Jeremiah Colbert

(1832 - 8 December 1854)
     Jeremiah Colbert was born in 1832 in Waterford, Ireland. Jeremiah was convicted in April 1853 or May 1853, in Waterford. Tried 12 April/May 1851 at co. Waterford for burglary & robbery, transported for 10 years, ship - Robert Small.
Jeremiah Colbert, 1832 - 8.12.1854 d. inflammation of the lungs. Unm. lab. conv 10 yrs, arr. "Robert Small" 19.8.1853 (2297) TL 30.11.1854.
     Jeremiah Colbert arrived per "Robert Small" on 19 August 1853 at Perth, Western Australia.
     Jeremiah died of inflammation of the lungs on 8 December 1854 in Western Australia. He was unmarried.

Mary Colbert

(circa 1821 - )
     Mary Colbert was born circa 1821 in Kildare, Ireland. Mary was convicted on 11 March 1851, in Naas, Kildare, Ireland. Co. Kildare gaol, trial 11 Mar 1851, Mary Colbert aged 30, seven years transportation, subsequent felony, Naas assizes, per Martin Luther June 1852.
     Mary Colbert arrived per "Martin Luther" in June 1852.

Robert Colbert

(before 1825 - )
     Robert Colbert was born before 1825 in Waterford, Ireland.
     Robert Colbert was involved in a criminal court case on 3 January 1848 in Waterford. He was accused of sheep stealing and was sentenced to transportation for 7 years. He was transported to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, arriving 26 August 1848. He arrived per the 'Hyderabad' from Kingston.