Margaret Olive? Colbert

(1896 - )
     Margaret Olive? Colbert was born in 1896 in Yanac, Victoria. She was the daughter of Michael Colbert and Catherine Mary Agnes Ohlstrom.

Patricia Grace Colbert

(November 1924 - December 1924)
     Patricia Grace Colbert was born in November 1924 in Kyabram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella. Patricia Grace Colbert was buried in December 1924 in Kyabram. Aged 6 weeks.
     Patricia died in December 1924 in Kyabram, Victoria.

William Phillip Colbert

(April 1925 - April 1925)
     William Phillip Colbert was born in April 1925 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Charles William Colbert and Annie Minnie Louise Dudley.
     William died in April 1925 in Yarram, Victoria. An unknown person was buried on 20 April 1925 in the Presbyterian section in Yarram, Victoria. He was aged 1 and a half days..