John Henry Campbell

(say 1900 - )
     John Henry Campbell was born say 1900.
     The marriage of John Henry Campbell and Elizabeth Stella MacRae, daughter of Henry St George Murray MacRae, was registered in Devon, England, in the December 1943 quarter. John Henry Campbell was an executor of Henry St George Murray MacRae's estate on 25 February 1963 in Exeter.

Henry Kenneth Garton

(16 May 1907 - 1 August 1988)
     Henry Kenneth Garton was born on 16 May 1907. He was an executor of Henry St George Murray MacRae's estate on 25 February 1963 in Exeter.
     Henry died on 1 August 1988 in Southwark RD, Surrey, England, aged 81.

Henry Napier MacRae CBE

(27 January 1851 - 18 January 1915)
Henry Napier McRae (1851-1915)
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE was born on 27 January 1851 in Ferozepore/Firozpur, Lahore, Punjab (Bengal Presidency), India (now Pakistan). He was the son of Surgeon Major James McRae (b. 1803 Edinburgh), Indian Army.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE appeared on the 1861 census in 'The Poplars', Figs Marsh, Mitcham, Surrey. Archibald S McRae, 14, born Benares, India & Henry N McRae, 10, born Ferzapor, scholars, were boarders with Albert Grover, schoolmaster.
     He served in the Indian Army from 1871 to 1914 in India. He received his first commission in the 8th Foot on 25 March 1871; Lieutenant 28 October 1871; Bengal Staff Corps 15 August 1874 with the 45th Bengal Infantry; Captain 25 March 1883; Major 7 December 1888; Lt Col 25 March 1897; Commandant of 45th Regt 19 April 1899; CB 20 May 1898.
Served in Afghanistan 1787-80, North West Frontier 1884, Hazara 1888, North West Frontier 1897-8 (dispatches twice, medal with two clasps, CB); ADC to Queen Victoria and Edward VII; North West Frontier 1901-2 (despatches).
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE appeared on the 1871 census in Royal Engineers & Royal Engineer Dept, Aldershot, Hampshire. Henry Napier McRae, visitor, unmarried, 20, Ensign 8th Regt Infantry, born India.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE married Ellen Louisa Murray, daughter of Rev Henry Murray and Louisa Frances Denty, on 8 August 1877 in Meean Meer (Mian Mir), Lahore, Punjab (Bengal Presidency), India (now Pakistan). The Times of India reported: Aug 8 at Meean Meer Henry Napier McRae, 45th Rattrays Sikhs to Ellen Louisa, daughter of the Rev H Murray, Senior Chaplain Bengal Eccl Establishment. Henry Napier MacRae CBE was awarded the Humane Society's silver medal and Stanhope gold medal for saving life in 1886.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE and Henry St George Murray MacRae appeared on the 1891 census in 4 Pemberton Gardens, Islington. Henry N McRae, was a widower, 40/46?, Major of the Indian Staff Corps, born Ferozepore, Punjant India, boarding with Janet Hunter and her sons, along with his children?, Henry Murray McRae, 12, born Miann Mer, Punjab, India and daughter Jessie F McRae, 9, both scholars, born Gulmurz, Cashmere, India.
     The marriage of Henry Napier MacRae CBE and Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison was registered in Barton Regis RD, England, in the September 1895 quarter.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE and Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison appeared on the 1901 census in Houghton, Hampshire. Mildred E N McRae, was listed as wife's sister, 33, born Scotland, with her husband Henry N McRae, 50... Indian Staff Corps, born India and their presumed daughters (visitors) Jessie F L McRae 19, born Kashmir?, India, and Mary F E McRae 4, born India in the household of Edwin (born Sheffield) & Frances (born Ceylon) Firth/Frith.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE lived at 'Lynchmere', Petersfield, Hampshire.
     Henry Napier MacRae CBE married Isobel Alice Unknown before 1915?.
     Henry died on 18 January 1915 aged 63. See: for references to the McRae famiily.
     His will was proved on 16 February 1915 at the Principal Probate Registry, London, England. Henry Napier McRae, of Lynchmere, Petersfield, Hampshire, died 18 Jan 1915, to Isobel Alice McRae, widow. Effects under £1380/10/-.
     The Dictionary of Indian Biography states: Born Jan. 27, 1851 : son of Surgeon- Major James McRae : educated privately: entered the Army, 1871, and the Indian Staff Corps, 1874 : served in Afghanistan, 1878-80 : Bazar Valley expedition, etc. : in the Zhob Valley, 1884 : Hazara expedition, 1888, Brevet-Major : N.W. Frontier, 1897-98 : the relief of Malakand, Buner, etc. : C.B. : Waziristan expedition, 1901-2 : Officiating in Command of the Assam District : A.D.C. to H.M. the King..

Children of Henry Napier MacRae CBE and Ellen Louisa Murray

Child of Henry Napier MacRae CBE and Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison