Martha Ann Presnell

     Martha Ann Presnell was born in England.
     Martha Ann Presnell married Peter Edward Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, on 15 March 1883 in Fitzroy, Victoria.

Child of Martha Ann Presnell and Peter Edward Dobson

Joseph Thomas P Flanagan

( - 16 April 1957)
     Joseph Thomas P Flanagan married Myrtle Alice Dobson, daughter of Charles Killigrew Dobson and Mary Ann Haines, on 29 December 1928 in St Giles Presbytery, Norwood, South Australia.
     Joseph died on 16 April 1957 in St Peters, Adelaide, South Australia.

Michael Colbert

(25 November 1855 - 4 December 1917)
     Michael Colbert was also known as Michael John Colbert in records. He was born on 25 November 1855 in Kapunda, South Australia. He was called Michael John at this son Michael John's wedding. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren.
     Michael Colbert married Agnes Matilda Doubtfire on 2 February 1877 in St Mary's, Georgetown, South Australia. Michael Colbert was widowed on 19 August 1882 on the death of his wife Agnes Matilda Doubtfire.
     Michael Colbert married Mary Jane Fudge. Michael was a farmer.
     Michael died on 4 December 1917 in Adelaide, South Australia, aged 62. He was buried in the West Terrace cemetery, Adelaide.

Children of Michael Colbert and Agnes Matilda Doubtfire

Children of Michael Colbert and Mary Jane Fudge