Agnes Matilda Doubtfire

(before February 1859 - 19 August 1882)
     Agnes Matilda Doubtfire was born before February 1859. She was the daughter of George Doubtfire.
     Agnes Matilda Doubtfire married Michael Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren, on 2 February 1877 in St Mary's, Georgetown, South Australia.
     Agnes died on 19 August 1882 in Kapunda, South Australia.

Children of Agnes Matilda Doubtfire and Michael Colbert

Rosina or Rose Colbert

(1880 - 19 June 1895)
     Rosina or Rose Colbert was born in 1880 in South Australia. She was the daughter of Michael Colbert and Agnes Matilda Doubtfire.
     Rosina died on 19 June 1895 in Kapunda, South Australia.

Mary Jane Fudge

(1861 - 14 March 1951)
     Mary Jane Fudge was born in 1861 in Kapunda, South Australia. As of 1877, Mary Jane Fudge was also known as Callaghan in records.
     Mary Jane Fudge married James Callaghan in 1877 in Kapunda, South Australia. They had 4 children between 1878 - 1886 South Australia and another Elizabeth Ann born in Victoria.
Elizabeth has James Callaghan as her father on her birth cert, but Michael Colbert as father on her marriage certificate.
     Mary Jane Fudge married Michael Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren.
     Mary died on 14 March 1951 in Adelaide, South Australia. She is probably Mary Fudge (Callaghan), whose son called her Mary Jane in his Army papers. She was buried in the West Terrace cemetery, Adelaide.

Child of Mary Jane Fudge and James Callaghan

Children of Mary Jane Fudge and Michael Colbert