Mary Sargent

(circa 1700 - )
     Mary Sargent was born circa 1700.
     Mary Sargent married John Silvester, son of Edward Silvester and Mary Brattle or Battell, before 1724.
     Mary Sargent married Benjamin Butler as her second husband, on 4 July 1730 in Bradford, Yorkshire. He was described as Mr Butler of Bradford.

Child of Mary Sargent and John Silvester

Reginald Cranmer Sarjeant

(1892 - 1958)
     Reginald is a Town Clerk, Riccarton. He worked for Riccarton Borough Council as did his son Russell. He was born in 1892 in New Zealand. He was the son of Joseph Sargeant and Emily Elizabeth Unknown.
     Reginald Cranmer Sarjeant married Maggie Lily Aitken in 1916 in New Zealand.
     Reginald Cranmer Sarjeant and Maggie Lily Aitken lived at 85 Matai Street, Riccarton, New Zealand, 1935.
     Reginald died in 1958 in New Zealand.

Child of Reginald Cranmer Sarjeant

Russell Sarjeant

     Russell died in Christchurch, New Zealand. Russell is a Town Clerk, New Zealand. He was the son of Reginald Cranmer Sarjeant. Russell Sarjeant was born in New Zealand.

Mary Satterpitt

(circa 1700 - )
     Mary Satterpitt was born circa 1700.
     Mary Satterpitt married Jonas Rich, son of John Rich and Martha Rich, on 16 November 1731 in the Peculiar & Free churchof St Charles, Peak Forest, Derbyshire. Peak Forest was a remote hamlet in the one time Royal Forest of the Peak District of Derbyshire. For 26 years it was England's Gretna Green which arose from the parish not being under the jurisdiction of any Bishop. The minister had the right to hold a 'Peculiar Court' and had the title of Principal Official and Judge in Spiritualities. He could grant probate and marriage licences to any person applying, regardless of their origin, and in virtue of these licences could marry anyone anytime. From 1728 to 1754, these marriages were recorded in a 'Foreign Marriage' register, averaging 1 a week. The busiest year 1745 saw 105 marriage solemnized. All the marriages took place in a chapel which was situated in front of the present church, it was pulled down in 1880. The chapel was built by Christiana, Duchess of Devonshire in 1657 and dedicated to 'Charles, King and Martyr, in whose army, her son Charles Cavendish was a Lieutenant General. He was killed at Gainsborough on 31 July 1643. All the marriage certificates were stamped with a wooden seal, It is about 12 miles from Bradfield.
     1748 - accounts of Jos. Hawkesworth the Feoffee Collector (Bradfield) Recd: Wid. Rich 2/10/0.

Ann Saubie

     Ann Saubie married Robert Popplewell on 30 November 1712 in Clarborough, Nottinghamshire.

Child of Ann Saubie and Robert Popplewell

Anderson Saunders

     Anderson Saunders married Lucy Wynne, daughter of Captain Owen Wynne III? and Catherine ffolliott, circa 1737. He was of Newtown Saunders, co. Wicklow. They had issue.

Elizabeth Saunders

(circa 1814 - )
     Elizabeth Saunders was also known as Sanders in records. She was born circa 1814 in Plymouth, Devon.
     Elizabeth Saunders married Samuel Bullett, son of John Bullett and Ann Ward, before 1 July 1841 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster.
     Elizabeth Saunders and Samuel Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in 3 Albion Mews, Paddington, St John, Middlesex. Samuel Bullett, head, 40/60, born Rougham, Sfk, Elizabeth his wife 37, born Plymouth and children Elizabeth 7, Samuel 6, Arthur 4, John 2, Walter, under 6 months, all born at Paddington.
     Elizabeth Saunders appeared on the 1861 census in 3 Albion Mews, Paddington. Elizabeth Bullett, wife - husband absent, aged 44, coachman's wife, born Plymouth, her children Elizabeth 17, Samuel 15, commercial clerk & horse/stock broker?, Arthur,15, John 13, Frederick 7, Charles, 4, all born at Paddington.

Children of Elizabeth Saunders and Samuel Bullett

Isabella Saunders

(circa 1604 - 11 March 1656/57)
     Isabella Saunders was born circa 1604 in Ewell, Surrey. She was the daughter of Sir Nicholas Saunders.
     Isabella Saunders married Sir Roger Twisden (2nd Bt), son of Sir William Twisden and Anne Finch, on 1 June 1620 in Greenwich, Kent. 27 Jan 1635 according to the History of Parliament.
     Isabella died on 11 March 1656/57 in Roydon Hall, East Peckham, Kent. She was buried in March 1656/57 in East Peckham.

