Susan Colbert

(circa 1835 - )
     Susan Colbert was born circa 1835 in Tipperary, Ireland.
     Susan Colbert arrived per "Bolton" on 23 June 1853 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was aged 18.

Eliza Colbert

(circa 1842 - 1923?)
     Eliza Colbert was born circa 1842 in Ireland. Eliza was a farm servant..
     Eliza Colbert arrived per "White Star" in August 1867 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was aged 25, Protestant, engaged by Mr Taggart, Emerald Hill, 27 Aug 1867 18 pds.
     Eliza died in 1923? In Victoria, Australia. She may be the Eliza Colbert, daughter of James Colbert & Mary Walker who died at Geelong aged 81.