlstone, in £360 to keep the covenants of a deed of even date.

William Rich

(circa 1839 - )
     William Rich was born circa 1839 in Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Rich and Mary Unknown.
     William Rich appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Thomas Rich and Mary Unknown in Sheffield West, Yorkshire.

William Rich

(circa 1770 - )
     William Rich was also known as William (of Sutton) in records.
     William Rich married Ann Unknown. William Rich was born circa 1770 in Yorkshire.
     William Rich and Ann Unknown appeared on the 1841 census in Sutton, Yorkshire. William Rich, 70, ag .lab, Ann 60, James 12, all born in the county.

Child of William Rich and Ann Unknown

William Rich

(before 1 April 1843 - )
     William Rich was born before 1 April 1843 in Ecclesfield, Wortley RD, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Rich and Martha Unknown. John and William were listed as the children of William Rich in the 1851 census in Lane End, Ecclesfield. John and William were listed as the children of William Rich in the 1861 census in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

William Rich

(circa February 1871 - )
     William Rich was born circa February 1871 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Rich and Sarah Anne Woolhouse. Frederick and William were listed as the children of Thomas Rich in the 1871 census in Ecclesfield.

William Rich

(5 January 1826 - )
     William Rich was christened on 5 January 1826 in Bleadon, Somerset. He was the son of George Rich and Elizabeth (?).

