Honora Ann Colbert

(1886 - )
     Honora Ann Colbert was born in 1886 in South Australia. She was the daughter of James Colbert and Sarah Anne Fudge.
     Honora Ann Colbert married John Ross on 26 December 1905 in the Presbytery, Kapunda, South Australia.

Mary Jane Colbert

(1887 - )
     Mary Jane Colbert was born in 1887 in South Australia. She was the daughter of James Colbert and Sarah Anne Fudge.

John Wafford

(before June 1764 - 22 June 1836)
     John Wafford was born before June 1764. There is no evidence for his parentage. He was the son of William Patriarch? Wafford and Ann Nicol.
     John Wafford married Ann Wilks on 4 February 1782 in St Mary, Whitechapel. John Wafford witnessed William Wafford and Maria Aberey's wedding on 22 August 1785 in St John, Hackney.
     He may be the J Wafford who published a book of poetry by local authors in 1811: The Air-ballloon: a poem addressed to youth. Printed by T Rutt of Shacklewell and sold by T Austin of Mare Street. Author was a resident of Hackney. Copy held at Hackney Library/Local Archives..      
John Wafford paid land tax in 1811 in Mare St, Hackney.
     John Wafford and John Wafford were recorded in 1821 census in Chatham Place West, Hackney, London. John Wafford, music master, with 2 males & 7 females in the household. Next door was an empty house. John Wafford and John Smith Dempster, Richard Dempster and Catherine Lee Dempster witnessed Denis Boully and Elizabeth Lee Wafford's wedding on 10 January 1832 in St John, Hackney, London.
     John was registered at Chatham Place West, Hackney, Middlesex, on the 1833 electoral roll. John.
     John Wafford made a will dated 4 May 1835 in Hackney, London . I John Wafford senr of the parish of St John Hackney being in perfect health & body ...First I give and bequeat to my well beloved son John four hundred pounds invested? in the Equitable Insurance Society the rest of my wordly property with all outstanding debts ... to me with a cottage north of Chatham Place west Hackney in the county of Middlesex to be equally divided among my dear/four? children . Signed and sealed by the said John Wafford in the presence of us ... John Wafford senr.
     John died on 22 June 1836 in Chatham Place, Hackney, London. On Wednesday, the 23rd inst. Mr Wafford, sen. of Chatham Place West, Hackney, in the 73rd year of his age. He was buried on 29 June 1836 in St Thomas Independent, Mare Street, Hackney. Mr John Wafford, Chatham Place, 72 years - opening a brick grave 29th.
     His will was proved in 1836 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Appeared personally, John Wafford of Chatham Place west Hackney in the county of Middlesex ... of ... Denis Boully of Mile End ... and John Smith Dempster of Turnham Green in the said county, school master and being sworn .... John Wafford the elder late of Chatham Place West departed this life on twenty second? day of June last the said will being .... May 4 1835 ... they are the lawful husbands of Elizabeth Boully and Catherine Catherine Dempster, two of the daughters and residuarey legatees named in the will ... John Wafford, professor of music ...
On the 9th J? 1836 admon with the will annexed fo the goods chattels and ... of John Wafford the elder of Chatham place west in the parish of St John Hackney, Middlesex, professor of music, was granted to John Wafford the natural and lawful son and one of the rediuary legatees name in the will having been first sworn duly to admnister the executor being named in the said will and Elizabeth Boully wife of Denis Boully, Catherine Dempster (wife of John Smith Dempster) Ann Dempster (wife of Richard Dempster, Mary Eve wife of James Eve and ffrances Wafford a spinster the natural and lawful children of the said testator and with the said John Wafford the only persons who would have been entitled in distribution to his personal estate and efforts in ... had died intestate having first ... as by acts of Court appear.

Children of John Wafford and Ann Wilks