Senyllt Hae ap Dingad (?)

     Senyllt Hae ap Dingad (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Dingad ap Tudwal.

Child of Senyllt Hae ap Dingad (?)

Serwyl ap Usai (?)

     Serwyl ap Usai (?) was the son of Usai ap Ceredig.

Child of Serwyl ap Usai (?)

Severa f Macsen Wledig (?)

     Severa f Macsen Wledig (?) married Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?), son of Gwidol ap Gwidolin (?). Severa f Macsen Wledig (?) was the daughter of Macsen Wledig, Maximus, Emperor.

Tangno ap Cadfael (?)

     Tangno ap Cadfael (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Cadfael ap Lludd.

Child of Tangno ap Cadfael (?)

Tangwystl ab Owain (?)

     Tangwystl ab Owain (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Owain ap Maredudd.
Tangwystl ab Owain (?) married Bleiddig (Bleddri).

Child of Tangwystl ab Owain (?) and Bleiddig (Bleddri)

Tathal ap Annun Ddu (?)

     Tathal ap Annun Ddu (?) was the son of Annun Ddu, 'King of Greece'.

Child of Tathal ap Annun Ddu (?)

Tegid ap Gwair (?)

     Tegid ap Gwair (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Gwair ap Dwg (?).

Child of Tegid ap Gwair (?)

Tegog ap Dwyfnerth (?)

     Tegog ap Dwyfnerth (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Dwyfnerth ap Madog.

Child of Tegog ap Dwyfnerth (?)

Tegonwy ap Teon, (?),

(circa 730 or 700 - )
     Tegonwy ap Teon, (?), was born circa 730 or 700 in Wales. He was the son of Teon ap Gwineu (?).

Children of Tegonwy ap Teon, (?),

Tegward y Baiswen (?)

Child of Tegward y Baiswen (?)

Teithfallt ap Teithrin, (?),

Child of Teithfallt ap Teithrin, (?),

Teithrin ap Tathel (?)

     Teithrin ap Tathel (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Tathal ap Annun Ddu (?).

Child of Teithrin ap Tathel (?)

Teon ap Gwineu (?)

     Teon ap Gwineu (?) was the son of Gwineu Deufreu ddwyd (?).

Child of Teon ap Gwineu (?)

Tewdrig, (?), King of Garthmadrun

     Tewdrig, (?), King of Garthmadrun was born in Wales. He was the son of Teithfall ap Teithrin.

Child of Tewdrig, (?), King of Garthmadrun

Thedeu ap Peredur (?)

     Thedeu ap Peredur (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Peredur ap Cadwy (?).

Child of Thedeu ap Peredur (?)

Tudwal ab Anarawd, (?),

     Tudwal ab Anarawd, (?), was the son of Anarawd Gwalch-crwn ap Merfyn Mawr.

Child of Tudwal ab Anarawd, (?),

Tudwal ab Ednyfed, (?),

     Tudwal ab Ednyfed, (?), was born in Wales. He was the son of Ednyfed (Nyfed) ab Annun (?).

Child of Tudwal ab Ednyfed, (?),

unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?)

     Unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?) married Hywel ap Meurig (?), son of Meurig Fychan ab Ynyr (?) and Generys ferch Gruffydd. Unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?) was the daughter of Cynwrig Sais ab Ithel Fychan.

Child of unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?) and Hywel ap Meurig (?)

unknown f Pybbe (?)

     Unknown f Pybbe (?) married Cadwallon ap Cadfan, son of Cadfan ap Iago and Tandreg Ddu ferch Cynan Garwyn. Unknown f Pybbe (?) was the daughter of Pybbe.

Child of unknown f Pybbe (?) and Cadwallon ap Cadfan

(?), Earl of Seafield,

     (?), Earl of Seafield, married Ann Dunbar, daughter of Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Durn and Janet Brodie, in 1687.

Ada, of Scotland,

(circa 1165 - 1200)
     Ada, of Scotland, was born illegitimate circa 1165. She was the natural daughter of King William the Lion. She was the daughter of William the Lion, King of Scotland.
Ada, of Scotland, married Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar, son of Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar and Aelina or Aline Unknown (Dunbar), in 1184. Earl Patrick was twice married; first, in 1184, to Ada, a natural daughter of King William the Lion. She was the foundress of a nunnery at St. Bothans, now Abbey St. Bathans; and died in 1200.
William the Lion bestowed on him in 1184, Ada, one of his natural daughters, in marriage.
     Ada died in 1200.