Capt William Rich

(circa 1600? - before 6 March 1650)
     Capt William Rich was born circa 1600? In Penistone, Yorkshire. William is described as the third son of Amor in 1627.. He was the son of Amor Rich and Alice Burdett.
     Capt William Rich was party to a land transaction on 22 August 1622 in of Bullhouse etc., Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. Settlement: Adamorus Rich of Bullhouse to William Rich his son, capital messuage called Bullhouse in Thurlston Meer, a water corn mill called Bullhouse Mill, a messuage called Catshaw in closes called Doughty Royd, the Brighill, the Upper Sike, the Nether Sike, Moorehouse Ing, Great Tonge, Lt Tonge, the Nooke and other closes belonging to Milnehouse from the east of the River Dun (except the Wheatholm) to the use of Adam for his life and after his death to William and his heirs.
     Capt William Rich and David Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 12 February 1625/26 in Darton, Barnsley & Dodworth, Yorkshire. Exemplification of recovery: David Riche, pet. v. William Riche and ffrancis Jenkynson, tenants of 2 messuages, forty acres of land, 6 acres of meadow, 36 acres of pasture etc. in Darton, Barnsley and Dodworth. Vouchee to warranty: Edward Barbor, Hilary term 1625.
     Capt William Rich was mentioned in a deed dated 24 January 1626/27 in Penistone. Bond: William Crossley of Henley, co. York to William Riche of Thurlestone, in £120 as surety that he is lawfully seized of a moiety of a water corn milne with in Thurlestone with houses, dams etc. which he recently purchased of Christopher Bromhead late of Thurlestone and which he now sells to Riche; and to keep it harmless from dower of Marguerite, now Crosley's wife..
     Capt William Rich and Amor Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 22 February 1626/27 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Revocation of grant: Aymor Riche of Bullhouse revokes the deed of August 20 1622 whereby he granted William, his third son, his capital messuage called Bullhouse in Thurlestone meere with a messuage called Cattshaw and all the closes occupied with a messuage called Milnehouse and known as Daughty roids, the Brigge hill, the Upper Sicke, the Nether Sike, the Moorhouse Inge, the Great Tonge, the Little Tonge, and the Nooke, by payment (as provided in the deed) of 12d to William.
     Note that John Rich, yeoman of Royd had just died.
     Capt William Rich and Amor Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 5 October 1627 in 'Bullhouse', 'Catshaw' & 'Royd', Thurlstone, Penistone. Amor & his 3rd son William settled Millhouse & the fulling mill, 2 pts of Smallshaw, Bullhouse & Bullhouse Mill, Catshaw and Royd on Od Ogden of Denby Hall & John Hinchcliffe of Langside; but for the use of Amor during his life and then his wife Alice was to have Millhouse, Millhouse mill & 2 pts of Smallshaw for her life and then to the right heirs of Amor and the other premises to William and his heirs.
     Capt William Rich and Dorothy? or Ann? Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 3 December 1628. Conveyance in trust (conterpart). Edward Barber of Gawberhall, Yks, to William Riche of Denbie Hall and Francis Jenkinson of Barnesley, 4 closes called the Great Roide, Broad yage, the Great New close and the Little New close in Darton and belonging to the messuage called Gawber Hall, to the use of the said Edward Barber, and Dorothy his wife for their lives and then to their issue; because certain lands of her jointure have been sold, to witt the halfield, the Great Fox Roide, Denge? Roide, Yatefield and Little Foxe Roide.
     Capt William Rich was mentioned in a deed dated 12 May 1637 in Penistone. Settlement. Humray Beever of Hollinhurst in township and Hetherton and John Beever of Peniston, his son, to William Rich and Nicholas Sanderson of Thurleston. Messuage in Thurlestone with buildings and lands to the use of Humfray Beever for life and then to John Beever.. On 13 June 1637 Capt William Rich leased property to William Key or Kay in Penistone. Lease. Edward Rich of -- to William Riche of Bullhouse. Annual rent of 13/6/0 out of a certain messuage called the [Roide] demised by William Riche, deceased, to Richard Riche and by him ... to William Kaye for 20 years. (very defective document)
     Grant of a rent charge: William Kay the younger of Nether Thongue to William Rich of Bullhouse. A yearly rent charge of £13/6/8 payable out of the messuage called the Roide and lands belonging, granted to William by Edward Rich of the Roide for 20 years, which messuage and lands were demised by William Rich of Bullhouse deceased to Richard Rich, father of Edward for 112 pounds.
     He served as Captain of Horse in the Parliamentary Army between 1642 and 1644. His commission as Captain of a troop of horse in the regiment commanded by Colonel Laurence Parsons, was signed by Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, 22 June 1644. It appears by some memoranda that at the time of his death he had a claim upon the state for £700, which was unpaid in 1656. The family were puritans.
     30 September 1644 Petition to Lord Fairfax by John Haigh of Middop yeoman complaining that Major Beamout & Capt. Markham with their troops have seized his goods, etc. York Lord Fairfax desires Col. Bright, Mr John Ellis, Wm Rich, Adam Eyre, Christopher Wilson, Wm Bligth & Anthony Hadfield or any three of them to make an end of the differences mentioned in above petition or to report on the same. [Ronksley 7751-2, Wilson Mss v.52 f.62]..      
Capt William Rich paid land tax in 1642 in Penistone, Yorkshire. The 1642 land tax assessment for Thurlestone lists Will Rych paying 3/-, Adam Eyre is also listed for 4/4. Another? Will is listed for It?..H paying 3/6 or 7/6.
     In 1643 Penistone church was garrisoned by the Parliamentarians under Capt Wiliam Rich of Bullhouse, Capt Adam Eyre of Halzlehead, and Capt Shirt of Cawthorne, and cannon placed there to defend the town against the Royalists under ... Sir Thomas Wentowrth of Bretton.
     Capt William Rich was mentioned in the will of John Haigh dated 25 November 1645. They was mentioned on 14 September 1647 in Penistone, Yorkshire, in the Royalist Composition Papers.
     Capt William Rich married Isabel Unknown (Rich) before 1648. She is mentioned in William's will dated 18 August 1648. Hunter states that she remarried Robert Bedford of Crownest before 1656. Collins states that it was his daughter Isabel.
     Capt William Rich made a will dated 18 August 1648 in Penistone. His will mentions his wife Isabel, son Silvanus, younger son William (under the tuition of Silvanus, and to inherit Royd) and daughters Mary, Rebecca and Ruth.
I, William Rich of Bulhouse, gent. To Silvanus my son, my messuages lands, etc which I inherited of Emory Rich (?Aymer) Rich, father to me, and my son Sylvanus ...[also estates left my will of sd father, in fee simple] except a messuage in Thurlestone Mere called the Royd and except the lands etc thereto belonging, sd Silvanus paying to Mary Rich, my eldest daughter, Rebecca Rich, second daughter, and Ruth Rich third daughter 100 pounds each when 21.
To William Rich, son, in fee simple, my messuage in Thurlston Meare afsd, called the Royd, paying to Martha, youngest daughter 100 pounds when 21.
Sylvanus my son to have the tuition of sd William my son.
Residue one third to wife, one third to Mary my daughter, other third to Ruth & Martha my daughters equally.
Mary & Ruth my daughters to be executrices.
Isabel my wife to have the nether parlour & chamber over it at Bulhouse. Dated 18 Aug 1648, signed Wm Riche, Witness John Sotwell, John Hanson, Thomas Hanson.

     William died before 6 March 1650 in Penistone, YKS. He was buried on 6 March 1649/50 in Penistone. Sepulti Gulielmus Rich Gen. March 6.
     Capt William Rich was mentioned on 17 July 1652.
     His will was proved on 18 July 1660 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved at London July 18, 1660 by Mary Rich, power reserved to Ruth Rich. An unknown person was mentioned as deceased in the land contract on 16 January 1663 in 'Royde', Thurlstone, Penistone. Lease: William Rich the younger, son of William Rich, deceased, late of Bullhouse in Penistone, to Godfrey Booth of Cunesbrough re a dwellinghouse of Appleyard called the Royde in Penistone... for 21 years at a yearly rent of 22/5/-.

Children of Capt William Rich

William Moxon Rich

(March 1870 - )
     William Moxon Rich's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1870 in Darfield, Doncaster RD, Yorkshire. He was the son of Frederick Rich and Elizabeth Unknown. William were listed as the children of Frederick Rich in the 1871 census in Darfield, Yorkshire.
     William Moxon Rich married Martha Waude? on 18 August 1889 in Wombwell, Yorkshire. He was aged 20 and she was 18, daughter of William Waude..

