Henry Fairfax

(14 January 1588 - 6 April 1665)
     Henry Fairfax was born on 14 January 1588 in Denton, Yorkshire. He was the fourth son. He was the son of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske. Henry Fairfax graduated in 1606 from Trinity College, Cambridge University, with a Bachelor of Arts. Henry Fairfax, BA from Trinity College, Cambridge 1606, Fellow 1608, incorporated as MA 9 July 1611 (4th son of Thomas Lord Fairfax) rector of Ashton under Lyne 1619, and of Newton Kyme, Yks 1633-46, canon of York 1645-55, rector of Bolton Percy 1646-60; died at Olgelthorp Yks, 6 April 1665, father of Brian 1651. Henry was in Holy Orders and was the Rector of Bolton Percy. He inherited Oglethorpe near Tadcaster; Fellow if Trinity College, Cambridge, 17 Sep 1608. He was Rector of Ashton-under-Lyne in 1627, and then of Newton Kyme and of Bolton Percy, 1646-60.
     Henry Fairfax married secondly Lady Mary Cholmondeley on 4 February 1626 in Yorkshire.
     Henry died on 6 April 1665 in Oglethorpe, Yorkshire, aged 77. He was buried in Bolton Percy, Yorkshire.

Children of Henry Fairfax and Lady Mary Cholmondeley

John Bland

(before 1450 - circa 1474)
     John Bland was born before 1450.
     His will was proved in 1474 at Norwich. John Bland, Thebarton.
     John died circa 1474 in Thebarton, Suffolk.

Bradfield St Clare Cocksedge

(before 1700 - )
     Bradfield St Clare Cocksedge was born before 1700.

Children of Bradfield St Clare Cocksedge