Children of Ada, of Scotland, and Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar

Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle

(say 1040 - before 1090)
     Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle was born say 1040. She was the daughter of Robert, Duke of Normandy, and Herleve or Harlotte Unknown.
Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle married Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois, before 1070.
     Adelaide died before 1090.

Child of Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle and Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois,


( - before 1093)
     Adelais married Robert de Tosny, son of Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (2) de Tosny.
     Adelais died before 1093. She was buried at Belvoir Priory.

Children of Adelais and Robert de Tosny

Adeliza/Alicia Lady of Walthamstow

( - after 1126)
     Adeliza/Alicia Lady of Walthamstow was the daughter of Waltheof Earl of Northumbria & Huntingdon and Judith of Lens.
Adeliza/Alicia Lady of Walthamstow married Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (4) de Tosny, son of Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (3) de Tosny Lord of Flamstead and Isabelle de Montfort, after 24 March 1102.
     Adeliza/Alicia died after 1126.

Child of Adeliza/Alicia Lady of Walthamstow and Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (4) de Tosny

Adolph Duke of Cleves

(2 August 1373 - 23 September 1448)
     Adolph Duke of Cleves was born on 2 August 1373 in Cleves, Germany. See Leo van de Pas website for further information:
Adolph Duke of Cleves married Mary de Bourgogne, daughter of John, Duke of Burgundy, and Margarethe von Bayern, in May 1415.
     Adolph died on 23 September 1448 aged 75.

Child of Adolph Duke of Cleves and Mary de Bourgogne

Aed Brosc Howard Owain Fraisg

     Aed Brosc Howard Owain Fraisg was born in Wales. He was the son of Corath ab Eochaid.

Child of Aed Brosc Howard Owain Fraisg

Aed, the White,

     Aed, the White, was the son of Eochaid ab Eochaid. Aed, the White, was also known as Aed Find in records.

Child of Aed, the White,

Agnes of the Isles,,

     Agnes of the Isles, married Sir John Montgomery (of Ardrossan). Agnes of the Isles, was born in Scotland.

Agricola,, King of Demetia (Dyfed)

      Agricola (Aergul Lawhir), king of Demetia (Dyfed) (a good king, according to Gildas) [HG.2: "Aircol map Triphun"; ED] Note: His reign as king of Dyfed is confirmed by the contemporary testimony of Gildas, who, although he does not provide his name, calls his son Uortiporius the bad son of a good king. His name comes from the later sources, of which HG is the earliest. His chronology is very uncertain, due to the uncertain timeframe of Gildas, but the late fifth century would be a reasonable estimate. Agricola was of Irish descent, a member of the tribe known as the Déisi, a segment of which moved from Ireland to Wales at an uncertain date, and eventually became rulers of Dyfed. His claimed father Tryffin (Triphun), if accurately remembered, is nothing more than a name, and there are significant disagreements in the genealogy prior to Tryffin. If it can be accepted that they hi[de a grain of truth, it is at least arguable that Agricola's grandfather was a man who was nicknamed "Briscus" (Irish "Brosc", Welsh "Vreisc"). See DGD and DD for detailed discussions. It should be noted that the larger generation number for Agricola and his immediate descendants is due to the fact that the dynasty of Dyfed appears to have had a somewhat smaller average number of years per generation that the other lines followed (but not enough smaller to cause suspicion), and that Agricola was probably a rough contemporary of the Irish men who appear in generations 22 or 23.
The kingdom of Dyfed (modern Pembrokeshire and western half of Carmarthenshire) was founded by a family of Irish origin. One of its most famous early kings was Aircol 'Lawhir' (Africola of the Long Hand), ca.450-500, whose grandson Vortepor (the Vortiporius of Gildas) is commemorated by a memorial stone inscribed in Roman and Ogam, the earliest remaining royal monument in Britain.
The first King whose descendants I could trace was Llywarch ap Hyfaidd, who lived probably after the year 800. He, too, is an ancestor of most of the gateway ancestors.
Stewart Baldwin replied: According to the genealogies, Aircol/Agricola was father, not grandfather, of Vortipor. Nothing is known of Aircol other than the fact the Gildas called Vortipor the bad son of a good king, with the later Welsh genealogies supplying the name of Vortipor's father. Llywarch's descent from the earlier kings of Dyfed is give in Harleain MS. 3859, the earliest surviving manuscript of Welsh genealogies.

Child of Agricola,, King of Demetia (Dyfed)

Alan Seneschal of Dol

     Alan Seneschal of Dol was the son of Fratmaldus, the Seneschal.

Children of Alan Seneschal of Dol