Child of William Moxon Rich and Martha Waude?

William Wright Rich

(27 January 1828 - before 7 May 1829)
     William Wright Rich was christened on 27 January 1828 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of George Rich and Elizabeth Wright.
     William died before 7 May 1829 in Tuxford, NTT. He was buried on 7 May 1829 in Tuxford.

William Wright Rich

(circa 2 March 1855 - before 5 March 1855)
     William Wright Rich was born circa 2 March 1855 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of George Rich and Elizabeth Wright.
     William died before 5 March 1855 in Tuxford, NTT. He was buried on 5 March 1855 in Tuxford.

Zenah Rich

(3 June 1655 - )
     Zenah Rich was born on 3 June 1655 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Nati Zenah filia Johannes Rich.. She was the daughter of John Rich and Isabella Morton.
     Zenah Rich married Thomas Littlewood before 1680.
     In John Rich's will dated 7 July 1682 in Penistone, Zenah Rich was named as heir; Will of John Rich, yeoman, of Millhouse, Penistone dated 7 July 1682 mentions his now wife Isabel, his son John Rich and Mary & Martha his younger daughters, Zena, wife of Thomas Littlewood of Cumberworth, his eldest daughter and their children.
     In the name of God Amen July ... 34 Chas II 1682 I John Rich of Millhouse in the parish of Penistone, yeoman being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and perfect memory ... my body ... to be buried at the discretion of my executor ... I do hereby give and bequeath unto ISSABELL NOW MY WIFE one third part of all my goods and chattels ... other two thirds of my said goods and chattels and all my money at interest shall be by me disposed to the benefit and for the ... of JOHN RICH my SONNE and MARY AND MARTHA my two younger daughters;
     Item after the said Issabel now my wife shall have the third part of my goods and cattels ... before ... divided forth for her use; all the other two parts of my said goods and chattels and personal estate; and also all and every ... of money whatsoever ... I give and bequeath the same unto the said JOHN RICH MY SONNE provided and under this condition that he the said John Rich my son his executors or administrators doe faithfully pay and discharge the severall ... Mary & Martha my two younger daughters either of them the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid unto them within the space of twelve months next after my decease
     Item I give and bequeath unto Scena the wife of Thomas Littlewood of Cumberworth my eldest daughter the sum of twenty shillings and unto the two children of the said Thomas Littlewood which he hath the said Scena his wife either of them ... I give and bequeath unto the said John Rich my son .. appoint the said John Rich my son sole executor.

Child of Zenah Rich and Thomas Littlewood

Adles f Richard ferch Richard

     Adles f Richard ferch Richard was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Richard ap Cadwalladr.
     Adles f Richard ferch Richard married Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Gam, son of Ithel Gam.

Children of Adles f Richard ferch Richard and Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Gam

Beryl Richards

( - 1 November 1992)
     Beryl died on 1 November 1992.

Claire Hilary Richards

(25 September 1938 - )
     Claire Hilary Richards was born on 25 September 1938.

George Richards

     George Richards married Ann Handy, daughter of Thomas Handy and Susan Craig, on 23 January 1849 in St Peter, Dublin. George Richards, servant of 25 Pembroke Rd, son of John Richards, bricklayer, Anne Handy, of 9 Rathmines Tce, servant, daughter of Thomas Handy, policeman, bot single of full age.

J B Richards

     J B Richards married Mary Anne Reddish, daughter of Charles Reddish and Caroline Beatrice Manning, on 15 June 1841 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. She married a wealthy indigo planter: At Calcutta, on the 15th of June, at the principal Roman Catholic church, by the Right Rev. Dr. Carew, J B Richards, Esq, of Culna, to Miss Mary Anne Reddish, only daughter of the late Captain & Mrs Charles Reddish.

Lena Mildred Richards

(circa 1892 - 6 May 1955)
     Lena Mildred Richards was born circa 1892.
     Lena Mildred Richards married Samuel Emmanuel Ruby, son of William Thomas Ruby and Elizabeth Ann Salt, on 9 July 1918 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
     Lena died on 6 May 1955 in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

Amy Richardson

(circa 1600? - )
     Amy Richardson was born circa 1600?.
     Amy Richardson married William Stanser as his second wife, on 3 May 1620 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. There is no evidence that these are the same William.

Annie Richardson

(circa 1863 - 1959)
     Annie Richardson was also known as Annie Marie in records. She was born circa 1863 in Tumut, New South Wales. She may be the Annie E, born Albury in 1863 [4235] daughter of James & Ingogoreth!. She was the daughter of Edward? Richardson.
     Annie Richardson married William Deas, son of David Deas and Helen Scott, in 1885 in Victoria.
     Annie died in 1959 in Park..., Victoria.

Children of Annie Richardson and William Deas

Clara Richardson

     Clara Richardson married Harry Bullett, son of John Bullett and Lydia Crockford, in 1909.

Edward? Richardson

Child of Edward? Richardson