Children of Isabella Saunders and Sir Roger Twisden (2nd Bt)

Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh)

(circa 1560 - before 17 December 1623)
     Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh) was also known as Margaret Saunders in records. She was born circa 1560 in Uxbridge, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Thomas Saunders of Uxbridge, widow of Sir John Leigh, Kt.
     Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh) married Sir William Killigrew, son of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard, after 1611. Margaret or Margery, daugher of Thomas Saunders of Uxbridge, Mdx., widow of Robert Wolman or Woolman and of John Leigh.
     Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh) made a will dated 22 May 1623. Will of Dame Margery Killigrew, widow of St Margaret Lothbury, city of London.
     Margaret died before 17 December 1623. She was buried on 17 December 1623 in St Bride Fleet St, London. Margaret Killagrewe, gentlewoman.
     Her will was proved on 14 June 1625 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh) and Sir William Killigrew

Sir Nicholas Saunders

     Nicholas died in Ewell, Surrey. He was born in England.

Child of Sir Nicholas Saunders

Sabina Saunders

(27 October 1839 - )
     Sabina Saunders was also known as Salina in records. She was christened on 27 October 1839 in Tamerton Foliot, Devon. Sabina, daughter of William & Anne Saunders, labourer & Anne was baptised. She was registered as Sabina Sanders in the 3rd quarter of 1839 in the Plympton St Mary district..
     Sabina Saunders married John Salt on 1 December 1858 in Stoke Damerel, Devon. Sabina Sanders 21 & John Salt 24.
     Thomas Ruby married secondly Sabina Saunders after 4 April 1881. No record found.
     Sabina Saunders and Thomas Ruby appeared on the 1891 census in 9 Chapel St, Beer Alston, Beer Ferris, Devon. Thomas Ruby head, 63, agricultural labourer, born Okehampton, Sabina, wife, aged 52, born Tamerton Folliott, Charles H Ruby, son aged 13, Harry aged 12, scholar, Alfred T aged 8, scholar, all born at Beer Ferris.
     Sabina Saunders and Thomas Ruby appeared on the 1901 census in Chapel St, Bere Ferrers, Devon. Thomas Ruby, aged 64, general labourer, born Okehampton; his wife Sabina Ruby, aged 62, born Tamerton and son Alfred aged 18, general labourer, born Bere Alston/Ferrers.

Child of Sabina Saunders and John Salt

Child of Sabina Saunders and Thomas Ruby

Sir John Savage (of Rock Savage)

Child of Sir John Savage (of Rock Savage)

Margaret Savage

     Margaret Savage was the daughter of Sir John Savage (of Rock Savage).
     Margaret Savage married Sir Richard Bulkeley, son of Sir Richard Bulkeley (Chamberlain of North Wales) and Catherine Griffith.

Child of Margaret Savage and Sir Richard Bulkeley

Lady Mary Savage

     Lady Mary Savage was born. She was the daughter of John, 2nd Earl Rivers.
     Lady Mary Savage married Henry Killigrew, son of Thomas Killigrew and Cecilia Crofts.
     She may be the deceased: Killigrew, Dame Mary, St. Martin in the Fields, Middx. Declaration (Sworn 1699 July 27).

Children of Lady Mary Savage and Henry Killigrew

Sir John Savile (of Thornhill)

     Sir John Savile (of Thornhill) married Alice Gascoigne, daughter of William Gascoigne and Jane Wyman, after 1460. He was Sheriff of Yorkshire.

Unknown Savile

     Unknown Savile was born. She was the daughter & co-heir of Thomas Savile of Northgate Head in Wakefield.
     Unknown Savile married Sir William Wentworth, son of Sir William Wentworth (Baronet) and Ann Atkins or Atkinson.

Mary Sawer

     Mary Sawer married William Ryther on 23 June 1684 in Winterton, Lincolnshire.

Child of Mary Sawer and William Ryther

Charles Saxon

(21 October 1751 - circa 1802)
     Charles Saxon was born on 21 October 1751. He was the son of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.
     Charles died circa 1802.

Elizabeth Saxon

(circa 1806 - before 1837)
     Elizabeth Saxon was born circa 1806 in Bruton, Somerset. She was Nathaniel's first cousin and younger daughter of his uncle Samuel Simon Saxon by his wife Elizabeth. She was the daughter of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston.
     Elizabeth Saxon married Nathaniel Hooper, son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon, on 16 August 1823 in Evercreech, Somerset.
     Elizabeth died before 1837. She was alive in 1831 but dead by 1838.

Children of Elizabeth Saxon and Nathaniel Hooper

Elizabeth Saxon

(15 October 1750 - )
     Elizabeth Saxon was born on 15 October 1750. She was the daughter of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.

John Saxon

(1713 - 1798)
     John Saxon was born in 1713.
     John Saxon married Katherine Kidwell on 2 February 1749 in St Margaret, Westminster.
     John died in 1798 in Milton Clevedon, Bath, Somerset.

Children of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell

John Saxon

(20 November 1802 - 12 December 1899)
     John Saxon was born on 20 November 1802 in Bruton, Somerset. He was the son of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston.
     John died on 12 December 1899 in Motupipi, New Zealand, aged 97.

John Saxon

(9 September 1749 - )
     John Saxon was born on 9 September 1749. He was the son of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.

