Mabel Robertson Fenwick

(circa 1888 - 1908)
     Mabel Robertson Fenwick was born circa 1888. She was the daughter of John Fenwick and Mary Mabel Colbert.
     Mabel died in 1908 in St Kilda, Victoria.

Frederick David Spicer

(1901 - 1975)
     Frederick David Spicer was born in 1901 in Buninyong, Victoria. He was the son of Albert William Spicer and Adelaide Colbert.
     Frederick died in 1975 in Footscray, Victoria.

son Colbert

(1893 - 1893)
     Son died in 1893 in Carlton, Victoria. He was born in 1893 in the hospital, Carlton, Victoria. He was the son of Alice Colbert.