Katherine Saxon

(15 September 1753 - 17 January 1814)
     Katherine Saxon was born on 15 September 1753 in New Callander, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.
     Katherine Saxon married James Hooper, son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson, on 23 December 1775 in St George, Hanover Square, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
     Katherine died on 17 January 1814 in Lower Grosvenor Street, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, England, aged 60. The Gentleman's magazine records her death: Jan 17. At her apartments in lower Grosvenor St., after a very long & painful illness, aged 61, relict of worthy James Hooper esq. formerly of "The Golden Cross" in Bond St, and lately of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea; whose death Dec 15 1813, is recorded in our Obituary, vol. lxxxiii pt ii p.629. The character and conduct of the learned, the ambitious and the great, among our fellow-mortals, seldom fail to be delivered down to posterity with profuseness of care, and will all the embellishment of venal panegyric. Even such labours are not without their use: for they stimulate the descendants of the illustrious dead to copy after the patterns thus set up to view, and to study to preserve unsullied the glories of their race. But, it is to be feared, the benefit resulting to society at large from these exhibitions of exalted public excellence, in philosophers, heroes, statesmen, and princes, is at best limited, and often precarious; whilst the generality of mankind contemplate the splendid description with careless apathy, if not with incredulous indifference: whereas the faithfull representation of a life of private goodness, of common attainment by man or woman in the humbler walks of humanity, cannot fail to interest, and to engage the imitation of numbers. -- Mr & Mrs Hooper were both amiable in their lives, and are much regretted by a large circle of respectable friends in their deaths. As a tradesman, Mr Hooper was indefatigably industrious, attentive to his customers, grateful for favours, patient under disappointments, moderate in his profits, frugal in his expences, temperate, and even abstemious in his personal enjoyments. Mrs Hooper admirabley assisted her good husband in his calm pursuit of a comfortable independence, by her courteous deportment to all his employers, by her readiness and dexterity in the government of his family, by her skilful management in all the minute details of his household economy, by her cheerful temper and undeviating benevolence to all around her. Blest with a family, of whom 5 sons, (all in business) and 2 daughters (one married) survive them, they ruled over the interesting pledges of their affection with a lax silken cord of love, and never probably gave one duteous child a just cause to sigh, till now - that they are no more. May their children emulate their many virtues! may they remember the happiness of having had parents so indulgent, so prudent, so mild and so impartial. "Manibos lilia plenis : Purureos spargam flores, et fungar inani Munere" AMICUS.

Children of Katherine Saxon and James Hooper

Katherine Saxon

(circa 1801 - )
     Katherine Saxon was born circa 1801 in Bruton, Somerset. She married Dr John Matthews on 11 May 1836 at Bruton and had a daughter Elizabeth. She was the daughter of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston.

Nathaniel Saxon

(23 February 1765 - )
     Nathaniel Saxon was born on 23 February 1765. He was the son of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.

Robert Saxon

(16 November 1748 - )
     Robert Saxon was born on 16 November 1748. He was the son of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell.

Samuel Saxon

(17 April 1805 - 8 October 1853)
     Samuel Saxon was born on 17 April 1805. He was the son of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston.
     Samuel died on 8 October 1853 in Bruton, Somerset, aged 48.

Samuel Simon Saxon

(30 June 1757 - 29 September 1831)
     Samuel Simon Saxon was born on 30 June 1757 in London. He was the son of John Saxon and Katherine Kidwell. Samuel Simon Saxon was christened on 26 July 1757 in St George, Hanover Square, Soho, Westminster. Samuel was a silk manufacturer.
     Samuel Simon Saxon lived at Plex House, Bruton, Somerset.
     Samuel Simon Saxon married Elizabeth Isabella Livingston on 3 November 1800 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex.
     Samuel died on 29 September 1831 in Bruton, Somerset, aged 74. He was buried in St Mary's, Bruton.

Children of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston

Isabel de Say

     Isabel de Say was born. She was the daughter of Elias de Say, Lord of Clun.
     Isabel de Say married William Fitzalan, son of Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol. His first wife was Christian, niece of Robert Fitzroy of Gloucester.
Isabel de Say was wife of William fitz Alan, son of Alan fitz Flaald. Her father was Elias, lord of Clun in Shropshire. Although a relationship is implied, Sanders ("English Baronies" (Oxford, 1960), p. 113) indicates that the relationship between Henry de Say, lord of Clun and Elias is unknown.
Another de Say individual with ties to Shropshire is possibly Eustacia de Say, wife of Hugh fitz Osbern (d. ante 1140). Sanders (p. 75, note 3) indicates that Eustacia's ancestry is unknown. Nash's "History of Worcestershire", suggests that Eustacia's father was one Theodoric de Say, son of Picot de Say. Reade ("The House of Cornewall") indicates she was the daughter of Elias de Say and granddaughter of Theodoric de Say. Theodoric de Say and his father, Picot, were of Stokesay in Shropshire.
Are Elias of Clun and Elias of Stokesay the same individual? They appear to be contemporary, as does Eustacia, which would indicate that Nash's solution is the more likely. Does anyone know the devolution of Stokesay? Unfortunately, all I have at hand are secondary sources.
Hal Bradley

Child of Isabel de Say and William Fitzalan